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January 11th, 2018, 10:08 AM
Good Morning, All ~ I have only a minute, but I'll get us started. I had a good day yest. Our BSF luncheon was nice. In addition to my reg. groc. store, I stopped at Safeway (I only shop specials there, since their prices generally are higher) for Breyer's ice cream on sale 2/$5.00 & butter on sale for $2.99.

DH discovered yest. a.m. the tire which I thought got fixed last week still is leaking air, so I need to make another trip over to the shop. It will be no charge, but the inconvenience of having to go back.

This a.m. I'll be in the kitchen all morning making DH's chicken soup. Time to fix DH's breakfast. Have a good day!

January 11th, 2018, 10:22 AM
Good morning everyone. Joy, you are always so busy! I'm home from work sick today. Heading back to bed in a minute but wanted to pop in here first (priorities, you know). Wishing everyone a good day! Off to feed the cat so he'll let me rest...he has his priorities, too. :icon_bigsmile:

January 11th, 2018, 10:25 AM
Good morning everyone. My time here comes to an end today. I must say that this retreat has been the most productive ever. 5 quilt tops made. All but one was from a swap, the oldest from 2011. Who remembers the 3 dudes quilting in Christmas fabrics? Anywho I better get cracking to finish the last one.

Have a great day everyone!

Sandy Navas
January 11th, 2018, 10:30 AM
Oh, Monique - I have my 3 Dudes Christmas blocks all pieced, sandwiched, quilted, trimmed, bound, and in use. Weren't those swaps fun?

January 11th, 2018, 10:38 AM
Good Morning All,

It's quiet here. Slept until 8 this morning, must have needed it. It's foggy this morning. Last night it poured.

We went to EJ's yesterday and had pizza then a quick trip to Lowe's. Pretty much a wasted trip. The shelves we were looking at to put in the cabinets in the kitchen are too deep. To get the right depth, we had to order on line. So we came home and ordered the two that will fit. Free shipping, direct from the factory, so they should be here before too long. That trip wore me out.

Worked on hexies, it's exciting getting to the end of the cut pile. I got 16 hexies from each piece of a DD layer cake. So seeing the bottom of the box means it's almost time to sort flowers and put them together. One day, I'll finish this quilt!

Monique, It sounds like you're having a blast! I'm so glad you had such a productive week.

Prayers for those in need. Prayers for returning good health!

Star lover
January 11th, 2018, 10:39 AM
Hello everyone. Not ever as good as Monique's, but here's a whirl ......


Joy I hope you get all you need to do done, so you can have some fun today.
Cokie, I hope you feel better after your "map." So much of the crud going around!
So good to hear from you Monique.....and wow, 5 tops done! Fantastic! So happy for you. We do look forward to your return....soon!

It's suppose to get to .....54 today! Mind boggling! But then tomorrow we head to the deep freeze, along with white stuff, ice....sigh.....sorry, but I'm soooo ready for spring......even if winter has barely started!

Finished the top to a quilt, have to wait for some sun to take pics. I finally got the border fabric for 2 more tops, so I'll try to work on them the next couple of days. Still waiting on backing fabric for 1, but I have plenty to finish for now.

My brain's already working on what to start next! So many ideas, so little time!

Hope everyone has a great day. Stay healthy! Hugs to all.

January 11th, 2018, 12:14 PM
Good morning Ladies and Gents,

My sweet baby (the dog) is being spay today - can't believe i am so nervous about it. Plan to sew to keep my mind elsewhere. The blue and white Irish chain quilt is taking forever, maybe i'm not that happy with it. Not sure the 2" squares are pleasing to the eye. Waiting for the papers for HST swap to arrive, can't wait to make those and have some scrappy fun.

