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March 7th, 2018, 08:55 AM

Hello Folksies

Self control is one of the most difficult things for a child to learn. And if you don't learn it as a child, then wow, you will have an interesting life. You may wind up being the life of the party or the person that everyone avoids running into at Walmart.

I always thought my Grandpop was the smartest man on earth. In all honesty, I still do. He had patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon. When you are a kid, you don't want to hear a lecture on why you are being disciplined. I mean oh my goodness, that meant you have to sit and listen because trust me, Grandpop would quiz you later. Oy!
My Mom on the other hand was the prodigy of her Mother. Fiery devils! If you were caught, even if it wasn't technically your fault, you caught it. It most certainly didn't matter what was lying around to be used as the method of discipline - hair brush, slipper - the urgency of of a butt licking took precedence over thoughtful ways to administer the justice. I am not saying I was an abused child. I always knew what I did that needed attending. Unless my brother was involved in the "set up", but that is a different story about siblings and we all know what those people are like.

My Mom worked outside the home when I was a child. So my Grands helped raise us. They lived across the street from me (hey, kinda sorta the way I am with my middle son today!) So when it came time for disciplining, which let's face it - between the ages of 8 and forever - is a daily thing. My Grandma was the winner at finding shoes or flyswatters to land on our hineys. She was the pincher of tongues if we tattled on each other. My Grandpop would lecture. Sometimes we would get both of them.

We could take our lickin's and go on with the day or listen to Grandpop. He would challenge us in thinking and debating. We had to find a logical reason as to why we did what we had done. Grandpop taught us to think about self control. He also loved Aesop's fables because it was so easy to understand the moral of the story. He was really big on self control though. He did not want us to ever surrender our power to others. If we were not careful in how we responded to others, we give them power over us. I never totally understood that until I got older. In fact, the older I've gotten the less lickin's I remember and the more of Grandpop's words linger.


have a happy day and SMILE

March 7th, 2018, 09:09 AM
Good morning Blondie and all that follow. Sure sounds like Grandpa was really smart.

It is a winter wonderland here this morning. Have white stuff on the ground. I spoke to Maizyn last night. Only 3 sleeps left until we go get her. She sent me a message on FB and said: can you come pick me up when i come daddy hurt his knee. We chatted for a while and she had loads to say, haha. She won't talk to most people but she never stops with us. We will go Saturday and get her.

Another work day today. I will continue on with the baby quilt. It is a Precious Moments panel.

I saw the other day that Connecting Threads had GREEN fabric for as little as $2.76. I bought 8 yards of black when they had that on sale. Now I should stock up on green. Bonnie and I may place an order together.

Have a great day everyone. I need to get ready for work and decide what I want for lunch.

March 7th, 2018, 09:18 AM
Good Morning Everyone....I have high hopes for a productive day cleaning bathrooms and changing the linen on our bed. It's still too cold to pack away flannel sheets, so maybe one or two more weeks with my favorite sheets and winter quilts. I wish I had a new Spring quilt for our bed but since I haven't been sewing that won't be, unless I buy one and I refrain from doing that for the most part. I will buy a solid color quilt to use as a petticoat underneath handmade quilts. I have quilts in all sorts of sizes and petticoat quilts let me use even the small ones.

The wind blew so hard yesterday it caused several serious car-truck accidents. Even 18-wheelers were blown all over and off the roads. I was going to make a flying trip to the bank but when I felt the wind pushing my little truck around I decided not to risk it.

St Pat's Day is coming soon. My Grandma Nan's birthday was the day after St Pat's and we would always celebrate her special day with the traditional meal of corned beef & cabbage and Irish soda bread. She would be 111 years old this year if she was still with us. No little girl ever had a better Grandma and Grandpa.

I'm off to start my day. One nice thing about housework is that it gives me a lot of time to pray. Have a blessed day everyone.

March 7th, 2018, 09:25 AM
.....siblings and we all know what those people are like.

