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February 17th, 2018, 07:51 AM
Good Morning All,

Up too early this morning, so for once I didn't make my bed. I just may crawl back in it later. I guess the camper I put on consignment is on my mind. I got the property taxes from NC yesterday. I'll go out to the Camper's Inn on Monday after we take the kids back to Nana and Nandy's house. Then DH's insurance sent a letter that they have the information, now they'll investigate. Not to forget, GPC has approved me getting DH's pension for Feb. but I can't get the system to accept my direct deposit information. It's an error on their in, they know it, they're waiting on someone to figure out how to fix it.

Yipppeeeee, I actually worked on a block yesterday. It's all ready to applique. I'm debating on what I'm going to do with it. I'm thinking a case for my tablet. It will be a while before I can go use the sewing machine, as Mike's asleep and the head of his bed is on the other side of my sewing room. He worked until 10, and being the good Scout/man that he is, one of the young girls that works at Toys R Us was waiting for her ride. He wouldn't leave until she was safely inside her parent's vehicle.

I'm determined to get back to the crown quilt table runner today. The blocks are all done, it's just a matter of laying them back out and seeing where I had them placed. 3 sets of 9 patches, shouldn't take that long, right?

Prayers for those in need- for comfort, peace, understanding and healing. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our many blessings.

February 17th, 2018, 08:28 AM
Good morning Katrina and all that follow. I have been up for quite a while myself. Hubby is GONE to the camp!! I finished the top from a row that I started to sew last Monday. THEN it was time to quilt the memory quilt. I decided to bring out my 301 and man can thing ever sew beautifully. This is my first time using it as it has a bigger throat than my little Kenmore. It is coming along nicely, I might be done by Monday if I am lucky.

Today is my neighbour and good friend, Doug's birthday. I am waiting to hear from his son on the details today. From what I gathered the other day was that he was bringing Chinese food, from Golden Palace in Ottawa (which is the best in my opinion) Suzanne from Orleans may know this place. Can I say YUM YUM. There is also Family Fun Day here in the village as well. We shall see what I have time for.

Well, to get off this machine and continue with the quilting.

Have a great day everyone.

Tracie T
February 17th, 2018, 10:19 AM
Good Morning. Today I better do a little cleaning.....ugh and then get my taxes ready for the accountant. As I'm typing this I'm thinking to myself.....I think I'll just quilt. :D Have a great day, all!

Cathy F
February 17th, 2018, 10:57 AM
Morning all,
The sun is shining today, hopefully a day of good weather. Will have to do a bit of grocery shopping but not much else on my agenda errand wise. May get to do a bit more embroidery today which puts a smile on my face, one of my favorite things to do.
Bought the frixion pens from yesterday's daily deal and got a message they have shipped

Hope everyone has a good weekend health wise and weather wise.

February 17th, 2018, 11:09 AM
Headed to SC this morning to see DS and 2 GC. Giving the little Janome to the GD and hope she is thrilled. I sorted out a bunch of little sqares that I have cut so she can practice chain stitching. Lots of 2 1/12 inch and 1 1/2 inchers.
Yesterday I went into town and did a bit of grocery pickups and met the lady with the material for lunch. She brought me one large box of material. Said she had lots more but wasn't sure how much I could use. I think she is very lonely and wants to meet often. Some of it is real usable, others not so much but I gave her $20 for the box and paid for her lunch. Iwill get at least that much good out of it. Most of it is scraps from clothing cuts which is a lot of work to square up but there are some end of bolt pieces that are very nice. She retired 8 years ago so some of this material is getting pretty old.
I sewed when I got home. FMQ'd 2 more of the baby quilts. THey will need bound but thought I would do the binding all at once. That way I won't have to keep changing the foot and the settings.
Its raining and will continue thru the day I think. It will get to 45 today and then as the week progresses we are suppose to have a warming trend.

February 17th, 2018, 11:24 AM
Good morning. Volunteered at the guild yesterday and met some more of the members. The quilt show is in 2 weeks, so we were taking in the quilts that will be displayed at the show. Quite a production. Well, today I do the same thing from 10-2, then help transport them all to my friend's house to wait for the show. After that, it is time to finish my taxes. Just need to look up a few more things to finish mine and a phone call to finish my brother's.

Terry, hope your GD likes her new machine.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

February 17th, 2018, 11:44 AM
Good morning everyone.
I must be really tired as I slept 10 hours last night. I seem to be needing 8-10 hrs now. I think it is because I get woken up by DH who doesn't sleep well, and up and about at night. I am feeling rested and ready to tackled the day.

I am amazed Katrina at all that you are doing and getting done to settle the estate. I would probably be the same, but my dear friend is still struggling with her mom's simple estate since October. Her or other who is also named Executor is refusing to sign or do anything, not even relinquishing his role. She needs to get done soon as taxes will be due.

Monique, I do know the Golden Palace. I haven't been in a while but ate there a lot when I lived in the west end. As a bonus it is not far from the new location for the quilt show in May. Yummy. I love chinese food, but hubby has a lot of allergies and there are only so many places we can eat.

I started sewing the first 40 blocks which finish at 3 1/2" for the Skyline quilt. I realized after 12, that I had overcut the blocks. Luckily, I was able to trim down and fix. The next 40 in turquoise are done. This is my distraction quilting from my other project, 3 Dudes. I need a distraction and the colours are totally different. So. Oth cutting tables are in use.

It's sunny but not as cold as originally forecast. I love sewing on sunny days. I will run quick errands today but plan to sew, maybe a bit of housecleaning along with the laundry.