Hope everyone is feeling much better today!!! Hugs,

January 11th, 2018, 12:27 PM
Oh Anita, how I can relate. I don't even get one thing cut out before I start dreaming of the next one. I have resolved, however, that I must finish what I start so that I don't get the anxiety thing going. I have a lot of UFO's which I had never allowed to happen in the past and it makes me a little antsy, so I'm going to try to follow thru and finish so I don't have them hanging over or around me.
DS was finally admitted into the hospital last night, 24 hours in the ER. Says his hip is broken in 3 places. They haven't decided whether it will need screws or if it might heal up. He sounded like he was in lots of pain. Apparently someone T-boned him from the on coming lane then fled the scene on foot. THey found drugs in his car but haven't found him yet. I don't know the details of whether this vehicle is insured and I don't know if DS has disability insurance at his work. He is a pharmacist at Walmart. I hope he has at least some sick days coming. I would hate to see him devastated by the financial loss. I thank God that their little boy was uninjured though and DS will heal. All will be good.
Weather suppose to be ok again today and then tomorrow night snow should visit us with temps in the 30's for a week or so I really am tired of winter. Never liked it anyway, but the good thing is the cold weather usually kills the evil fleas and ticks and cuts back on some of the other biting critters.
DH has plans to go to a gun show this weekend. Apparently there are 3 to choose from in three different directions. He is trying to decide if he can do a different on each day. lol. Maybe he has a little addition too.
Joy, tires that leak are a big pain. I hope they can get that fixed up. I know what you mean that it isn't about the money, the agrevation of having to take anything back is exasperating. Whether its something that doesn't fit or doesn't work, even if they refund, its time.

Star lover
January 11th, 2018, 12:41 PM
Terry, I'll pray for your son and the family!

January 11th, 2018, 01:23 PM
Good Morning Everyone....I was up all night coughing. When I try to sleep my chest tightens up so bad I start coughing and have to get upright to get any air. This is the most miserable bug ever. Jeff couldn't make it to work again today. He has jury duty starting tomorrow but they are considering cancelling due to the weather. He has to call the Court in the morning to find out..

I will check in a little later. Wishing everyone a good day....with hugs.

January 11th, 2018, 05:44 PM
I'm back again -- getting some sit-down rest after being on my feet most of the a.m. making the chicken soup. I had the biggest batch ever: 14 qts. I had a 6 lb. whole chicken, plus 2 - 2 lb. pkgs. of legs. It took a long time to pull off all the chicken meat. Although the celery & carrots go faster using the food processor, it still takes time to prep. ~4 lb. of carrots. So...these containers will last DH for 28 days or so.

We're having a sunny day here. It's up to 48 deg. It was 22 w/heavy frost this a.m. I don't object to the cold if the sun is out.

Terry, so sorry about your DS's accident & hip fracture. I hope he heals quickly. Next mo. it will be a year since my car was rear-ended. The uninsured driver with no valid license fled the scene, too, but they found him & arrested him. He spent some time in jail. When it came time for the court case in May, he never showed up, & I haven't heard a word since then.

Tomorrow I'll take the car over for them to work on the tire again. DH's small inflator/compressor is worn out. We bought it from Sears in 1990. I ordered a new one from Home Depot today. It will be shipped to my local store, where I can pick up at. No shipping that way.

I hope to get some FMQ done later today. I haven't had lunch yet, so I better do that next.

January 11th, 2018, 07:42 PM
Joy, I know that making chicken soup from scratch is a days job getting all the meat off the bone and chopping veggies. But I also know that Glen is thriving with your food preparations and that makes it all worthwhile.
Did the driver leave his car at the scene when he fled. ? That's what makes this so strange to me. DS is going to be released to go home today and they will xray him again in a week to see if it will need surgery. I surely would like to talk to him and hear what happened from the horses mouth.

January 11th, 2018, 09:11 PM
Terry, I hope your son heals up quickly. I know talking to him directly will put your mind to ease. I'll keep him on my prayer list.

January 11th, 2018, 09:39 PM
Terry I hope your son will heal quickly. Hopefully there will be some type of insurance to take the worry out of that part of things for him. He may have some coverage on his own car insurance to cover an uninsured driver.

January 12th, 2018, 12:06 AM
Terry ~ Re: my traffic accident. No, the driver who hit me drove away, turned the corner out of sight, & ditched his car in a nearby neighborhood. An observant resident saw it & notified the police. His car had front end damage. He was apprehended & arrested within a few min. of the accident.

I'm always glad when the chicken soup is done. It's the biggest cooking job I do on a reg. basis. Other things I cook up on a reg. basis are beets, Anasazi beans, & baking his spelt bread. As needed, I freeze up 2 large salmon filets, cut into 1 serving portions. He eats salmon every day for lunch.

I don't understand about your son. If he has 3 fractures, how come they are discharging him from the hospital? As a nurse, that makes no sense to me.