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February 6th, 2018, 09:35 AM

Good morning. Not much to say this fine morning. We got a little more snow last night and more to come tomorrow. I didn't do much in the sewing room yesterday. I received my LED lights from the Featherweight Shop. One of my featherweights I am having trouble changing the light bulb. I tried everything but it just wont' sit right. So I put it in my Kenmore instead. I changed the 222 just fine. Oh well, it's not wasted that's for sure. I bought 3, one to give to Lynda for her 301.

I have a supper meeting tonight, not sure what will get done with the memory quilt today.

Have a great day everyone.

February 6th, 2018, 09:43 AM
Good Morning All,

Today is Jeff's birthday #57. He got some really nice cards and gift cards for Bass Pro (Nirvana to him!)

We are supposed to get a Winter Blast this afternoon, so I need to run out for some bread and milk. The neighbors made it home safely from their trip to see their new DGD.

I'm off to do some laundry and to lay some meat out for beef stew. Jeff wants stew and homemade rolls for his birthday dinner.I will also surprise him with some brownies.

Have a great day Everyone.

Star lover
February 6th, 2018, 09:54 AM
Good morning to Everyone!

Monique, your toon made my laugh. Been a loooong time since I played that game! I'm sew happy things are brighter for you in your sewing room. My machine has an LED light; love it! I know you'll figure out your memory quilt and it will be fantastic! Have fun at your dinner tonight.

Sounds like you're feeling better Barb, so thankful!. Happy birthday to Jeff! Stew sounds wonderful! Comfort food....mmmmm, yum! Ooo, brownies too! The last I had were gluten and dairy free. Not bad.....but not great either. We have family with all kinds of food issues.

We had SUN yesterday! Yippee! I did a happy dance all afternoon.....then more snow......ugh!

Machine quilted some on #1 donation quilt. Looks good, but nothing like what y'all do here. I have NO skills in that area. I hand quilt. But it will be nice and hopefully be loved by someone.

Has anyone heard from Sugar? I've sent a few pm's and haven't heard a thing. She hasn't been on since Christmas and she and her DH were just home from the hospital with pneumonia.

Prays for so many .....sending big hugs and love too! Hope everyone has the bestest day possible!

February 6th, 2018, 09:56 AM
Good Morning All.

Today is one big day. My neighbor runs a trucking company from home and he's helping me out by taking the camper to Camper's Inn. It's not the one I bought it from, but it's the one that's local. It has it's warranty check up that was set up before Christmas. I signed consignment papers while I was there yesterday. So once we drop it off with the keys, hopefully they'll sell it quick! I bought it for Howard last year. The plan was move and get settled then start traveling. Since neither kid knows the first thing about towing I'm getting rid of it. Three less payments for me- camper payment, storage payment, insurance payment. There was just no good reason to keep it, especially since I can't even drive.

Esther and Zeke had a good time yesterday. The only toy that came out was the huge bag of 300 foam blocks. Even clean up time was easy. Zeke went potty, Esther stayed dry all morning. Yippee! I hope Jonathan worked hard for his mom.

DS#1 called yesterday afternoon on his way home from work. DS#2 and I were on the way home from the other side of Jax. He asked where I was, naturally my response was "In the truck, and pretty much lost because we just missed the exit". We turned around and went back one exit and got back on 295. After 4 PM I had no desire to go to downtown! We got straightened out and had no problems getting back to DS#1s house. One of the families had sent dinner for us- have mercy, I've never seen so much food! They won't have to cook pretty much the rest of the week. They tried to pawn most of it off on me, but I'm having scalloped potatoes and ham for supper tonight.

I worked on the hexies some last night. I'm starting to see some progress in lowering the number of sets in the box. I've still got hours of handwork before I get the quilt back out and start putting these flowers on.

Best get some coffee in me before the rides begin.

Prayers for those in need- for healing, for comfort, for peace and for strength. Prayers of thanksgiving for all of our blessings.

February 6th, 2018, 10:21 AM
Morning all, sun is starting to rise, will have some sun today. That is always helpful. Katrina, you never cease to amaze. Hugs. Star lover hand quilting is not something I can do. I am sure your quilt will be loved. Bubby, hope DH has a great birthday! Birthday dinner sounds great! Monique, have a great meeting.

February 6th, 2018, 11:31 AM
Awhile back we began having our everyday clothes washed and dried at the laundry. I like that they come back nice and folded. I didn't like that I had to unfold them to hang them up in the closet. Last week DH installed 2 long shelves in my closet and it is so easy to lay the clothes on them in color coordinated stacks, now getting dressed is a breeze. So far I'm enjoying this arrangement.
Off to put the last batch of clothes away.

So nice to know Andrew and his wife are enjoying his cards. Such a little and easy thing on our part that brings so much comfort to them. Keeping them in my prayers.

