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February 3rd, 2018, 10:07 AM
Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's milder this a.m., 42 deg. We had a good day yest. weather-wise. It's always good to see the sun.

I finally made it to the Tiara LA yest. afternoon. Had to remove the plate & clean it well before starting the latest quilt. I also wax the table surface before each project. Normally I'd start with a new needle, but I went through 4 on the last quilt, so it doesn't need changing yet. I decided to use Angela Walters' all-over leaf pattern for this wildlife quilt. It's going well. I had planned to do more quilting after DH went to bed, but I had a phone call from one of my nursing school classmates who really is a chatty Kathy. We ended up talking an hr. & 45 min.! I'll get back to the FMQ today.

My DIL got the job for which she applied & had 3 interviews for! Very pleased for her. She's a bit anxious about giving notice at her current job. Sometimes they don't take advantage of that 2 wk. transition time & just let people go. Although she doesn't have a college degree, she's very well qualified for her work, has a lot of experience, & has a good resume.

Well, on with the day. Happy Quilting!

Star lover
February 3rd, 2018, 10:54 AM
Good mornin Joy and all who'll follow....

So thankful for your DIL! It's not easy out there these days.
Looking forward to your wildlife quilt. You always do such a great job quilting!!!!

Well we're staying in the mid to low 20's, during the day, for what looks like the next 10 days anyway. The white stuff has now increased to at least 6" but will start later today.....ugh.....sigh.... spring.......where are you?

Still not sure how I'm going to quilt the donation quilt. But I have the other donation quilt to finish the borders on, so I have time. I'm pretty sure how I want to quilt it.

Hope everyone has a good day. Hugs to all.

February 3rd, 2018, 11:15 AM
Good morning.
I finally had some quilting time on the Sweet One. It will be all quilted in the next day or so, then just the binding. I am going to name this one Sorbet meets Rocky Road.

The couple who bought our glass/metal set is a friend of my cousin who teaches dance. Then she noticed quilts in living/ dining room and we got to talking quilts. She said she inherited her mom and aunt's stash when they passed. When she told me her name, I knew her from a craft guild I belonged to. We had shows twice a year, so I probably met her during set-up which is why she was familiar.

So we rearranged our sewing room, and Michael gets a larger sewing table. We also made the cutting area for small trims in that room. We have an adjacent room with a 7' table for cutting and mid-arm.

Today I planned on sewing, but DH wants to go the train store and asked if I wanted to go to quilt store. There are 3 favorites within a mile from his store. Of course, I am going. So I will sew after.

No snow yet, and somewhat sunny but still -17C. Have a good weekend.

February 3rd, 2018, 01:15 PM
Good morning, have been at my mothers house this morning I set up her medication weekly, and did her vacuuming for her today. Missed my favorite program Sewing with Nancy. So I will get my laundry done and then try to finish up a wall hanging for myself. Hugs to all.

February 3rd, 2018, 01:17 PM
Suddenly I am noticing that my name is now linked to 224 posts this is not correct.

February 3rd, 2018, 01:35 PM
Good Morning All,

The thermometer says it was 54 this morning, unfortunately it didn't figure in the wind chill! I put on a light weight jacket to go out to see the grands over at the Home Depot monthly activity. E and J both made a little bean bag toss. The bean bags are sooooooooo small. I have a feeling I may be making some more of those for them.

I'm still trying to get in touch with Camper's Inn. If this guy doesn't call back today, Mike is off tomorrow. We'll go out there after church and I'll skip the sales person and go straight to the sales manager. I'm getting tired of the run around. I'm not known for 'fiddle farting' around. I want to get this handled!

Monday we'll pick up DH's cremains and the death certificates. DS#1 is calling and making the appt. with the lawyer so that it will fit his schedule. Tax papers are ready to go. I'm ticking things off of the list.

BIL in IN, had his back surgery on Friday. MIL says he's doing well. He's planning on bringing MIL to her sisters places at Badin Lake in March. Then he's flying to the other BIL's for a visit, then crossing the state to visit his son's family then up to see me before he heads back to Badin Lake to pick up his mom.

I walk into the sewing room. I just see a mess. I can't get in the mood to finish the table runner or even pick up the hexies. I did manage to get the file cabinet straightened out yesterday, that's something. You'll never believe where I found the registration for the camper... in the owner's manual for the washer and dryer that previous owners bought. I'll probably be finding and refiling things for months!

Prayers for those in need, for healing, peace and comfort. Thanksgiving prayers for all of our blessings.

Be creative! lol, I need some motivation!

February 3rd, 2018, 02:13 PM
Good morning. Sunny but to darn cold here today. Had to heat a quilt in the dryer to go with my coat, mittens & scarf so I could sit on the porch & drink my hot tea.

There is so much laundry to get done today. I'd like to invent disposable clothes that you wear once & throw away. Of course they would come with little heating & air conditioning systems installed.

We visited with the puppy yesterday & decided he is the one for us. He is a beautiful pup & we are very excited about brining him into our home. We will be able to pick him up Feb. 16th. DH wants to call him Ryker. Since he will be his best buddy I agreed. Not sure how the dog is going to feel about that since he is definitely a Hans. We had several long talks about getting a dog & what the expectations would be. DH is the person who let the kids & pets get away with bad behavior. I put my foot down this time & said if we got another dog it had to be well trained. Watching DH listen to the trainer was very interesting. At one point DH said, "I think I need more training than the dog does." He was mesmerized watching this 10 month old puppy sit quietly by the trainers side for an hour while several cats & three kids ran around the room. He is going over a couple of times next week to work with the trainer & pup so he can get a handle on how to be a good dog owner. Our 2 yr. old cat is not going to be very happy but hopefully she will adjust. When we came in yesterday & let her out of "her" bedroom she dropped to a crouch & all the hair on her back stood up. She then proceeded to creep through the house looking for a dog.

Have a good day!

February 3rd, 2018, 07:22 PM
Well, it is now mid afternoon on a gloomy day. Just a misty rain and cold. OK, not as cold as most of you are having, but for this warm bodies girl, it seems cold. I am wearing my jacket inside the house. After the freeze we had a few weeks ago, my gas bill was 2.5 times what is was in December.

Joy, glad to hear DIL got the job. That's good news. Maggie, so nice of you to do those things for your mother. Katrina, that is wild where you found your registration papers. Sure wish I could find the closing statement from when I sold my house earlier this year. Really need to find that before finishing my taxes. I'm sure it is in a safe place, just not a logical one. Carol, good luck with DH and the new puppy.

I started a scrappy quilt today. Not super scrappy, but pulled out some old yardage of about 6 different fabrics. Plaids, stripes and solids. Trying to make a charity quilt with it. Finished the quilt for hanging in the nursery last night, and this was next on the list. Hopefully it doesn't look too hideous when I get done.