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March 4th, 2018, 10:11 AM
Good morning,

Yesterday, I worked at getting the family room put back in order. I love the new paint colour. It is so much more calming, that I may actually go watch tv there. Since DH is still is pain and unable to move around much, I used this as ME time to re-arrange the room to accommodate the 12' quilting frame made by out neighbour. When DH came down, I kept referreing to the quilting frame as the long arm. He said - perfect. He really wants to get an HQ Amara, and said he didn't want to wait until he was 90 years old before he gets one. He has a seating solution to avoid standing. I might be getting one, whether I think we need one or not.

I washed the ceramic floors, as I can't remember when I did it last. This room has had little use since we moved here 7 years ago. I went through the cupboards in the bar area, and set a box of dishes to give away. It has given me space to put the games, now the units where they were have space for the electronic toys that my DH enjoys.

I was careful moving the furniture around, so that I also don't hurt my back. So far so good. There is one large item I will want to sell. It is a large cedar chest 1960s style. I never liked it, but my mom bought this for me when I became a teenager. It has more memories of being a hiding place for kids xmas gifts. Now I use it to store quilts, but I could easily find another solution for this.

Today is my DD's MIL 70th birthday. They have a big lunch planned, with requests for no gift, but yes to donations to a charity established by her late husband for a school in Haiti. I had planned on going, but decided I will stay closer to home. My DD said she would understand, as I have to be here for DH, in case he falls or passes out. I will send a contribution and flowers. She is such a great help to her kids and grandkids. Being a retired teacher, she has more patience than me when the kids act up. We do enjoy babysitting together, as it does take two grandmas to put the 3 GK to bed.

Today I will sew. I keep saying that every day this week, but didn't as my house was upside down, and we were in more medical places that I care to remember. Nothing is going to stop me.

Have a good day everyone. Thoughts and prayers to those suffering.

March 4th, 2018, 10:54 AM
Well, bless you and congrats on the new room. I've been dreaming of a makeover here all winter. I just am insisting on waiting till the weather is warmer.

March 4th, 2018, 11:28 AM
This year is definitely a "roller coaster" life ride and all I can do is buckle up and hang on. You know those "good news / bad news" moments, one after the other. So first was news that son and family were moving out of my house, they bought a condo in neighboring city (keeping grandkids in better school system). My dad's house and my house are on same street, he is on street, mine is in cul-de-sac attached to the same street. Anyway I will not be a landlord so I am taking my house back. And in that taking I am working on setting up a new sewing room. And after 10 years of them living there, well things do need fixing, normal wear and tear maintenance stuff. Slow n go with things. Near term, stay with him during week and on weekends back to my house. Two options for long term, working on getting honey (living out of state with going through cancer treatments) to move back to Calif. If that doesn't happen, then work on dad putting his house up for sale and he move into my house. He is open already to that suggestion. Ease up his financial burdens too. So good news / bad news / good news ... etc.. There is more stuff in this mix, my job is on the line, but hey I will just have to deal with that time comes too. First things first.. baby steps!

Star lover
March 5th, 2018, 08:12 AM
Happy for you Suzanne on the make over. A coat of paint does wonders for a room and our spirits! Enjoy!
Be careful with your back.....not an easy fix. I've had major successful back surgery, but I wouldn't wish all that led up to it on anyone. Praying for you and your husband as you travel this road together. Hugs.

March 5th, 2018, 04:47 PM
Suzanne, It's such a good feeling to get a large project finished to your liking! I guess it's too late to say "Don't work too hard".

Mimi...Hang in there. You sure have a lot on your plate. (((HUGS)))

March 5th, 2018, 11:51 PM
There are years like that. It's good to reclaim your space, and it is good that your dad is willing to downsize. This is always a good thing, and even better when the parents are on board with the move.
The regular maintenance on a house has to be kept up. I am good to do this. My DH (2nd marriage) is very handy, but repairs are not his priorty. So, when he's physically unable, I just hire out. It's done. I'm happy. He's secretly happy that it's done.

It must be awful not being close to your husband (assume that's who you are talking about) and going thru treatments. Hope it has positive outcome.