View Full Version : Monday Trivia: Sea Snakes

Star lover
April 9th, 2018, 07:07 AM
As you can guess from their name, sea snakes live in saltwater environments.

Yet they need fresh water to drink if they hope to survive. So, they wait for rainy days, when rainwater pools on the surface of the sea, and they drink their fill. Then they slowly dehydrate and remain that way until the rain falls again.


April 9th, 2018, 07:38 AM
Thanks and I HATE snakes.

Star lover
April 9th, 2018, 07:39 AM
Thanks and I HATE snakes.

I hate snakes too.......give me the willies! But I still found it interesting!

April 9th, 2018, 02:03 PM
I HATE snakes too!

When newly married, we lived in Okinawa. One day we went down to the beach and MM had borrowed some snorkel gear. Knowing there are sea snakes over there, I was terrified, but went in the water anyway. Did you know they are about the deadliest snake ever? Anyway, we were about 1/4 from shore and my eyes were on the lookout for them, because I did not want to be attacked. I was swimming behind MM about 15 feet or so when directly below me one appeared!!! I got out of there in a hurry! I'm sure I would have put any Olympic swimmer to shame.

When he finally made it to shore, he asked what happened. Seems all he knew was he heard me scream and by the time he got turned around all he saw was the wake from my flippers!