View Full Version : What is your favorite holiday movie or special?

December 10th, 2017, 10:20 AM
Yesterday, I was working on the quilt I'm making for oldest sister for Christmas. While I was sandwiching, basting and hooping (using the edge to edge quilting method on my embroidery machine), I had several Christmas movies playing in the background.

This morning, I thought I would ask everyone if you have a favorite holiday movie or special. If so, what is it?

To start: my two favorite movies are Die Hard and Christmas in Connecticut. Growing up, we never missed How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

December 10th, 2017, 11:03 AM
Sometimes I enjoy watching specials on country music Christmases. Reba Mc Entire recently hosted one that was nice. DH isn't much of a movie fan so we rarely watch movies.

December 10th, 2017, 11:33 AM
They are not Christmas themed, but the Spanish tv always programs "Willow" and "The Princess Bride" during the holidays. In the 1980's we would be a bunch of kids (up to 12!) piled up on my aunt's small couch while all the adults were talking at the dining room table. My cousins and siblings all have very fond memories of those family gatherings.

cv quilter
December 10th, 2017, 11:42 AM
I don't really have a favorite movie....I always try to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies while they are here. Some have played before, but I love them.

Debbie Watters
December 10th, 2017, 12:26 PM
My favorite is "It's a Wonderful Life". I don't care how many times I have seen it, I just could sit and watch it repeatedly. I also enjoy
"Miracle on 34th Street (original and black and white version); "The Bishop's Wife" (Cary Grant, Loretta Young, and David Niven); and also "Christmas in Connecticut". Love those old time movies (guess that makes me an Old Timer!).

Great memories ... thanks for starting this thread ...

December 10th, 2017, 01:04 PM
I too love the Hallmark movies, even those I have seen before. I always hope to see It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street (I actually like the newer one better), and The Polar Express.

December 10th, 2017, 01:07 PM
No special movie or Christmas special. I have a cd of Nat King Cole singing Christmas songs that I play over and over.

December 10th, 2017, 01:29 PM
This is funny, but I love the old still life kids Christmas movies-
Rudolph, Frosty, etc. Wonderful life of course.

December 10th, 2017, 01:59 PM
For oldies, It's a Wonderful Life. And then there's the fun and silly Home Alone and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. With all the negativity in politics and the news every day sometimes it feels good to see a totally mindless movie like those two! We always watch A Muppet Christmas Carol with our grandkids too. About 15 years ago Kohls was giving away large Kermit the frog stuffed animals with purchases so we got one. He is stored with our Christmas decorations and they fight over who gets to hold him during the movie.

December 10th, 2017, 02:08 PM
It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite. I always watch it while decorating the tree. I also love the older black and white version of Miracle on 34th Street. My favorite music is the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas cd. It drives DH nuts so I only listen to it while he's at work.

December 10th, 2017, 02:12 PM
Same as laura, all the cartoons, especially Charlie Brown :) Love Actually and The Great Christmas Light Fight. I love to see all the outrageous decorations people do on their houses.

Carlie Wolf
December 10th, 2017, 02:56 PM
Miracle on 34th St is still nice to watch (the old version) and I liked the older version of The Christmas Carol ,Scrooge with Alaster Simm. I use to watch that every Christmas eve. Didn't like most of the newer versions except perhaps the one with George C Scott. I also use to find all the Shirley Temple movies I could find around Christmas time because I loved them. I think the Bells of St Mary's with Bing Crosby was an old stand by too.

There was a theater in Albany across from where we lived in Vermont and each year they had tryouts for the Christmas Choir show staged the week before Christmas. My daughter sang in that three years in a row (you had to be in high school). We use to tape that and play it each Christmas when we opened our presents. I loved that but alas my tape got lost in one of my moves :-(.

December 10th, 2017, 03:06 PM
I enjoy many of the Hallmark Christmas movies and I love both versions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And Elf, that's another favorite. It's a Wonderful Life, Santa Claus, the kids movies, oh I guess I love them all!

December 10th, 2017, 04:20 PM
Several favorites...I love Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story....they make me laugh and enjoy the holidays....sometimes White Christmas and Holiday Inn, too

December 10th, 2017, 04:27 PM
Holiday Inn is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, made in 1942. The music and dancing are wonderful and I always shed a tear though I've seen it dozens of times. Elf is my modern favorite.

December 10th, 2017, 04:37 PM
Oh I forgot. I love Holiday Inn!!!