February 6th, 2018, 01:25 PM
ooh folded laundry!Sounds almost as much fun as a housekeeper. My DH loves having his clothing folded on the shelves in the closet . He doesn't know how to use a hanger. lol.
Katrina, bless your heart. I don't know how I would survive if I couldn't drive myself but I know the day will come and then....oh dear...45 min. from any commerce. It will be hard..
Talked to DS yesterday. He isn't using a walker now and he is driving some. Still taking two pain pills a day so he has to time his driving to where they are almost used up.
Sewed some yesterday at the kitchen table. Not as much fun as in the sewing room but surely is warmer.
I wish my guy would ask for stew and soup. He seems okay with it twice a month . BUt yum, soup, homemade bread and brownies. Now that's my kind of meal. Can I come?
Dreary here today. I'm not certain but I think we are having rain for two days. Maybe Friday is going to be nice. You know the way the weathermen yammer on and on and start talking about whats going to happen in a week...I seem to just tune them out. Last night DH said, how cold is it going to be tonight (needed to know if the faucet should drip) and I said I just didn't know. I have to really pay attention and know what it is I need to be aware of otherwise it just drifts over my head.
Called AmX yesterday to try to cancel the business gold card and transfer everythnng over to the personal one. What a hassel. I got the rewards points transferred but they charged me $99 for DH's account and $28 for mine. I was so angry they couldn't combine the two for the maximum fee of $99 but no....they said they were two separate cards. Well, they bill them on the same statement so I don't know what the deal was. Then, get this...they said that the business points were a separate currency (really, currency) from the personal account (miles) and I would have to put them into a Delta account. Does everything have to be so complicated? Anyway, that's done...now today or maybe tomorrow I will call them back and cancel the card. The fee is too much to hang onto that card.
Off I go to the table to sew.

February 6th, 2018, 02:01 PM
Good Morning, All ~ Just getting here. I checked in briefly before 6 a.m.--even wrote a post--then it disappeared! No time to do another one. So I'm back. I'm baking DH's spelt bread; the first loaf is in the oven; the 2nd loaf is in the bread maker.

We have gloom & clouds here, too. They had predicted snow overnight, but it didn't materialize. Yest. a.m. we had sun, a Chinook wind, & a temp. of 64 deg. as it blew in the next cold front. By mid-afternoon it had dropped into the 40's & the clouds had moved in. Yo yo weather. My step-son in northern ID said they still have 18" of snow on the ground. No thank you. Don't miss that at all, or the hard winters we used to have when I lived in Mich. We lived on a co. rd. that would drift shut; we might not see a snow plow for 2-3 days. My mom always kept plenty of food on hand.

I did no sewing yest. After all the FMQ on Sun, my muscles needed a rest. I'm still trying to get motivated to dig into getting the taxes ready. Maybe today. I did have a nice long chat with my DGD who lives in TX. They all were sick most of a month, plus she was having a lot of dental work done, so we hadn't had a good gab for quite a while. She has 2 boys 1 & 4 who keep her very busy.

Katrina, I hope things go smoothly for selling your motor home. Regarding transportation -- around here, there is a transport company for seniors. You have to reserve ahead of time, but the fees are reasonable. Maybe that's an option for you. Many groc. stores deliver these days. I know someone who orders most of her groc. on line from Walmart, then picks them up at the store. Of course, a taxi is always an option, too. Terry, glad you had a good anniversary. Barb, Happy Birthday to Jeff. Age 57 seems a long time ago. I'll be 76 this year.

What did you think of Kona Cotton's color of the year? Is that bright or what?!! It's not really orange or red, but somewhere in between.

Well, I need to get on with my day.

February 6th, 2018, 04:32 PM
The camper is dropped off. insurance papers notarized and in the mail, DH's name taken off of the local savings account, I'm feeling pretty accomplished today.

JCY, since DS#2 lives with me, he knows he's my wheels. He works part time for Toys R Us, and his hours are all over the place so he doesn't mind getting out of the house when he's not working. Terry, your son's progress is amazing. Barb, Howard hated soup unless you could eat it with a fork and have just about NO broth. Only problem is, I try to make small batches, but end up with a huge pot that I get sick of before we finish. I'll probably make one batch of Dad's vegetable beef soup a year and have enough for me.

Have a great afternoon all. Time to peel potatoes so the scalloped potatoes and ham will be done before Mike has to go to work tonight.

Once things settle down and I can get to an eye dr. I should be able to get the disabled bus to come pick me up if I need to go out. I have retinitis pigmentosa so my peripheral vision has been shrinking for years. Thanks to cataract surgery, my central vision is good, but I'm going to have to have one of my cataract lenses cleaned since there is a plaque of protein growing on it. I can see the shadow of it but try not to pay it any mind.

I'm glad the anniversaries and birthdays were fun for all.