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Star lover
March 27th, 2018, 07:02 AM
Although it originated earlier, the term "Goody Two-Shoes" was popularized by a 1765 children's book called "The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes."

151335. A woodcut of Goody Two-Shoes from the 1768 edition of the novel.

151334. The cover of the 1888 edition of Goody Two-Shoes.

It was the tale of an orphan girl real name Margery Meanwell so poor she had only one shoe, but so pure of heart and morally upright she won the admiration of everyone around her.

Published by John Newbery, who also gave us "The Renowned History of Giles Gingerbread," "The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes" was an instant hit. To this day, no one is certain who wrote it.

Seems like I read this ages ago....but have no memory of it. Sounds familiar ...maybe time to read it again.

March 27th, 2018, 06:45 PM
Oh my, sounds like a wonderful story.

March 27th, 2018, 07:08 PM
Sounds a little like Pollyanna.