Patty J
December 10th, 2017, 05:06 PM
My most favorite movie is "Christmas Story" I even have 2 dvds because the kids each got me one. They wanted to return one, but I didn't want to, because I watch it all year long (whenever I'm sad) and now I have a backup dvd. 2 years ago our local theatre was showing "It's a Wonderful Life" on the big screen and I went to see it, Just loved it!!! So much better than watching on tv.

December 10th, 2017, 06:15 PM
Fox is doing 'A Christmas Story' live on Dec 17 if you didn't know. The cast looks fun so I will probably watch. Some of these live broadcasts are kind of cheesy.

December 10th, 2017, 09:05 PM
I love White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street - all versions, The Bells of Still Mary's and The Muppet Christmas Carol. I also like Santa Claus the movie and loads of others. I'm a bit of a Christmas films junkie - happy to watch them at any time of the year!!

Patty J
December 11th, 2017, 12:04 AM
Cheesey or not, I've got it scheduled to watch--maybe just to be safe I'll get it set to record. LOL Thanks for the reminder.

December 11th, 2017, 12:28 AM
I love White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut, DH and I were talking the other day, we miss the Bob Hope Christmas specials, the Bing Crosby specials. They were always so special.

December 11th, 2017, 12:36 AM
A Chrstmas Story hands down.

December 11th, 2017, 01:06 AM
I have so many favorite Christmas movies but one I will not miss watching is "It's A Wonderful Life". I just love James Stewart and Donna Reed. Another one I will watch over and over is "The Christmas Card" which comes on the Hallmark channel. In music CDs, my favorite is Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis. I'm a big fan of country music and enjoy watching their tv special every Christmas. Oh, can't leave out Chevy Chase movies. My niece, who is handicapped, plays her Christmas CDs all year round. And I think she has every Christmas CD out there. She loves the Chipmunks!

December 11th, 2017, 03:11 AM
I like a movie titled "The Christmas Card." I saw it on Netflix a few years back but they don't seem to be offering it this year. A young woman sends a "Dear Serviceman" letter and the recipient surprises her with a visit. A fairy tale ending and it is set in the beautiful snowy mountains of California.

Star lover
December 11th, 2017, 08:30 AM
Oh my, tough for me to choose.....I like most of you here I love "It's a Wonderful Life," Holiday Inn" White Christmas " and A Christmas Story." I could go on and on.....

For music I love this cd I have of Christmas music done with hammered dulcimers......beautiful!

December 11th, 2017, 08:57 AM
The Grinch who stole Christmas is my all time favorite and you might see me shed a tear or two at the end (well actually I probably have something in my eye).

Les LOVES A Christmas carol but the original one in black and white.

December 11th, 2017, 11:09 AM
I like so many, I like I think this year I am liking Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase, the best, but I like all of the Christmas shows. Next year I will probably like The original Miracle on 34th Street. Who knows, :) I enjoy all the Christmas things. I like Silver bells and Mary did you know , for My favorite songs.

December 12th, 2017, 12:06 PM
A Charlie Brown Christmas - love the score, in addition to the story!

It's a Wonderful Life - watched the other night; love any movie that makes my DH weep (he's a sucker for anything involving fathers and children)

White Christmas - because Danny Kaye. And Rosemary Clooney. And the singing/dancing. Okay, and Bing Crosby, too.

December 12th, 2017, 12:36 PM
I have three favorite movie versions of "A Christmas Carol":

The old black and white - can't remember which one, but I think it's the 1951 version
The one with Patrick Stewart (1999, made for TV)
The one with Kelsey Grammer - (a TV musical, 2004. This one surprised me, but he was really terrific!)

December 12th, 2017, 10:12 PM
My ALL time favorite is Rudolph....I even have a Hallmark collection of figurines. Next, I absolutely love "Polar Express" it is such a beautiful story, and I still hear the bells. I always cry at the end of the movie when Josh Groban is singing, "Believe".
For fun, I love Christmas Vacation, and ya just have to watch " Christmas Story"....Also love the old movies. "A Wonderful Life", White Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol", the original one and the one with George C. Scott are both good.

December 12th, 2017, 11:20 PM
The Muppets Christmas Carol and The Christmas Story. I watched The Christmas Story the first time with my dad. He loved it because it was so much like his life growing up. He wanted a BB gun so bad, but his mother thought he would shot his eye out. He finally got one from his father the year before his father died.