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December 8th, 2017, 10:07 AM
Good morning! Wondering if everyone slept in on this cold day.

DH had an 8 am hair appointment so I'm up and waiting on him to get back so we can have a big breakfast. He is actually taking Saturday & Sunday off which is unheard of for him. The closer he gets to retirement the more he's letting go of having to be at his job every waking moment.

I am hoping he will help me paint the two doors in the kitchen and the inside of the front door. That will make me happy and I will stop painting until after the new year.

I feel for the people who are in the fires in California. I lived in San Diego for a couple of years in the late 70s and loved living there.

Praying for the families in New Mexico who lost a son and daughter in the school shooting.

Let it snow, it let snow, let it snow!

Hoping for a good day for all.

Star lover
December 8th, 2017, 10:17 AM
Well good morning everyone!

I'm up at 4 everyday, so this kinda feels like I'm half way through the day. Trouble is I stay up too late (10-11) hand quilting!

Nope I don't want any white stuff. Got a dusting yesterday.....more than enough!

Got my hairs cut yesterday......wow, looked like another head of hair on the floor. She took off about 8"! I feel like I've lost weight (it was in the middle of my back). I'm wondering if all the heavy, thick, curly hair was giving me headaches.....we'll see. So far no headache! Yeah!

So much sadness now and really the whole year has been rough for many. Prayers and hope for all affected.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day......just don't send me your .....white stuff!

December 8th, 2017, 10:18 AM
what does your husband do Caroln? Is it his own business?
I've been wanting to do some indoor painting but I'm afraid with the house all shut up for winter the fumes would be intolerable so I've consoled myself to wait till spring. Doors and windowsills are in dire need.
This country is in a real mess with the shootings and the fires and the "me too's" I don't know if its the everyone wants attention for something...even if its bad or if its always been happening and now we just have so much communications that we are more aware. I've sort of tuned it all out.
I finished my Christmas buying yesterday. Finally thought of something I perceive as "fun" for DH. I hope it goes over well. He is difficult to buy for. Sometimes he feels guilty if I got him more than he got me (isn't that a silly thing) and sometimes he just can't wrap his thoughts around the gift because he thinks the old technology was better. Yesterday he dug out an old GPS for walking in the woods that I bought him in 2002 and read the instruction manual on line (80 pages) and got it working. He said it was an off brand and he didn't think it was going to work. I told him I recognized the brand name from CB radios and he laughed and told me that it was different with GPS. So, I have researched this year and read and read and I chose well...hopefully.

December 8th, 2017, 10:20 AM

Yes Carol I did sleep in. This getting up in the middle of the night is for the birds. And its all hubby's fault. It wakes me up when he gets up. He will be tired later for sure. This morning he is gone to take a friend of his to the Gatineau Hospital. His girlfriend is full of cancer and apparently took a turn for the worse yesterday. He doesn't drive into the city so he asked Les to take him. My hubby does have a big heart, as much as I sometimes complain about him. I shall pray for Wendy and also that they have a safe trip with this snow falling. Let it snow, let it snow for sure. We now have white stuff on the ground and looks like more coming down. Les is a good driver but I would not be the one venturing to the city today.

I made it to my 2 appointments yesterday. My ears have been lowered a lot too, LOL! The tree is up but not decorated, so that is on the agenda for today. Sink is full of dishes, as I was lazy yesterday. Those are the two priorities and then who knows after that.

Have a great weekend friends.

Star lover
December 8th, 2017, 10:34 AM
Monique....I've learned the most from my mistakes.....they're just painful sometimes! I don't need to try to make a mistake......they happen all on their own! Thank you your toons every morning. I always get a chuckle and that's a GREAT way to start any day!

December 8th, 2017, 11:17 AM
Good Morning all,

It's date day for me. I have a date with my youngest. He's gotten his first paycheck and wants to go Christmas shopping. He says he clueless about what to get anybody, but he's always given thought filled gifts. We'll see what he comes up with. Since I quit driving, he's taking me to a near by archery range. I'm getting DH a year's membership. Since it's on the way to and from Nana and Nandy's I figure there's at least 2 days a week that he'll be over that way anyway and it will get him out from under my feet for a little while. He misses having the archery/ target range out behind our old house in NC.

