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January 3rd, 2018, 07:02 AM

Well good morning dear friends. No water freeze to report this morning. :icon_tup: We did get quite a bit of the white stuff which is good. I banked more snow around the house, especially on the side where the water freezes.

Well I did not do much in the way of sewing yesterday. I got the house back in order and did laundry. Found 'stuff' the kids forgot. Put all the mattresses away and all the blankets and such.

I joined the 2018 Christmas swap. For me, it was the only thing 'quilty' I got this year. If you have never done it, I would highly recommend it. It is sew much fun.

I kind of forgot that I am gone to retreat next week so I need to get organized for that and figure out what I want to take with me. I called my 'partner' and we decided that homemade soup, homemade buns and cookies are what we are going to serve for our lunch.

So that's it for now, have an awesome day my awesome friends.

Star lover
January 3rd, 2018, 07:44 AM
And ya know you ALWAYS run out of bobbin at the worst times! At least we can laugh about it ........now....

Well it's 4 (-15 C) and it's to get even colder! Burrrrr!

Had a rough night. I was tired but my knees hurt so much and DH was having a "good" snore. So I was up past 12:30. Somewhere I drifted off only to wake at 2. Slept after that until 4. So I may just go back to bed!

Love the pic of Maizyn you posted. Her hair reminds me of mine......about 55 years ago!

I'm thinking of making a huge pot of chili......sounds yummy to me!

Hope everyone doesn't freeze and you're able to do something you love or want to do today. Stay warm....love and hugs to all!

So thankful for you that your water didn't freeze!

January 3rd, 2018, 08:07 AM
Morning Everyone,

I got a really solid eight hours of sleep last night. I must have gone into hibernation, as I normally don't isleep like that. Dottie slept all night, too.

Monique, Maizyn has grown up so much this year. She has such beautiful thick hair! It's wonderful that your pipes didn't freeze last night.

The cordless iron came yesterday and so far I think I really like it. I sewed a label on a quilt yesterday as my first act of sewing in the new year. The label was unearthed when I was sorting everything and was for the Illusion quilt I made in 2015. I'm pretty bad about putting labels on my quilts.

Jeff has decided to take today off. I will try to get a few things done around here, which is hard when he's home.

Wishing everyone a good Wednesday....Hugs....

Ginny B
January 3rd, 2018, 09:03 AM
Good morning all. Monique, so glad no pipes froze. We are up to 15 degrees this morning! :icon_woohoo: DS#4 posted yesterday that they might get some snow today.... he is in southern GA. Wow We are expecting some snow here tomorrow too. I don't think it will be an epic storm but just enough to mess up the commute.

Barb, I love my cordless iron. It just makes it so much more convenient when I'm trying to press something quickly and not have to set up the corded one close to where I need it.

Slept pretty well last night and while I don't feel as energetic as I did yesterday morning, I am still feeling less tired than what was becoming my new "normal". I am making an effort to be conscious about what time "lights out" happens now. I sometimes get involved in a book and just keep turning those pages and then, poof it's almost midnight. I obviously need more sleep than that.

It's time to go pop the laundry into the dryer and pop in one more load before work. I may even have a few minutes to spend in the sewing room working on a wall hanging for a friend's granddaughter. Have a good day everyone.

Iris Girl
January 3rd, 2018, 09:17 AM
Morning all. Monique so happy no frozen pipes this morning. 2018 has not started well for me. First I had to replace the battery in my car. This extended extreme cold did it in. Then my laptop died. My son tried to salvage it but the graphics card is dead. He has pulled the hard drive and will transfer all my files to a holding spare drive till I can replace it, thankfully my son gave me a tablet for Christmas so I can still access things. Then I noticed the stone missing from my birthstone ring. My stone is a manmade alexandrite (no one could afford a real one ). I managed to find the company it was purchased from because they sent the original on the arm of a teddy bear. Thank goodness said bear has a label. Shot them an email to see how much for stone replacement. I am off today and tomorrow. Today we are heading to DMV as hubby needs to renew his license. Itsa CDL so will cost a small fortune. So happy it will last for 8 years. I did make the zipper hanger shown here it was quick and fun...but I need another for all my zippers. No pictures till we organize hubby puter so I have some access there. Definitely ready for spring here. Have a good day all and stay warm.

January 3rd, 2018, 10:07 AM
Good Morning ~ Down to 16 deg. again this a.m. Our high yest. was 47--the first time above freezing in several days. It's supposed to be in the 40's-50's the rest of the week. My son in MD is running last min. errands, topping up the gas tank, etc. in prep. for that storm that is to affect the east coast later this week. Sometimes they lose power since most of the elec. lines are above ground out there. They have a generator for emergencies. He plans to work from home if the roads are bad. The commute & commuters are crazy in the D.C. area.

