View Full Version : Thank you all my wonderful friends.

April 17th, 2018, 09:16 AM
Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your day yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. I think of you all like sisters I never had. This forum is wonderful BUT it is the people in it that make it so special. Again thank you all.


I had a great day with Bonnie even if the weather sucked big time. I did get myself two charm packs at 25% off too.

Star lover
April 17th, 2018, 09:22 AM
This forum is special.... because of folks just like you! Happy you had a great day.....well deserved....and MANY more. :icon_hug:

April 17th, 2018, 09:25 AM
I'm glad that you enjoyed your birthday. Birthdays are special, when shared with friends.

April 17th, 2018, 09:30 AM
I'm so glad you had a good time!

April 17th, 2018, 07:14 PM
Aw - I'm so sorry I missed your birthday Monique....I spent the day on an airplane and couldn't log on, sooo

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to a super special lady. I hope you had a most FUNtastic day.

April 18th, 2018, 02:20 AM
I'm sorry I missed it! I hope you had a great day!

Iris Girl
April 18th, 2018, 05:25 PM
Sorry I missed it, glad you had a wonderful day. Yes this forum is special because of people like you!

April 19th, 2018, 01:29 PM
Oh, Monique ~ Belated Happy Birthday. If I'd been here, I sure would have sent greetings on the right day.