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Judy, USMC
December 26th, 2017, 12:30 AM
I for one am a bit tired ... sewed practically all day. Working on a lap quilt from the strips I got at the Strip Game during the forum retreat. Still adjusting to my new normal and taking it a bit easy while I recuperate from my surgery on the 15th.

Just wondering how everyone else is doing. Is your day winding down and the adrenaline wearing off OR are you like the energizer bunny and still have pep?

December 26th, 2017, 12:49 AM
DS brought the kids over for Christmas morning and presents here. They got their flannel quilts. Zeke made my day he pulled out his quilt and just squealed and had the biggest smile on his face.

After they left, I was heading out the front door to water my Nandinas. I tripped on the book box. It was in front of the TV, but we moved it to put the second table for diner yesterday. I tried to catch myself, but I went down anyway. Tonight my ankle is a little swollen, the opposite knee is bruised. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Needless to say, the book box was back in front of the TV immediately, lol, like before I could even get up off the floor.

This afternoon, I decided it would probably be a good thing to go for a walk. So we went to the beach. It was cool, but not too bad in the sunshine. We found a few small shells. I bought some of those clear glass balls that you can decorate or fill. DS#1 hinted at having a beachy tree. So we're going to make a couple of dozen with sand and small shells for them for next years Christmas.

DS#2's Christmas tree stuff has a snow globe theme, so we're going to make him some with the fake snow inside. We'll see how all of that goes sometime next year.

I hope everyone had a great time with there family and friends.

December 26th, 2017, 12:57 AM
Hi, Judy ~ Good to see your post, that you are sewing again, that you're recovering from your surgery okay. I'm definitely winding down. I just finished a late supper, which is normal for me. I usually eat ~8 p.m.

It was a quiet day here. Before breakfast I called my niece in Tenn. & chatted 30 min. She is caregiver for her mom who has several medical problems. After breakfast DH read the Christmas story from the Bible; we prayed together, then exchanged our cards. We haven't done gifts for several years.

This afternoon I had a hankering to get sewing again. I got out my Kaffe Fassett bin. I had made square-in-a-square blocks a long time ago -- 2 sets of 20 blocks each. I decided to work on this UFO. I'm sewing 1" sashing strips between the blocks. So that project is spread out on the fam. rm. floor, now a WIP.

After DH went to bed, I chilled out in the recliner to read for a while. Fell asleep for maybe a half hr. As soon as my supper settles (at least 1 hr.), I'll be headed to bed. It's supposed to be down into the single digits tonight. Brrr. But I saw 50 deg. in the extended forecast. That's good news.

Sweet dreams!

December 26th, 2017, 01:39 AM
Not a lot of adrenaline here but I got a kit for making a pretty embroidered sewing caddy that fits over the arm rest of your chair with a pincushion and pockets for a scissors, etc. So I have been reading the instructions and planning some changes, too. I'll enjoy having that. But I think it is bedtime for me.

December 26th, 2017, 01:44 AM
We had a nice quiet day. Our son and his GF came over tonight for supper and we opened gifts. We had flatbread pizzas and we each ate one piece too many. It was a nice evening.

Judy, so happy to see your post. Take care of yourself as you recover from your surgery.

K. McEuen
December 26th, 2017, 02:22 AM
I am pooped! Seems like I have been going non-stop since about 8 this morning. Christmas was a little different this yer for us. Since my oldest sister moved to town in August, we had one more for the festivities. It was fun. I got a kick out of seeing her face light up with each gift she opened. I don't think she was really expecting much, but she went home with a shopping bag full of stuff. Part of the reason she moved here is that since her husband died about 6 years ago, she has mostly been alone for the holidays. We have a brother and another sister, but they all have kids/grandkids and get busy with them and would forget that she idn't really have anywhere to go. Honestly it surprised the heck out of me that she really moved since she had lived in Texas for more than 50 years. It has taken some adjusting for me, to have a sibling living about a mile away, but it's fun.

We all had a good Christmas. I cooked steaks and shrimp, stuffed baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and we had pickled beets too. Watched the newest Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, played some Mario Kart with my daughter and had a good time. My sister brought over the fudge she made, and left it all here so she wouldn't eat it, so my hubby is a happy camper. The dog was thrilled today, as he had 4 laps to choose from, and he spent time in all of them. I don't think he sat on the couch once.

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas!

Simply Quilting
December 26th, 2017, 03:06 AM
I had a surprise from my parents today. I had been asking Mom to keep a look out for a sewing box like what I had when I was younger - it was the plastic style with two trays and looked like a basket weave pattern. It must have gotten lost in the moves because I don't have it and know that I would not have gotten rid of it. Anyway, that style was what I was wanting to get each of the children to put their sewing and quilting stuff in and that is what I told my mom I was trying to find for the children. Well, Dad thought that I needed a new sewing basket (I do have one, it stays in the closet because that is it's storage location). Him and Mom picked one out a very nice sewing basket for me. The wonderful part is for years to come every time I use that sewing basket, I will be thinking of my parents.