Blondie, this made me laugh. I have a younger brother so I know what "those people" are like. :D

My grandma's favorite saying when we were kids was "if one person is not happy then no one is happy." This was said in reference to two or more of the grandkids arguing when we were together. The group of us grandkids were getting that little mini lecture one time and one of my cousins was standing behind her imitating what she was saying. She didn't see him but we sure did. It's a wonder we didn't get caught trying not to laugh. Great memories!

I'm off this morning to help sort the last of the books for the book sale. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. The book sale dates are March 23, 24 and 25. Wish you all could come!

Ginny B
March 7th, 2018, 09:28 AM
Good morning Blondie and all who follow. Ahhh, self control. We have all struggled with that at times haven't we. Sounds like your grandparents had quite different and complimentary ways of dealing with issues that needed to be addressed. I will keep that in mind at work as I want to just yell at some people. Instead I will just quietly count down the days until I give them my "I'm outta here" letter. I was planning to retire a little over 4 years ago when the position I am currently in became available in a different department than the one I was then in. The boss I had when I first joined the organization encouraged me to apply for it and see how things went. She thought I would be a good fit and would really like it. Well, she was right and for the last 4 years I have enjoyed my job even when things did become hectic and a bit stressful. But I always said that when I started feeling the way I had been in my former department that it would be time to think about retirement again. Well, I am there so dh and I have discussed it and I see it on the horizon. The shame of it is that I still enjoy working with the people I work directly with but the direction the agency is going and some of the things the "powers that be" have done as far as peoples jobs go, well, I just have a hard time with so it's time to practice my self-control (not so easy at times) and bide my time and look ahead to being retired.

All that being said, it is time to get ready to head to work. We are expecting snow so if it gets too bad, maybe we will close early. Ha! I will be surprised if that happens. Have a good day everyone.

March 7th, 2018, 09:33 AM
Good Morning Blondie, Monique and all that follow,

Blondie, your Grandma sounds like our families Aunt Dot (not my MIL, but her namesake). It didn't matter who did what, everyone of my parent's generation got the switching if someone was being a pest. Aunt Alma says she always felt sorry for my mom, since she was never involved in the trouble making, but she got the spanking like everyone else.

Never got a lecture from either of my grandpa's, but my lectures from Grandma Phillips and Grandma Mac still ring in my ears from time to time, especially those lectures on strength and perseverance. Mom and Dad were both depression babies. Both sets of grandparents were among the oldest in their families, so duties to their parents and their children were paramount to them and they passed that sense of duty down the generations.

Yesterday was busy. After Mike and I got home from running our errands. I called Jim and told him I wanted the piece of wood that they took off under the sliding glass doors needed to be replaced before it rained. We'd found a chock for the hammer drill and he'd told Mike not to mess with it but rain was in the forecast and I wanted the new piece up before it rained.

He'd already finished his yard work. So he came and they tacked that up pretty quick. Then they started back on the storm door. It finally has the pistons put on. I still can't lock it, but at least it looks done from the front and the mess is cleaned up outside and my living room looks like a living room.

Mike is off today, I want to pick up the fabric to finish Chris's quilt. I need borders! I'm thinking a narrow black on black border then a larger lighter border with the four patches on opposite corners. I ordered the backing and batting yesterday from Backside Fabrics. I can't wait for her daughter to graduate from college. They're planning to move to FL and if they move to where they're saying.. it will be within an hour from my house!

I hope everyone has a great day.

Prayers for those in need for strength, comfort and healing touches. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

March 7th, 2018, 10:09 AM
Good morning ladies,
Blondie, you are fortunate to have been close to your grandpa and benefit from his wisdom. Although my dad's parents lived to over 90-102, I only saw them at holidays, and they were way too busy entertaining the family 12 kids & spouses and dozens of grandkids, I can honestly say I was not close to them. They did appear to be patient, as my aunts and uncles never raised their voices at us when we visited them and acted up. My mom's grandmother, she was my love. I spent a good part of the summer with her. She was patient and although I realize that she must have corrected me, it clearly didn't leave a lasting impression or mark. Haha

Monique - I saw the green sale, and have to go through my fabrics to get the right ones. Although, in my books, there are no bad greens. At those prices, I will stock up.