Yest. I finally got the Tiara tension adjusted to my satisfaction & started the FMQ on the Kaffe Fassett quilt. I was quilting along when the needle broke. A new needle, of course! I had a jumbled mess of thread in the bobbin. It does this only rarely with the Glide thread. I hate to throw away thread, but had to discard some of it. Speaking of bobbins, I ordered another pkg. of slotted M-bobbins from Handi Quilter yest. I have no spares. I buy the 8/pkg. Even with shipping, they're cheaper on line than at the LQS. I'm going to buy another rubber ring bobbin holder so I can separate my bobbins into cotton & polyester threads.

This a.m. Bible Study Fellowship resumes. We had 2 wks. off for Christmas. I need to make a stop at the groc. store on the way home. Now I need to throw a load of laundry in the washer & fix DH's breakfast.

Star lover
January 3rd, 2018, 10:33 AM
Joy, I still think of a crown when you say Tiara. You really deserve a crown! So sad that your needle broke......

Georgie Girl
January 3rd, 2018, 10:43 AM
And ya know you ALWAYS run out of bobbin at the worst times! At least we can laugh about it ........now....

Well it's 4 (-15 C) and it's to get even colder! Burrrrr!

Had a rough night. I was tired but my knees hurt so much and DH was having a "good" snore. So I was up past 12:30. Somewhere I drifted off only to wake at 2. Slept after that until 4. So I may just go back to bed!

Love the pic of Maizyn you posted. Her hair reminds me of mine......about 55 years ago!

I'm thinking of making a huge pot of chili......sounds yummy to me!

Hope everyone doesn't freeze and you're able to do something you love or want to do today. Stay warm....love and hugs to all!

So thankful for you that your water didn't freeze!

What's with the knees? My right one was hurting me so much during the night I wanted to scream. Hopefully the prednisone I start this morning will give it some relief. Taking it for a stupid rash that developed on my neck and yesterday decided to spread to other parts of my body. ugh Happy 2018. Have a happy day everyone. It seems the only warmth out there is from our warming hearts.

January 3rd, 2018, 10:48 AM
Good Morning All,

Let's start with yesterday. DH and I were heading to Lowe's. I was listening to the radio, and they had the nerve to say the 'S_ _W' word. I couldn't believe it. Later, I was piddling around on Facebook, looking at my cousin's posts... she lives further south that we do, and she posted about 'S_ _W' too. What the hay! Then last night, watching Gibbs on TV, running at the bottom of the screen, all of these places, including all of the schools, that were going to be closed today. The Naval Base even- no one reports until 10.

These people don't know you're supposed to clean out the milk, bread and toilet paper aisles once the "S" word is mentioned. lol, Well, I was going to take pictures of the snow, so everyone could laugh, but it's just raining. So sorry to disappoint, Mr. Weatherman, you blew that one, at least for here! For those that live up the east coast, I'd be preparing. This storm looks wicked.

I didn't get anything done yesterday in my sewing room. We kept the kids while DS#1 went to the eye dr. They brought back lunch so we had our family meal yesterday. He said the eye dr. said his eyes were a little bit better than last time. Whoot, whoot, I certainly can't say that. Then he made the comment about after 40 they'd start to go down hill, followed by another comment that wasn't that far away! Talk about making mom feel old at the dinner table.

We made our trip to Lowe's to buy a wire strap, so I can hang my little vacuum under my desk. Now I can 'suck up' the lint and strings around my sewing machine. It's handy, and out of the way. Main thing, I don't have to crawl on the floor every time I use it to plug it in!

We also went out to Wally World, groceries were on the list. Mercy, I didn't think we needed that much, but we certainly did fill up that cart. At least we're stocked back up, for the big 's_ _w' event. wink wink

I'm going back into my sewing room today. 179 pieces are all sewn together and it's 13.5" square (including the borders). It's sandwiched and ready to quilt. While it's not snowing, I'll be busy in there.

Prayers for those in need, quick recuperation for those feeling poorly.

Have a super creative day!

January 3rd, 2018, 10:51 AM
Today water exercise classes resume, will sign up for another 6 weeks and hope for better results from my knee surgery, which was a year ago. So maybe it is too late for more improvement. One can only hope. Have a wall hanging I started before Christmas, hope to sandwich that today. Health and happiness to all.

January 3rd, 2018, 11:21 AM
Good morning, everyone! I had a full 8 hours sleep last night and don't know what to do with myself! I am headed to Sprouts to pick up some seafood for dinner. They have Alaskan Sockeye Salmon on sale this week & it's DS's favorite. I make it in a wine/butter/celery/dill sauce. I will also pick up some chicken for a pot of soup.

Then I will head to the sewing room to make a few bags. I tried a new pattern the other day that went together quickly so I am anxious to get more of those done. I also have a special request for one of my favorite clutches to do.

