View Full Version : For every one who needs a good laugh

June 15th, 2017, 10:32 AM
WARNING: Don't read in bed with a sleeping husband. I laughed so hard the shaking of the bed woke him up.

I just finished reading the two books (so far) in this series by Suzanne Kelman. The first is THE REJECTED WRITERS BOOK CLUB and the second is REJECTED WRITERS TAKE THE STAGE.

They are just feel good stories, clean, no sex or bloody violence. Just chaining people to the toilet in protest and blowing people up-on accident of course.

June 15th, 2017, 01:20 PM
Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always looking for book referrals!

Sandy Navas
June 15th, 2017, 06:46 PM
Free on my Kindle!