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July 21st, 2017, 03:17 AM
And I am up at this ungodly hour. I think I went to bed too early but I was so tired.

I noticed NO ants. I don't know if they will come back with the next rain or not. Maybe I got them all this time.

I managed to finish the main body of the quilt yesterday. Now to work on the border. Happy camper, I am.

Another hot and sticky day coming today. And another quilt day. I am so lucky that I can pass the time with quilting. I see a nap in my future again today.

Prayers for all those needing them today.

Smile and have a wonderful day and weekend ahead.

Star lover
July 21st, 2017, 03:58 AM
Yup, I'm up too....must be something in the air.....happy your ants are gone!

Hope everyone is doing well, or at least better than yesterday. Love and hugs.


July 21st, 2017, 05:23 AM
Good Morning....Why are we up so early today? Dottie jumped up in bed to snuggle with me a couple hours ago and she made me too hot. She's a great little heater in the winter.

Anita, I don't think you ever sleep! Monique, I'm glad you took care of the ants. You wouldn't believe how many ants are in Missouri. I think the whole state sits on a massive ant colony. They are a problem every year for most people.

I bought food yesterday and I have nowhere to go today until late afternoon, so my day will be spent in the sewing room. First thing I want to do is to go through some bags of fabric and see how much Christmas fabric I have on hand before I shop for more. Last year the trend in Christmas was gray/black. I'm watching to see what might be trending new this year. Not that I'm so trendy...lol!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, Let's remember our Shermur in our prayers. Her family has been dealt a real blow.


Have you watched the new tutorial? I love it and I will definitely make this one in baby size.

Iris Girl
July 21st, 2017, 07:16 AM
Morning all we had a teeny tiny t storm go through last night. It will be another hot and hazy humid day. I finished a new summer bathrobe for myself. Been working on the house blocks. Want to get that top done and off to grammaterry so she can work her magic. We did deli for dinner last night as it was just too hot to cook. Think I will have my son grill some hot dogs for tonight and call it done. No one feels like cooking or eating when its this hot.
Monique I use Boric acid powder for ants. make a line around the house or pipes where they come in. They won't cross it and if one is brave enough to he takes it to the nest and it kills them. I have a horrible ant problem in one of my flower beds. This seems to clear them up. It was so bad at one point it looked like the ground was moving. It has taken a few applications to to amount of ants but think its good now.
Hope everyone has a great day!

July 21st, 2017, 07:38 AM
It must be "up way earlier than usual" day! I'm up early too. Our pup woke to go outside about 4:30. I let her out and then we went back to bed. I laid there for almost an hour trying to go back to sleep. Now I will be good and sleepy when it's time for me to meet with our quilting group this morning.

Sherri and Joan have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Ginny B
July 21st, 2017, 08:17 AM
Good morning all. I seem to be just the opposite as far as being up early this morning. I was up late watching the Yankee game. They are playing on the West Coast (Seattle) so the game didn't even start until after 10 my time. So I was a bit slow in getting myself up and moving about this morning.

But here I am now and ready to face the day. It's Friday! Woo Hoo! I get out at 4 and dh and I may head down to the beach after work today. I checked out the new tutorial today. It's cute. :)

Ok, time to get myself dressed and maybe get something done around the house before heading to work. Monique, hope your ants find someplace else to hang out. Have a good day all

July 21st, 2017, 08:55 AM
Happy Friday everyone.

It's been far too busy this week and I haven't gotten much quilting done. I laid out the I Spy pieces on my design wall because I didn't want to just grab a piece and sew and hope that it all went together in the end. It's been on the wall for 3 days which is the longest anything remains there, so today we start sewing after I cut the three background fabrics.

I got back at my long arm on Wednesday and then discovered that the new leader grips (bars in the bottom of the leaders) would not fit under the dead bar that the quilt has to go under! Had to wait for DH to help with that as the frame is 12' long. So, once I get bored working on the I Spy quilt today, I will get back to practicing.

There has been much excitement driving the new CRV this week. Totally weird that I don't need a key to get in the door or to start it. It has all that anti collision sensing stuff and I had my first experience with that yesterday. I use cruise control on the highway and once I sorted out how to turn it on yesterday all was going well until I got fairly close to a car going slower. I was just about to change lanes and the car slowed me down by 17 km/ hour. Freeky.

Have a great weekend peeps.

July 21st, 2017, 09:05 AM
Morning everyone!
I, too was up early because I was flumoxed by a quilting challenge in a poorly written pattern. I worked, unsuccessfully, for over 2 hours yesterday trying to make it work, dreamt about it all night and came up with a solution....not the way it was supposed to go together, but it worked and now looks good. My claim to fame has always been that "I failed shapes" because I can't fit a round peg into a round hole without some difficulty. Why I quilt with shapes is beyond me, and Foundation Piecing just puts me over the edge. Was in the sewing room before 6 a.m. and finished all the piecing. Now it is time to start the applique! Hope to finish it before the end of the day.
Was supposed to go out today but it is too hot to make the drive to Ottawa so I will wait till Monday when we are supposed to have rain and cooler temps. I am NOT complaining about the heat...for me it is much easier to deal with than cold, snow, freezing rain!
Have a wonderful weekend....praying for Sherri and Joan...and many others on the Forum.

July 21st, 2017, 10:26 AM
Hello Early Birds, I was up early but need some more coffee to get myself going.

DH's brother will be stopping by this afternoon so I need to prepare something for lunch and get DH to make some iced tea. Originally planned to go out for lunch but it's too hot out so we'll eat at home with the AC keeping us cool.

July 21st, 2017, 11:57 AM
Good Morning! I'm always up early. The alarm goes off every day at 5 a.m. After I retired & DH developed so many health problems, I had to adjust my schedule to his. I worked swing shift for years, so I used to be a late to bed, late to rise person.

We hit 99 deg. yest.--not quite as hot as the 105 the day before. Supposedly we'll get a bit of relief on Sat. & Sun.

I did no sewing yest. I baked DH's spelt bread in the morning. In the afternoon I had a long phone chat with my gr. dau. who moved to TX in May. With a baby & a 3 y.o., it's hard for her to find time to chat. I spent an hour on the phone with Century Link trying to get my new phone plan adjusted so it will work with our older land lines & message machine. I knew DH would not be able to do the voice mail thing. They were able to disable that feature so we still can have our unlimited long distance minutes & still use our msg. mach. I was glad to get that resolved.

After breakfast, I'm headed out to buy a pair of shoes & get some groc. I hope everyone has a good week end.

July 21st, 2017, 02:00 PM
Something out in the back woods had the dog irritated all night. I'm sure the neighbors are delighted. Although at 1/2 AM it wasn't just our dog that was barking. You could hear them all up and down the main green belt corridor.
Miss Priss had a wierd/creepy dream and came to snuggle with Mom about 5:30. So we slept in a bit.
I finished her crossbody bag for her FM yesterday. Then I started digging into parts of the sewing room I haven't touched in a while. I was looking for some fabric I know I had purchased, but not gotten to. Found all sorts of great things and half-started projects. Great. More to add to the list of things to do.
Today is paperwork morning and then barn mucking. Yea. I really wish they would figure out how to poop outside all of the time. They just don't care. Oh well, it makes great compost for the gardens in a couple years!

Prayers offered up for for our friends in tough times.