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July 13th, 2017, 08:01 AM
I can't believe almost half of the month is gone already!!

Since the 10th I have been trying to send an email transfer to buy a fabric license plate from Alberta. The email they gave me apparently wasn't any good. SO I got another email yesterday with another email (I assume the right one this time). I will give it one more try. Hopefully this one comes through.

I had a good day yesterday with BIL and SIL. I ended up driving because Les would have still been impaired. I tell you he didn't feel good yesterday. Well that what you get when you have the swine flu (made a pig of himself the night before). He did go to work last night. I am sure he feels human again today.

Today Bonnie and I go on our adventure. Well not really an adventure, quilt store and lunch. I have a gift certificate that is burning a hole in my pocket.

I work tomorrow but can quilt there when all my work is done. Work for the next two weeks in the church where the post office is.

Well that's about all for me for today. Wishing you all a fantabulous day!!!!!

Star lover
July 13th, 2017, 08:07 AM
Oh yes Monique, quilt shop and lunch....I call that an adventure! Hope you have. Wonderful time....I'm sure you will!

Not much here...rain and more rain. Yesterday it got so dark our security light came on (has an eye....or something). And did it pour! Still raining now, but not hard. Just hoping for good weather Saturday- it's suppose to be nice, but ya never know....they never know!

Hope all is well with everyone out there. Have a great day!

July 13th, 2017, 09:02 AM
Morning Everyone,

Monique, have a grand day with Bonnie!!

We are under a severe heat advisory for the rest of the week and next week it is supposed to be worse. I guess that's a prescription
for sewing!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day....with Hugs.

July 13th, 2017, 10:35 AM
Those sweet cool summer days seem to be over as it's turning out to be another hot, hot day. Have plenty to keep me busy indoors so that's where I'll be.

July 13th, 2017, 11:31 AM
Good Morning ~ Sort of sunny here -- rather hazy. Looks like poor air quality. Yest. we had clouds most of the day, a few sprinkles, and a high of only 81, which was a pleasant relief from the heat. I was inside most of the day participating in the Angela Walters' workshop on Borders & Backgrounds. By the time I lugged all my stuff in the house, I just set things down in my sewing room. I was ready to relax in the recliner. I'll take time later today to put things away & get organized. DH did ok while I was gone to the class. I called him on my lunch break to make sure he was ok.

I finished up the quilting & binding on the Two-Step quilt in time for Sew & Tell at guild Tues. eve. I'll try to get my pic album put together today -- also the pics I took of Angela & her quilts. Most of them are featured in her books.

I think I'll take it easy today. I'm tired from the all day event yest. The chairs in the classroom were those molded plastic chairs & were very uncomfortable. I took along a cushion, but I still sat too low. I tried stacking 2 chairs together, which helped, but was less than ideal. My lower back aches today. One woman brought her own adjustable office chair.

Also, today is DH's birthday, but we won't be "celebrating." He eats the same foods every day at every meal due to all his food allergies. Boring, but it works for him. He doesn't eat desserts of any kind, so no BD cake. I offered to bake him an apple pie, but he said no. He can't tolerate the fat in the crust or the spices. (Also, spelt flour doesn't work quite as well as wheat flour for the crust, although I did make one several yrs. ago.) Not even a sm. scoop of ice cream -- lactose intolerant. It's been many yrs. since he's had any milk products.

Almost time for my breakfast.

July 13th, 2017, 01:56 PM
Today is a "home" day. I have a quick trip to the post office and that is it for adventures off of the farm.

My plans are to get Em's Rover row parts cut so she can begin to see them together while I cut the parts for the Sasquatch quilt. She has wanted to learn to sew for a while, so this is the summer! If she likes it, I can see a sewing machine for her under the Christmas tree!

Off to put the kids out in the upper pasture for the day where they can run, bounce and chase the turkeys when I let them out later.

Have a great day, and don't for get to share a smile or two along the way!

Ginny B
July 13th, 2017, 05:15 PM
Good afternoon all. It's been a busy week but dh and I had a day off today. We went to a Moody Blues concert last night so since we knew we would be out late, we took vacation days. Gone are the days of going to a concert one night and heading into work the next morning. LOL We did a few errands and then went to visit the new Hobby Lobby that opened not too far from me -- about a 30-40 minute ride. I love that store. I got some flannel and also some material I need to make a tablerunner that someone ordered from me. I also found a nice lamp for my dining room. I don't like the one I have in there right now but couldn't find anything else that I wanted in its' place until today. It's perfect. It will fit just right on the cabinet and it doesn't have a big shade to interfere with anything else I have on there. I had a similar one but my son really liked it so I gave it to him. Now I have one again. :) We came home and I put together a Shepherd's Pie. But since it is so hot, we may opt to go out and get something to eat instead of turning on the oven and save it for tomorrow.

Have a good evening all. Keep cool.

July 13th, 2017, 09:16 PM
Good almost evening! Today was errand day. I went to the vet to pick up meds for one of my dogs, and also picked up copies of all their rabies certificates. Then it was off to the bank and then to the car shop to pickup shampoo and conditioner. Our stylist is in another town but her hubby works here as a mechanic and he brought the shampoo and conditioner in to his work so we didn't have to drive up to get it. Then to the Humane Society to update all the dogs licenses. Then back home for a nap then off to a dr. appt. Now to figure out what to have for dinner. Any ideas?