Claire Hallman
February 17th, 2018, 12:09 PM
Our house is a wreck today, we have painters here doing the kit and great room. I had to empty the china cabinet and take down all the pictures so the other rooms are packed, too.:( I did leave the sewing room clear so I can hide in there while the works is done.
I had planned o going to t sit and sew but when the painters said they could come today that went out the window. I think I will do the guild retreat next month so I can get some things done.

The new color is looking pretty and lighter. :D

February 17th, 2018, 12:17 PM
I have been clearing our basement and selling off excess furniture in family room. It is. Ow clear enough to paint. Colours were originally selected by a decorator for previous owner, and I loved them then. Not so much now. They are a deep red and golden beige and match the ceramic floor. I think I am not going to do the paint myself, and hire someone. DH always says we can do it, but then we start and he looses interest or his arm gets shaky and I end doing all myself. I'm going to get it done in cream or light gray. Will do test patch before I decide.

February 17th, 2018, 12:18 PM
Good Morning ~ I'm just now getting here. I was short on time before 6 a.m. We have sunshine & 40 deg. A bit of wind. It was windy during the night. The garbage can had been blown clear across the back patio. Maybe 60 tomorrow, then snow & bitter cold are predicted for Mon. & Tues. I guess I better make a run to the groc. store either today, or stop on the way home from church tomorrow. I need to make chicken soup again next week.

Our senior fellowship at church yest. was nice. Our men's quartet did a concert. At the conclusion, the cook needed 10 min. for the lasagna to "rest" before cutting, so we had a sing-a-long of familiar hymns & Sunday School choruses. Lunch was good. Dessert was a homemade triple berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Yummy. Afterwards I ran a couple errands. I found a heating pad on sale at Walgreens for DH & bought Kombucha at Vitamin Cottage. I like to keep at least 4 bottles on hand. With my fuel points, I filled the car with gas at $2.06/gal. I don't like to let the tank get much below 1/2 tank, esp. with cold weather coming.

I hope to get back to the sewing room today. I have the burp cloths turned right side out, pressed, & I'm stitching around the perimeter. It will take only a few min. to finish up those. I want to hem one baby blanket, then I can resume my FMQ. I think I can finish it in one more session.

My DIL finished up her last day at her old job yest. She had lunch with her boss; on Thurs. some of the gals in the office & her had lunch together. She has Mon. off for the holiday & starts her new HR job on Tues. the 20th. I hope all goes well for her.

Terry, enjoy your family visit. Katrina, you're getting so much accomplished with your estate & seem to be doing so well. I'm sure you'll have your down days, too. It takes time to work through the grief. Some days are good; others, the grief can hit you like a ton of bricks.

I hope everyone has a good week end.

Jean Sewing Machine
February 17th, 2018, 02:48 PM
Good morning friends! I read you guys every day, but sometimes have nothing "quilty" to talk about, so I don't write. I've been sick or under the influence of flu germs since Jan. 30. I would feel horrible for a day or two, think I was on the mend, then get hit with some new crud. What has really laid me low was a UTI that finally sent me to the doctor for antibiotics. After 5 days on that, I feel near normal. Not totally in the clear yet, but better.

Got out yesterday to get my hair done (horribly long and white roots!). Felt pretty good after that, so I decided to " take the cure" at where else THE FABRIC STORE! This store sells Hoffman batiks and digital prints. They are sooooo pretty! I spend and hour in there just feasting my eyes! I found a new type of precut that Hoffman makes from their design they call tiles. Each tile is a 12" by WOF piece with 4 different batik motifs across the width. I found yardage with the tiles for another project, then found the package of precuts. It will make a good size quilt with sashing and borders, and oh so simple!

It's snowing again here. Winter will not leave! We had 77 degrees Thursday and today it is snowing. Mother Nature is sure showing her ugly side this year!

Hope you all have a great day!

February 17th, 2018, 03:30 PM
Called DS#1 this morning to ask, are you going to want to keep the OnStar on the truck? I'm going to end my service today. He asked how much it was, I told him and he replied a resounding NOOOOOOO. I just said OK, and proceeded to cut the service off.

I started working on my SS project, and he calls back. 'We have a problem with the truck.' I'm thinking, you have a problem with the truck not me, but that's neither here or there. The battery conked out on them. I got Mike up and he headed out to where they were. Someone jumped them off before Mike could get there. So they went to get a battery.

Well, Mike called, 'Mom, what's Dad's NAPA number. I was like I know I've seen it, and I started looking. Naturally flustered I couldn't see it for looking for it. I couldn't find my book I'd been taking notes in, it wasn't in the pension book, I just couldn't find it. I told him I'd keep looking, and I would call him back if I found it. Well about 5 minutes later, I found it. Called them back and gave it to Jim, but the guy at NAPA had already found it or give him his discount. Crisis averted.

Jim called once they got the new battery in, and said we're going to come pick you up for lunch. Nerves shot, didn't really want to eat, but I knew I needed to. So I got ready to go. Jim called back, we're going to meet you there, the kids need to get out of the car for a bit. (no air while they were working on the battery, and probably had the windows shut too.

Anyway, It's been one of those days. I enjoyed lunch out, Zeke broke my chain that I had Howard's ring on. I guess it's time to put it in the jewelry box. At least the SS project is done, until I look at it and decide to add something to it.

Rhonda K
February 17th, 2018, 06:23 PM
Happy Saturday to all!

I've been in my sewing room working on an embroidery block for a class. It has 5 different designs that you position on the fabric then stitch. Each design has two sizes and I've already completed this embroidery quilt once.

Wondering why the Bumble Bee wasn't fitting in quite so easily....well after finishing the design...it's the big Bee. I was supposed to stitch the little one.

Big sigh! You know when you ARE supposed to know what you are doing...but didn't. It's either leave it in OR do over the whole block. I can use it in class for what not to do.