I am going to contact a LQS about learning to use their longarm machine so I can get some of the tops I have laying around finished. I love the piecing, but always put off the quilting so I'm hoping this will help me finish some of these. I didn't know the shop rented time for their longarms until Jean visited in November. She & her daughter visited the shop and told me about it. Thanks, Jean!

Hope everyone stays warm during this Arctic Blast - have a great day!

January 3rd, 2018, 11:41 AM
20 degrees here and may get a light dusting of snow. In this area we rarely get stuck in the house more than two days and we'll spend those two days watching 24 hours a day of the news people give us a blow by blow account of each little snowflake or ice pellet. As a native to North Carolina I do love snow no matter how little.

DH left for work at 6:30 this morning and no telling what time he'll be back. Since we rarely get any weather that keeps us home bound for more than two days I find it humorous that the run on the grocery store started last night. We ran by his store last night to pick up steaks and there was very little bread or milk left on the shelves.

Today I plan to work on the new quilt top I started and then fix chili for dinner.

Stay warm!

January 3rd, 2018, 12:27 PM
Have a doctor appointment this afternoon but dreading the trip there in such cold weather, Brrr. Looking out the window it's so sunny and serene you would think it's a warm Spring day but I know better. Big storm on the way too. Had planned to do some shopping at the supermarket but that plan has been nixed, maybe the Dollar store won't be filled with people stocking up before the storm. We have milk, coffee, snacks and several new books to read so we can get by if necessary

January 3rd, 2018, 01:00 PM
I've been cleaning up my computer, deleting McAffee and making sure Microsoft Defender is in place. I hate trying to maintain a computer. DH always seems to have his in tip top condition but has multiple crisis issues with programs. Me,,,I try not to download anything new and just keep it simple
Joy, I am so glad it is warming in Colorado. As you know, I watch your posts for MY weather. Seems whatever happens there is here in a few days. Weatherman says we're not getting above 30 for at least another week and I am feeling a bit housebound. But then, I think of the restaurant and how miserable days like these were back last year. Water frozen when I arrived, unable to get the temp up in the dining area, wearing 3 pairs of socks to keep my feet warm on those concrete floors in the kitchen....oooh...I am blessed to be housebound.
Yesterday I sewed sets for the double wedding ring. My memory sure was off thinking that that was an easy one to put together. I got the 1200 "B" pieces all sewn together and experimented with the "a" pieces last night. Put together one of the oval ring sections. Seems that the "E" piece is 2 1/2 x 2 1/4" and has to be placed with the short side on to one of the A piece and the longside on the other "A " piece. Now I'm wondering if it makes any difference which end to do that on. Back before I paid any attention to detail, I just sewed and let it happen. Sometimes it worked. Now, I am making myself nuts trying to not be so dyslexic.
My mind is already working on the FMQ pattern for quilting this baby and I'm no where near that stage. "Dreaming"
I'm using my older Viking to piece because I needed to bring a machine into the kitchen. I love that machine because it is so heavy and sturdy, but without all the nice features like thread cutter and automatic foot down when I press the peddle, I sure see a difference. I clipped thread for 2 hours last night. I forgot how nice that was to have the thread already clipped off.
My DD's sil is having breast cancer surgery today. She is only 50 and it will be a radical mastectomy . Her mother had breast surgery just last month but the doc's say its not hereditary and not even the same kind of cancer. Both were told it is environmental. The younger woman is claiming her use of aspartame as the main cause.
Waiting for a thaw to happen soon. Hoping those of you in the wake of the east coast storm are spared.

January 3rd, 2018, 01:18 PM
Good morning Monique and ladies. Oh I am glad you had no frozen pipes. That could be messy. Can you wrap them, or maybe not accessible? We are bracing for a big storm tomorrow,or so the weather channel tells us. I don't think we will get the brunt of it, as much as the Eastern seaboard and the Atlantic Provinces. Be prepared is always my motto. I was a designated Emergency Preparedness Officer at work, but I think to this responsibility as it is in my nature. I have enough food, batteries, tools and fabric for an apocalypse.
I will continue to quilt my grand daughters quilt. She won't need for awhile, as this kid sleeps without covers. If you try to cover her when she is asleep, she wakes up screaming. I also sandwiched a queen size quilt - summer in the park on the quilt rack. I usually spray baste each layer and smoothe out, then I slide the ironing board & large board under to press together. Yesterday was not my day for this, obviously. It would wrinkle as I unrolled it. Words were not pretty. I just had to let out a primal scream and had DH running down the stairs (trust me, this man does not run marathons anymore). He was in shock, as I stated I was going to send out large quilts to LAQ. I don't really mean it, but it came out. He has been wanting to buy a long arm, but I don't want one. I will take a class and rent out time on one as soon as I can.
Today, back to my Sweet 16. She is talking nice to me these days - well until the bobbin runs out, or the spool. Have a good day.149173