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March 19th, 2018, 08:36 AM

Good morning friends. I have been up for a loooong time. Hubby got up and that was it for me. He is off to work today. Maizyn went back home Saturday. What are we to do without our girl? I didn't get any sewing done yesterday, I was just not into it. So today I will kick myself to get up and get at'er!!

Victoria's Quilts tomorrow. I have asked for prayers for my friend Bonnie. She didn't get good news last week, now it's the C word. She is waiting for a surgery date. Thursday I have an appointment to try a c-pap machine. Still not sure if I will go ahead with this or not.

So that's it for me in a nutshell.

Have an awesome day everyone.

Star lover
March 19th, 2018, 08:43 AM
Good morning Monique and alll who be on later.....

No need for me to pack.....ain't sexy enough......but I'm good with that....lol

I read on your request post Monique about Bonnie. Y'all will be in my prayers. I hate that c word!

So happy you had a wonderful time with Maizyn, such a joy for your heart! Don't worry about the quilting....I'll happen when it happens.

We were up in the low 50's yesterday....with sun! Beautiful day! Didn't really get to enjoy it. DH isn't feeling well.....bad enough I need to call the docs when they open. Not sure what'll happen, but the Lord knows. Due to some health issues, he gets UTI's frequently. This one is really bad, even after 3 days of antibiotics. Guessing, it's the wrong antibiotic.....

The beautiful day yesterday ends and temps are to drop with 8" of snow by the weekend. Sure hoping they got it wrong!

Hope everyone has a great day. Breath in that spring air....if ya got it.....I'm waiting......

Love and hugs to all!

March 19th, 2018, 08:49 AM
Oh Monique, I'm so sorry about Bonnie. Will add her to my prayer list. I didn't get any sewing done yesterday, but I did get all the cutting for the Sticks and Stones done.

The kids will be here later this morning. They're going to spend some time with their mom this morning. I think she's off tomorrow, she's worked the last three nights. Someone needs to update my calendar so I'll know what's going on. Thursday, J will be here for homeschool. The public schools are on spring break this week and Jim heads back for his last quarter of school today. He was upset Friday when he realized one of his students that normally makes low grades made just about 100 on their last assignment of the quarter. He'd obviously cheated. So, he'll have that to deal with when he goes in. Dr. Math has had to deal with his fair share of cheating, too. It's never fun.

Sounds like our weather is going to be wet this morning, clearing up and then wet again this afternoon. That's good, we've not had a lot of rain. Lots of the debris from Matthew and Irma is ripe for burning and they're really worried about the fire season around here.

I'm hoping to spend a little time in the sewing room today chain piecing the sticks and stones strips.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Prayers for those in need- for healing touches, peace, strength. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

March 19th, 2018, 10:59 AM
Good morning. We've had such good weather & now it's going to get cold again. I heard the sleet/snow words for Wednesday.
I told DH I was ready to head for a state with warm weather.

I have some flannel I ordered back before Christmas & am going to decide what pattern I want to use so I can get started. Little brother saw my flannel lap blanket & wants one so the scraps will go to make him a twin sized quilt.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!