After that, I think I'm up for the day out. I will have to get out a hoodie, it's rather chilly this morning. One of DH's cousins posted pictures of their snow. Hard to believe, it's getting to be wintertime out there!

I finished the quilting on Mt. view and cut off the excess batting. I need to even out the backing so I can pull it over and get it sewn today, maybe. The kiddos will be over while their mom is back at the dentist office. Poor DH will be here alone with them while dad drives and picks up mom. I apparently missed the memo that they were staying here during that time.

Seems like the prayer lists are growing in our country. Personal needs, national needs are growing exponentially.

I hope everyone has a productive, creative day.

December 8th, 2017, 12:41 PM
Omg! I was stunned this morning when I opened the door to let our dog outside. It looked like a winter wonderland! Everything was covered in snow. We thought we might just get a little sleet and flurries during the night. It's beautiful and just the way we want it.....beautiful to look at and it will be probably be gone later today. This is a major snow amount for us.....don't laugh.....about 2 inches! :D

December 8th, 2017, 12:48 PM
Good Morning ~ I didn't take time to post early. Instead I watched Jenny's new tutorial. Not sure about this one. I sure won't be cutting 5" charms in 4ths in order to make the 4-patches. I'll come up with a way to streamline that. Either use a JR or strip piece yardage. If I try this one, I might make just one big block with borders to get it to baby quilt size. I have others on my list that will come first.

We had a beautiful sunrise this a.m. There was color in the cloud swirls in all directions. It's supposed to be warmer the next few days. No sign of the white stuff here. We really, really need the moisture.

I spent most of the day yest. working on the Christmas card address list. I looked through all last year's cards, updated addresses, etc. The rest of the time I worked on re-doing my address labels in the computer. Still not done. By googling it, I figured out how to alphabetize my list. That made things easier.

In the afternoon my gr. dau. in TX phoned; we had a long gab. I wish she weren't so far away. They used to live in CO but moved away in May. One has to go where the job is.

Today is our Lady Bugs (mostly widowed ladies) monthly lunch potluck with Christmas gift exchange. My 5 Cup Salad (Ambrosia) is mixed up & chilling in the frig. I need to run a couple errands this a.m.

Barb, your drawing yest. for the centerpiece was fun. I don't entertain any more, so I opted out. Thanks for posting the pics of "Santa" & your beautiful tree. Did you make all those lovely ornaments?

I don't do Christmas shopping. We no longer exchange presents in our family. Everyone is scattered across the USA. Shipping is too costly. I send the gr. kids $ so they can buy what they want. DH & I have just exchanged a card for many years now. It certainly removes a lot of stress from the holiday. Every year I'm thankful DH still is with me. He's actually lived much longer than I thought he would. I guess the secret to long life is to get a chronic illness & take good care of yourself. In this case, I'm taking care of him. Daily he's grateful for Jesus & Joy who keep him going. One day at a time.

December 8th, 2017, 02:20 PM
what does your husband do Caroln? Is it his own business?
I've been wanting to do some indoor painting but I'm afraid with the house all shut up for winter the fumes would be intolerable so I've consoled myself to wait till spring. Doors and windowsills are in dire need.

He runs the meat market for a Food Lion. Over the years they have cut employees and hours but added more duties so he ends up staying to late trying to keep the department "in the condition" Food Lion expects. Just 12 more months and he is done.

If it wasn't for Sherwin Williams low odor paint I would never paint our house since I am extremely sensitive to smells. DH can't smell the paint at all and I only get a slight whiff. I do have several large fans and when I finish a room I put two fans per wall and turn them on high so the paint dries quickly which I think takes away the slight smell.

December 8th, 2017, 02:38 PM
Send your snow this way. The Thomas Fire is a mean one. While I don't live in the evacuated areas, I do live in Ventura County so just the air to breath is awful.