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February 7th, 2018, 09:22 AM

Good morning everyone. We are expecting snow again today.

I finished another row on the memory quilt yesterday. I think I have two more to do. I really can't wait until I am done.

Not much else going on around here, very quiet. I will continue doing what I am doing.

Have a great day everyone.

Star lover
February 7th, 2018, 09:29 AM
Good morning Monique and everyone!

Yup, a hammer works wonders, just not on snow!

Not much here.....woke up to 17' ......getting warmer....but more snow. 3" today and more every day. I heard over 5" on Friday!
I was rootin for Pat on her dash to freedom and scoring bags worth of goodies.....now I'm really rootin for spring!

Barely made into my sewing room yesterday. Not sure about today. Gonna have to shovel that snow and Not looking forward to it.
As was said.....it could be worse.....

Hope everyone has a good day. Love and hugs to all!

February 7th, 2018, 10:04 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ No sewing yest. I finally sat down to work on the taxes. I spent a good 90 min. on it. I discovered I was missing a 1099 so went on line to find it & print it out. I still need to total up all the medical/dental expenses, go through my internet purchases to determine which ones didn't charge sales tax (M* doesn't, also Thrift Books). But at least I made good progress.

This a.m. is Bible Study Fellowship. It's my week to play the piano for the opening & the hymn. Then I'll grab my $2.05 Wendy's lunch & go to the groc. store.

That Pat! She sure had me going yest. on her "Grrrrr..." post! That was a good chuckle.

Cathy F
February 7th, 2018, 10:12 AM
Morning all,

Not sure what the weather has in store for us today, no sun peeking through this morning.

No sewing yesterday had a day of errands and Dr. appointment. Hope to do a bit of sewing today once I get my sauce and meatballs made for tonight's dinner.

While at the quilt store yesterday I saw a really pretty fabric line, I told myself I really didn't need anymore fabric so I purchased some for a dear friend and then my resolve gave way and purchased a piece for myself as well....no willpower!

Sending good wishes and positive thoughts for those who are suffering illness and difficult times.

Sandy Navas
February 7th, 2018, 10:40 AM
Morning all,

While at the quilt store yesterday I saw a really pretty fabric line, I told myself I really didn't need anymore fabric so I purchased some for a dear friend and then my resolve gave way and purchased a piece for myself as well....no willpower.

Cathy, that's a great one! Sure, sure, sure - you bought some for a friend. I'm going to start using that excuse . . .

February 7th, 2018, 11:33 AM
Waiting for today's snow, more expected today. I just realized that it always snows/storms on days that I go help my daughter with the kiddos in afternoon and dinner time. I must be careful not to overdo it again, or I will paying with shoulder pain.

I can't wait for hair appointment tomorrow. It's been overdue by a few weeks, and the gray is not flattering with the brownish highlights. The bang just drove me nuts, so I trimmed it last week. I hope the roads are clear, as she is out in the country. Afterwards I will drive to Vankleek Hill about 10 mins away for a small but cute quilt store.
Have a safe day today if you are on the snowy roads. I saw a pile up on the weather channel in Missouri. I think that may be why MSQC said they were closed early.

February 7th, 2018, 11:54 AM
Good morning everyone!

Temps are hovering just below zero. I'm soooo done with winter!!!!

No sewing yesterday because I went to get my hair cut, gray covered, etc. I go to the JC Penney Salon, an hour drive. After all is said and done, had a great visit with my hair dresser, hair looks good, I go to pay the bill......and no wallet in my purse! I had left it at home. Momentary panic. Yes! I do have my checkbook. I write the check, but all my ID is in my wallet....at home. The manager is called to the checkout, and she tries to override the system so it will accept my check. (I've been a client there for over 15 years, so it wasn't a matter of identity), but the computer won't let her continue without putting in my driver's license #. I call my DH at work, and ask him if he'll go to the house and find my wallet so he can read me the license #. Fortunately, we live in a small town (700 people), so our house is only a few blocks away from our business. Meanwhile, back at Penneys, my phone battery is down to 6%, and I'm hoping he'll hurry up and call me back. I'm picturing DH looking everywhere but not finding the wallet. Happy ending, he calls back before my phone dies, reads me my license #, the gal accepts it (even though they're supposed to see the license), and I go on my merry way. After I'm in the car, my DIL texts me, asking if I need money.....apparently my son had called her and told her the story. ( He works with DH at our business, so he heard everything.) She was in Grand Forks too, but I hadn't known that. She asked if I wanted to go out for supper, but I said, "I feel like a disaster waiting to happen, and just want to go home." DH just shook his head at me when I got home.


February 7th, 2018, 11:55 AM
Good Morning All,

I read Pat's Grrrrrrrrrrr to my son when he got home from work. He was on the hook, just like I was. It did make him laugh.

We accomplished a lot yesterday. Thought it was weird, got a call from A1A where we bought the solar panels, and an email too. They want to send someone out for a sales call. I replied to the email, since the email addy was the one I had on file. I asked if they realize we'd already purchased the solar panels and they were installed. They write thank you notes to their customers, which I think is a nice practice... other than we've gotten 3 thank you notes to other people at our address. I think I'll call them later today. Maybe the person in charge of that area needs glasses!

I worked on hexies last night. MIL called, checking on me and to let me know BIL that had the back surgery is not doing well. The medication is making him sick to his stomach. If he wretches like Howard did, it can't be good for his back. Hopefully today will see a little more improvement. I know he can't wait to be off the meds. It makes you wonder about all those TV ads, that make that little incision surgeries are so easy. He certainly didn't have that kind of luck.

The other BIL called this morning. He has something for Mike and needed the zip code. He was a 2 in the middle short.

I lost an opal out of my replacement wedding band yesterday. I have no idea where it went to. I guess when things get settled I'll see if I can find someone to take care of it and replace it. It was a band of 5 opals, just like my great grandmother Faires had. Loved it dearly and I miss it already.

JCY, I'm going through tax stuff right now. Found a bunch of it in the AT&T folder, found more in a desk drawer. As I'm going through all the piles, I'm making another one for tax stuff. It makes me sort of queasy going through DH's desk and stuff, but it has to be done. I know it won't be in this kind of mess long (I hope). Today's job is going to be the checkbook... I dread it, as I wasn't allowed to do much in it. He had his system, and I didn't work that way. So, I'll be jumping in with both feet while Mike is doing the oil change.

February 7th, 2018, 12:29 PM
another dreary overcast, rainy day. I might get motivated and go into town and get the oil changed. Right now I'm just sitting on the couch with the cat. Can't even motivate to go get a cup of coffee.
Sewed all day yesterday. Made the pinwheels and the legs for the stars...but I made the colors backwards so now the legs of the stars are backwards (I can't explain it...If the pin wheels are orange and tan then I have the legs for the orange are tan and viseaversa. I can't fix it. They are all done and clipped and so, this will be the pattern I guess. I read the dang pattern a million times and sewed the pieces on as they told me, prints on the right and solid on the left but no...they were wrong. I am so frustrated as I have really worked at making this one closer to perfect. It still has a lot to go and I am determined to finish it.

Claire Hallman
February 7th, 2018, 12:38 PM
I had trouble with that problem [what I understand you to say] until I figured out that I have to sew with the same fabric on top every time or HST will turn out wrong.