As for the children and their sewing baskets. The oldest boy opted for a fishing tackle box. The next boy is waiting for a trip to the city to find a more male printed fabric sewing box. And on Dec 22, our Walmart finally got in a pretty young lady print of flowers and butterflies for dd.

I am currently just chilling. Little one has had such a busy past couple of days - Sat - Christmas at my in-laws, Sunday - church, Sunday School, Christmas Eve Service and today Christmas at my folks that he had a hard time settling down to go to sleep. Everyone was finally down at 10:30 tonight so I was able to open my gifts from my forum secret santa. Lots of goodies :)

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas today.

December 26th, 2017, 04:10 AM
Merry Christmas, everyone! Judy, I'm so glad to see a post from you. I've been p3aying for you every day. We had a smaller gathering than usual, just two of our four kids plus two nephews. But a good day. Our nephews' parents are traveling, and we didn't want them to be alone. It was really nice, as we got to hear from them on a different level.

Hope everyone has a marvelous day!

December 26th, 2017, 02:28 PM
Merry Christmas Judy (a day late of course for me). The entire week leading up to, and Christmas Eve and Christmas day just about did me in. I held off getting ill for the holidays until Friday, and have slowly, but surely been in decline every since. We had DH's adult kids and those grands here Christmas eve. Busy, crowded and loud, lol. Then for Christmas day...Santa decided he was coming to Gran's house instead of DD's, because their new dog would have been entirely to stressful on EVERYONE. So we had the DD, her BF, and my 3 grands here early yesterday to open their gifts from Santa, Mom, and Granny and Pa. Then breakfast, kids running and playing with their new booty. Another huge clean up, and they went home for a bit...only to return for Christmas dinner, more playing more noise and more mess, lol. Finally about 10 PM I was able to get some much needed quiet time and rest. Now waiting on then kids to get here again today....Oh the joys of being a care taking granny.
Prayers that you are learning to cope well and adjusting to your new normal as well as can be.

Patty J
December 26th, 2017, 04:03 PM
I've had a very very busy holiday schedule. Next year will be different. Of course I said that last year too. We had a houseful of people last night (15 young adults and 2 little ones and one dog, who tried to behave.) I went to my sisters for Christmas dinner yesterday morning and we had a blast--Just the 6 of us all adults no dog. LOL Then home to my house to get dinner for the 15, but that was easy, just ham/buns/veggies/rice and of course snackage way too much. I consider myself very blessed as I have a loving family,, warm house to live in and more than enough food to feed everyone. Resting up today- the only shopping I did was at the LQS where I bought my quilting sister some Best Press. She used her present last week when I didn't have it hidden well enough and she was quilting over here. So I needed to get her a new one. LOL
Hoping all of you had a blessed Christmas and have a wonderful new Year.

December 26th, 2017, 04:43 PM
I am enjoying reading about all your holiday times. Mine was super simple. We do not call it Christmas day, we call it Lily day. Since my granddaughter is the only young one among us, it pretty much focuses on her. She is 12 now and a true pre-teen. She really enjoyed all the items she received. For me and my two girls (third girl and hubby were working) we just got each other necessary items. We used Christmas as the excuse to finally get them. Like a dryer for one, and hair done and hair dryer for the other. Expensive but needed items. Then they are taking each other for manicures, lol.

Good to hear everyone is doing well. Thank you for sharing.

December 26th, 2017, 10:00 PM
Judy, it is so good to see you post again. Thinking of you and hope you are adjusting well. Hope your recovery goes smoothly. I woke up last Friday with a cold which continues to linger. I went to the dr. this morning and it's bronchitis, laryngitis and all. Still went to my daughter's for Christmas lunch with her hubby, my son, DIL and 3 granddaughters (sadly, the CA crew did not come in this year). So now it is up to me to recover as quickly as possible because I will be making pork and sauerkraut for New Years Day. Hope everyone had a marvelous holiday.


Jean Sewing Machine
December 27th, 2017, 02:15 AM
Hi Judy! Thinking of you often! Glad to hear you and the sewing machine are staying busy!

My daughter and her hubby came up from Atlanta Saturday. My sister and hubby came in Sunday night. Son, wife and 3 grands came Monday, Step grandson and spouse and 2 kids came today! Oldest daughter's birthday is today. So we fixed lots of meals, did tons of dishes and laundry, opened lots of gifts, and I am pooped. But I'' glad we could all getogether and share this special time! Will be glad for quiet again, but I know I will miss them when they leave.

Say a prayer for a special friend of mine, diagnosed a month ago with Stage 4 lungs d brain cancer, tonight he is very close to death. My prayers are he enters God's holy presence peacefully and that his pain is ended.

Patty J
December 27th, 2017, 03:07 PM
So sorry about your friend, Jean. May he be welcomed to peace, quiet, and no pain. Prayers for you too.