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April 8th, 2018, 09:08 AM
Good Morning! What a day I'll be having today -- 2 gospel concerts! The Liberty Quartet is singing at another church in our town. I'm picking up my friend who lives at the assisted living & her friend & taking them to the concert with me. This evening, the Gaithers are singing at a large church in Englewood (SW Denver). Several us of from our church are going in the church van. We're leaving at 3:30 so we can be there when the doors open at 5 p.m. (No assigned seating; 1st come 1st served.) Concert starts at 6, which probably will last at least 2 hrs. We're taking along our own lunches/snacks, since we won't be stopping anywhere for food. Being diabetic, I need to have snacks available. I'll eat in the van on the way down, then take snacks in my purse. It will be a late night getting home. DH is very anxious about being alone while I'm gone, but he should be fine. He goes to bed at 6 p.m. He really doesn't like to be alone at night. The only time I go at night is if it's something special like this & my one night/mo. guild mtg.

I put in ~40 min. of FMQ yest., then switched to cutting fabric & piecing. I'm using up leftover batiks from a previous quilt to make 2.5 x 4.5" strips to make a smaller version of that pattern Preeti recently posted.

I need to get on with my day.

April 8th, 2018, 09:23 AM
JCY, sounds like a wonderful day for you enjoy! A friend will be coming over for breakfast this morning so I just stopped here quick for a few minutes must get busy!

April 8th, 2018, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Joy....I wouldn't pass up any chance to go to a Gaither concert....I've watched and listened to them for decades. It will be such a blessing for you. I'm not familiar with the first group you will hear today.

We are determined to have a slow day today. Not sure what to make for our dinner. It has to be something easy because I need a day off, too.

We can't wait to bring Sugar and Maggie home. I want to get the blocks for my Sashiko quilt done before they come home. I see sewing time a rare commodity for a couple months. Puppies are very busy and so will I be!! Dottie has us so spoiled. She rarely fusses about anything other than going to the vet or to the groomer and she can totally be trusted alone at home for a few hours.
More and more stores are allowing dogs in their stores...Lowe's, Farm Home stores, Menards, etc.

Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.....

Ginny B
April 8th, 2018, 10:14 AM
Good morning. The sun is playing a bit of peek a boo this morning. It's here and then it hides behind a cloud. But we didn't get the nasty weather they had predicted for yesterday so that was a good thing. I got housework done and then we had our contractor come by to talk about a couple projects and then I spent a good part of the afternoon in my sewing room working on a couple of orders.

Today we will head over to my sister's to bring in mail, water houseplants, etc. Not sure when they will be heading back home. Her bil was doing a bit better yesterday. His hemoglobin was up to 8 after more transfusions. After that trip I'm not sure what else the day will hold. Dh mentioned stopping at a garden center on the way back but I don't really feel like doing that today so we'll see.

I dreamt about retiring last night! I guess it's on my mind. Joy, enjoy your concerts today. They sound great.

Have a great Sunday everyone

April 8th, 2018, 11:35 AM
Oh Joy, I wish we had concerts like that. I love choir singing, but I prefer some of the traditional songs. Enjoy. Your husband is lucky to have you in his life. You are his lifeline, and understandable that he may be anxious about your absence. This is why caregivers need breaks. I am getting that now.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, but crispy cold and windy. My girlfriend and I ventured on a road trip to Arnprior, a small town about an hour away. We did some clothes shopping in some nice stores, had breakfast at a local diner, and found the quilt store that had moved to a mall. It has gorgeous fabrics and she had a quilt on display with some of the fabrics from 2 jelly rolls I bought from MSQC. I bought some yardage for border, and although the is was $21.95/m vs $10.50US from MSQC, I thought important to support local. Bonus. All blue, turquoise items in the store were 25% off. It was the start of Shop Hop, so picked up playing card.

