View Full Version : 10 years ago today

December 10th, 2017, 07:59 AM
My Mom went to heaven to join my Dad. Where has the time gone?

Mary Lynn
December 10th, 2017, 08:07 AM
Hope your good memories of her are with you today.

Iris Girl
December 10th, 2017, 08:32 AM
My Mom has been gone for 23 years almost 24. She always told me if you have memories in your head and heart the person still lives within you. I think of my Mom and how much I miss her everyday. I hope you also have good memories in your head and heart for yours. ((HUGS))

December 10th, 2017, 08:43 AM
Even though we miss our parents that have gone before, we all keep them close in our hearts. As the old song says, 'what a day of rejoicing that will be' when we're reunited with them.

December 10th, 2017, 09:27 AM
Sending you hugs

December 10th, 2017, 09:50 AM
148317 We never stop loving and some day we will be reunited with them.

December 10th, 2017, 09:54 AM
I've been thinking of my parents, too, who many years ago went on to Heaven. Both my bro. & sis. in 2009 & 2010. I was the baby of the family. My bro. & sis were 12 & 15 yrs. older than I am. Mom was 40 y.o. when I was born. On Dec. 8 I was thinking about my first husb. who was only 28 when he died in 1969. I don't dwell on it, but I always remember the day. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Monique, what were you doing up in the middle of the night?! More snoring?

December 10th, 2017, 10:49 AM
Bless you all for your memories. I read a book years ago that said that when someone has passed and an earthly being thinks of them, they get an active role in heavenly duties that day as reward for making memories.

December 10th, 2017, 11:14 AM
Hoping warm memories can comfort you.

Georgie Girl
December 10th, 2017, 11:16 AM
I know for me I think of my mother and brother everyday even though it was 49 years ago in September. We all cherish our memories in our hearts and never forget.

December 10th, 2017, 12:11 PM
Hugs and prayers to all. My mother is gone also. Kathy

December 10th, 2017, 12:13 PM
Hugs to you, Monique. I will have to face an anniversary on December 20th. It will be 15 years that my Mother has been gone. It still doesn't seem real and I am sure it's hard each holiday season.

Debbie Watters
December 10th, 2017, 12:48 PM
My Mom's anniversary is December 22 and it will be 9 years. My Dad's anniversary is May 20 and it will be 18 years. My son's, Timothy, will be on January 25th. He was sledding with friends and was hit by a train. It was a mere 45 minutes from his 18th birthday. This time of the year is hard for our family. Our youngest daughter was only 18 months old when her oldest brother passed away so she only remembers him by the memories that we re-tell. It is important that he is remembered ... as we remember all the passed members of our family ...

Grammaterry, I love that thought ... and if that is the case, my Mom, Dad, and Tim are extremely busy up in heaven!

December 10th, 2017, 02:48 PM
Thank you all for the kind words and the hugs, brought tears to my eyes.

December 10th, 2017, 08:25 PM
it will be 26years on the 19th since my mom passed, and my dad passed 3 months later on March 18th. Was a rough few months for my whole family

December 10th, 2017, 09:17 PM
My Mom is gone too. Holiday time we especially think about family because of the happy times we had. At least I do.

Star lover
December 11th, 2017, 08:16 AM
Oh Monique and all who've lost someone so close to Christmas....well anytime.....no time is good. My heart aches for you all.

For all who've lost someone......


And you all have big hearts!

December 11th, 2017, 02:20 PM
What beautiful memories you've all shared. My dad and my gramma died just about this time of year, close to 40 years ago. It's not as hard any more, but December used to be awfully tough.

December 12th, 2017, 12:01 PM
Sending love, hugs, and blessings to all of you, and praying that the joy of the season fills you with peace.