I also forgot to mention that I have received three orders from MSQC, and delivery is good. I am excited to making something with one or two of the jelly rolls or charm packs. So much beautiful fabrics, so little time.

I was up at 5am as DH was up and I could hear him whining in the kitchen. I will be ready early. I had my nails done a few weeks ago with a new process, powder layers. The nails look great, but they are growing in, and must be removed by acetone. DH is sensitive to smells, so I will get it removed. It was practical as none of them chipped even with all the heavy work, cooking and sewing I did.

Yesterday I brought back my mom's laundry. The entire building, all 4 floors is now under quarantine. There are roughly 250 residents. Many, in recent month have gone to hospital, and many have gone to meet our maker. She is ok, but bored as all activities, hairdresser, restaurant even the chapel is closed. I also picked up the paint for the upstairs bathroom.

I hope everyone has a safe day with storms expected for many.

March 7th, 2018, 10:10 AM
Good Morning, All ~ Bubby! You posted a new Avatar pic! Nice one of the two of you.

Glad our wind has moved east. It was sunny yest., but only 53 deg. We may have close to 70 deg. by the week end. I have more crocuses coming up. It's only a matter of time until the hay fever starts & I'll have to start taking my antihistamine. It dries me out, & I already have problems with dry mouth, so I'm not looking forward to that. The Neti Pot helps with the sinuses.

Discipline! Had plenty of it in my day. Being the preacher's kid, I was expected to meet a higher standard. My bro. & sis were 12 & 15 yrs. older than I, so we didn't have as much of the sibling rivalry thing.

I finished the last 2 Buckeye Beauty blocks yest. I decided to go with 3 across & 4 down. I cut fabric for borders, but didn't get it pieced yet. I haven't started sewing together any of the blocks yet. I'm still studying my layout to make sure I have it the way I want it. Yest. a.m. I went through our tax records. I think I have everything ready for the tax preparer whom I see tomorrow.

Sorry the folks back east are going to get another snow storm, winds, etc. Stay safe. They said on the news this a.m. that people should stay home. They might be able to get to work this a.m., but probably couldn't get back home tonight. At least 100,000 folks still are without power from last week's storm.

DH is waiting for his breakfast. I'm off to Bible study this a.m. Have a good day.

March 7th, 2018, 10:46 AM
Hello there friends! Crazy 24 hours here in Kazakhstan... it is spring and I have a six year old boy. So today was spent at the doctor, then at a pediatric clinic for x-rays because he lost a battle with the playground last night. Thankfully nothing is broken, but he is bruised and swollen and sore so now we have to try to convince him to take it easy. Ha! He’s six! Not likely!!

This morning while I was also managing sub plans for work and trying to get DD (9 yrs old) off to School we got an email from our new employer. I thought it had lots of info so decided to print... 14 pages long!! In tiny font!! All sorts of things to take care of before we go. Man, I had just sent the kids papers and records yesterday and now I’ve got a new mountain of ‘to-do”s!! We are excited for our move though, and so ready to get out of here. Tomorrow is a big holiday in Kazakhstan so we are home from work until Monday, lots of time to get things done!!

I’m wrapping up two sewing projects for the Finished is better than perfect group this week, then I’m going to sew up some clothes, I’ve got a few patterns in my brain totally itching to be made. I’m also in need of some new spring styles and tops especially considering the new climate and cultural norms in Morocco.... if anyone finds lightweight wovens for garment sewing in your browsing let me know, I’m going to need them and don’t know best where to buy them.

March 7th, 2018, 10:51 AM
Good Morning Everyone....I have high hopes for a productive day cleaning bathrooms and changing the linen on our bed. It's still too cold to pack away flannel sheets, so maybe one or two more weeks with my favorite sheets and winter quilts. I wish I had a new Spring quilt for our bed but since I haven't been sewing that won't be, unless I buy one and I refrain from doing that for the most part. I will buy a solid color quilt to use as a petticoat underneath handmade quilts. I have quilts in all sorts of sizes and petticoat quilts let me use even the small ones.