Next we drove to Almonte, a picturesque village, which has 2 quilt stores on the same street. Both have quite different fabric styles. I always buy something when on shop hop. At one I got some batik 1+m cuts, and fat quarters at the other. We also went into a kitchen ware store for quick gifts. My friend is not a quilter, but is my enabler.

Then we drove to Carleton Place about 15 minutes from there. This is the shop where I rented the long arm for the day, and while I was there helped unpack 3 huge boxes of fabrics. They were all cut and on display. Even prettier than I remember. She also had received another new line of fabric, and I am still oogling the William Morris fabric line, thinking of my next project. We also looked at pantograph choices, as I will be quilting my friend's 3 dudes quilt there, once we find the backing. I bought a new children's book panel, and some stencils for quilting and a few more fat quarters. I will be going there this week to pick up my HQ Ruler of the month and demo. This is one of my favorite shops, and owner and staff are always so nice. Then we went to a Wool outlet, which carries ladies fashions and farm/riding gear. I found 2 cardigans for my mom. She will only wear them if they have buttons and pockets, no zippers. They are really hard to find.

We made it home in 45 minutes, with 4 shop hop cards on day 1. We went to dinner with husband and another girlfriend joined us. It was a bit distressing, as we were enjoying our appetizers, a couple of women were trying to get an older lady's coat on, but she was clearly frail. They were not used to doing this. The old lady collapsed in the chair, and had poor colour. They were trying to assist her, but by then they had everyone's attention. The ambulance was called, and four paramedics were taking her vitals. She was confused for sure, but they took her away. It reminds me why we don't bring my mom out any longer. Just going out is exhausting. Also eating past 6-7 pm is not good if she used to eating around 5. We wished the family well.

Home again, the cats reminded me that I had left without cleaning their litter. A no-no. They are so finicky. They forgave me when I gave them their 9 o'clock treat.

Well I will try and rest today, maybe dabble in the sewing room. This week is going to be busy.

April 8th, 2018, 12:29 PM
Enjoy your concerts Joy. I love to hear the Gaithers. It's a quiet day here. We got everything ready to file taxes this week. I'm always glad to get all the prep work over with. We had a hard freeze last night and it's supposed to be almost 80 Friday. This is weird weather. Have a blessed Sunday!

April 8th, 2018, 01:37 PM
We're having a quiet day too. I made cherry almond scones (from a mix but still so good!) and we're getting ready to watch the baseball game in a little while. DH slept in until about 11. DS is going to pick up some sandwiches from a local deli and bring them over for lunch/dinner so no cooking. Going to put in a load of laundry shortly and pull together some fabrics for a couple of little projects I want to work on for gifts. Just a lazy day, which I'm looking forward to. Have a blessed day, everyone.

April 8th, 2018, 01:38 PM
Blues skies and chilly this morning. The day will be a full one, especially with "puppy bootcamp" still going on. This morning Kaylee's ears were standing straight up instead of flopped over at the tips. She is growing up before my eyes! And she has improved her on-leash skills already. She pretty much goes forward now instead of circles and figure eights around my legs. I have her signed up for puppy class on the 30th. Have a great morning!

April 8th, 2018, 02:59 PM
Have a great time Joy! I remember growing up and singing lots of Gaither musicals in the choir. I love their music! What a wonderful opportunity to see them perform.

Barb, your excitement is contagious. DH and I were talking about getting me a service dog. One day, I'll probably break down and do it!

Cokie, we all need a lazy day every so often. I know Mike is looking forward to having one tomorrow.

Suzanne, it sounds like you had a great day! It's always a good day when you can pet the fabric.

Today is Zeke's real birthday. He celebrated turning 2 yesterday with his great grandparents, grandparents, parents, uncles and siblings. Esther had a melt down when she realized that she wasn't getting presents too. So she gave Nana a present (poopie underpants), I'm glad I wasn't given that present. We had pizza, salad and birthday cake. It's hard to plan for dinner with the glutten, no cheese, no sugar limitations. Anyway we all had a good time celebrating.

Prayers for those in need. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of your many blessings!