I have never heard of a petticoat quilt. Please explain or show a pic? Sounds like a good idea to me!

March 7th, 2018, 11:38 AM
I can't get my eyes open . I am so tempted to go back to bed. DD called me on her way to work at 6:55 and woke me up, she talked for a second or two and had to answer the phone to someone else. This drives me crazy when she calls and then I never know why and she is off to talk with someone else. This happens almost every time she calls. I guess I should be glad she cares enough to call but....

I am getting excited its getting closer to the weekend and we are going to the Atlanta Sewing and Quilt Expo. They will have a Juki dealer there and I want to get the attachment for ruler work. I can not find it in stock anywhere. We don't have a local dealer here and I also have some questions about the machine. It will be nice to have some time with Amanda, a girls weekend. Sandy will be boarded for the first time and I hope she does okay. She is a super pain in the hiney but I am getting attached to her.

My GD was left alone for all of five minutes for the first time at home. Bless her heart she felt so grown-up , she had to face-time me and tell me Grandmommy I am at home alone!

I have to have more coffee... Have a wonderful day


BTW : Its so nice to have Blondie back posting in the mornings.

March 7th, 2018, 12:31 PM
Check out Brylane Home. It is a bedding, linen, drapes type of catalog. They have some solid color "quilts" or quilted bedspreads that would be cute under a smaller quilt. I have a king sized bed, but someone made us about a full sized quilt. It's not big enough to cover all the body bits when we sleep. If I put a king sized solid "petticoat quilt" under the full, then it can still be used on the bed, and not shoved in a closet somewhere.

It's our late start day at school. I'm poking around in here and then I'll go print off the directions for the after school sewing projects. I had them all done, including illustrations, and tucked into snazzy sheet protectors. Then some smarty decided to tuck her travel coffee cup into the sewing bag for transport into the school. All was fine until the bag was set on the staff lunch table while the Smart One put away her lunch. Apparently gravity was not my friend that morning. The binder with all of the notes was too heavy and pulled the whole bag over. There was a coffee lake on the table and a nice pond in my bag. Thankfully all of the fabrics were in ziplock bags, but the paperwork did not fare so well. It cleaned up most of it, but the originals are severely stained and make the copies look weird, so they must be replaced before the next session starts on the 29th.

Things are holding steady here on the farm. I decided to breed the goats for late kiddings this year. Getting up at 3:30 to milk before work just didn't appeal to me. We will see how it goes. I may even cut back the herd farther than we did last fall. I can't ever imagine being without some, but, I'm not showing, so they are pretty much just for my enjoyment.

I hope you all have a splendiforous day!
Hugs, Cathy

March 7th, 2018, 04:42 PM
Blondie & I have the same question...What's a petticoat quilt? Yes inquiring minds want to know. & yes I too am glad our Blondie is back with us.

Teresa, I am hoping to go to the Atlanta Expo on Saturday but I might be riding with the pest I told y'all about yesterday. If she has to work she won't be able to go. If not why don't you & I meet up & wander around together for a bit? I'll know by Friday nite.

Hope all is hanging in there. Prayers for those who need them. If necessary, just go back to bed & try again tomorrow,


March 7th, 2018, 06:50 PM
Is the petticoat quilt like a bed ruffle?

March 8th, 2018, 02:34 AM
Welcome back Blondie!!! Hope you will be a regular once again here. My guess is a petticoat quilt is one that is a little short on the sides so you put it under a dust ruffle.

Not looking forward to tomorrow. It's my day off work but we had a giant oak tree taken down today and our backyard is covered with a million sticks (yes and there is about 4" of snow on the ground too) so tomorrow DH and I will be picking them all up and tying them into bundles, so pretty much the equivalent of doing squats for an entire day. Oh dear I will not be able to walk normal on Friday and I have to work. Have to get all sticks dune in one day so Saturday and Sunday we can spend the day splitting and stacking wood. I can't wait till Monday and all this physical labor is behind me!!