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April 9th, 2017, 09:01 AM
Good Morning ~ I'm up at my usual time, which is 5 a.m. every day of the week! Today will be church.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm; it got up to 88 deg.! I wore shorts for the first time. It was nice to have the windows open to let in the fresh air. With all the warm weather, the spring flowers are opening. I have tulips blooming now as well as primrose, hyacinths, & daffodils.

Our church does a musical every 2-3 yrs. This month they are doing The King and I. I went to the matinee performance yest. at 1 p.m. With the 15 min. intermission, it lasted almost 3 hrs. It was well done. I really enjoyed it. The costumes were spectacular; the acting & singing excellent. A real bargain for only $5.

This afternoon I want to finish sewing on the binding of the latest baby quilt. I hope everyone has a good day.
Happy Spring!

April 9th, 2017, 09:42 AM
Good morning all. It's a beautiful sun shiny day here today. I slept in till 7, now saying hellos before I go to church. Loaded a charity quilt on the LA yesterday. Ripped out the few stitches that I did. Need to practice some more feathers on the white board before going to the quilt, or maybe just do edge to edge. Also started piecing the quatrefoil quilt yesterday. I guess I'll alternate between projects.

This afternoon I need to take my sewing gear over to a friends, to come up with a pattern for a pouch to put her fake boob in. Once we get the first one done, I think the rest will be a breeze. This is something I never thought of but she says the rubber is itchy rubbing against her skin. I am so glad to be able to help her.

April 9th, 2017, 09:43 AM
Good morning. It is a beautiful sunny day here. I didn't do much in the way of sewing yesterday. I worked in the morning and then a bridal shower in the afternoon. I gave the bride to be a Thanksgiving table runner and a few crocheted dish cloths. We did not attend the stag last night and hubby is thankful this morning that he is feeling good instead of sick!! AND he would have been sick this morning.

Today I need to make hamburger soup and some buns for lunch tomorrow. I am going quilting again, the second quilt this time.

Have an awesome day everyone.

April 9th, 2017, 10:09 AM
Morning all...
Joy, I loooove the King and I, one of my faves.
Looking to have some gorgeous weather this week here - yay!! Looking forward to some biking. Last night, we drove Ella to the park for a walk - it was a bit chilly, but nice enough. She loved it so much, she trotted for about a mile with us. She was so good, even with the distractions of other dogs, kids, etc. Usually when we walk around here, she get's so distracted, stopping every few seconds. Then when she 'thinks' she's too far from the house, she slows down to a crawl. When I turn around to walk back to the house, she practically gallops because she loves going home - LOL.
I tried something new this week for me, chalk paint! I have a kitchen cart that was needing a bit of an update. I got some Parisian Grey chalk paint and I love the new color :) I'm going to put some wax on it today to protect the paint, and to give it a tiny bit of sheen, since chalk paint is extremely matte. I'm going to be dangerous this summer, as now I want to paint the two hutches in my kitchen, then eventually, the cabinets.
Today will be church, then probably waxing, maybe some more quilting on my quilt, then church again :)
Gotta run - have a great day all!

Ginny B
April 9th, 2017, 10:22 AM
Good morning all. Beautiful sunny morning here. The birds are making happy sounds outside. I think dh and I will do a bit of clean up on the back patio today.

Yesterday was. fairly nice day too but I was inside all day making the last of the Stuffie Bunnies (I made a total of 19) and a bit of housework along with the next two weeks meals list and grocery shopping list. Last night we went to have dinner with a friend that we haven't seen since October. We had a nice evening and actually exchanged Christmas gifts . Lol. But I was sorry to see that he is suffering a bit from arthritis in his foot and has trouble walking.

Time to get this beautiful day moving along. Have a great one.

Iris Girl
April 9th, 2017, 11:10 AM
Morning all. Beautiful sunny day here also. Laundry on the line , bedding has been changed. Hubby has a cold he claims I gave him but has totally different symptoms from what I had. Been working on the Butterfly quilt and it is ready for binding. Then in to the washer and out to dry. This one will join the Turtle quilt in a box that will head to Marilyn for her PICU group. Have a great day all. I see daffodils ready to bust out in bloom.

Claire Hallman
April 9th, 2017, 12:06 PM
I think I will be doing a lot of fabric cutting today. I have taken two Bonnie Hunter classes in the last four days, my back is stiff and I have another one on Tuesday. I would love to get all my parts cut for the Smith Mtn. Morning so I can use it for my travel project. There are lots and lots of small pieces to join so it will be great for a sit & sew take along.

It is absolutely gorgeous out today, I hear the wind chimes, the sun is shining, all is right with the world.:D

April 9th, 2017, 01:40 PM
Beautiful sunny day in the Carolinas. My daughter sang in church and did the kids procession of the Palms. It was super cute. My fiance joined us at church despite being pentecostal and not baptist... (we're working on a compromise.) It was nice to be there as a family. Although he's super shy, and everybody comes up to welcome him because he's a new face... he stays red... poor thing. But he did it for me. Which is the best.

I'm currently sitting on the side porch warming up and trying to figure out if I can move my featherweight out here for pinwheels assembly. I have a bunch to piece just to start the HST's and I might as well get some Vitamin D!!! Although I might end up with strange tan lines....

April 9th, 2017, 03:08 PM
I've been to Palm Sunday Mass and mowed three lawns already today. I'm waiting now to go to a dance recital for a couple nieces. I miss my daughter's dancing days so I'm excited to go. Hubby has been gone so I've been sewing like crazy. I have a pile of donation quilts for hospital children and nursing home patients. I also made a Disney Princess quilt for a great niece who just got a baby sister. I hope to take it to her this evening or tomorrow.

Friday I bought a Featherweight. The case is shot but the machine is in good shape. I friend of mine refurbishes FW's so she guided me along the process. We are going to get together tomorrow to start getting it ready for me to sew. It will be the perfect size to take along on our motorhome trips. I'm not fixing this up for a show piece, I'm going to use it!

My sewing room is going to have to be closed down this week. I have around 50 people coming for Easter Brunch so lots of prepping and cleaning to get done. Everybody comes after their church service so not all sit down and eat at the same time. It's the one time of year we get together so I continue the tradition even though my Grandma is gone. I'm surprised my aunts and uncles haven't started their own tradition with their families but they all still come here. I guess they don't mind it since I do all the work and they just show up!


April 9th, 2017, 03:30 PM
It's early evening here and I've had a lovely day! Yesterday was sunny and 64f and today has been 68f but the rest of the week is forecast for between 46-50f. All the daffodils are out along with tulips and pansies what a lovely sight!!
Went to church this morning and my SIL preached on the meaning of Palm Sunday and the coming events leading up to Easter - an age old story but always find something new and fresh when I hear it.
The afternoon saw DH and myself trying to find the needle I dropped into my sewing machine yesterday - no luck but she's singing away so it obviously didn't drop into the workings. Was going to wait until after our holidays to take my other machine in for repair but after this fiasco will get it in tomorrow I think!!
Hope everyone is having a good day!!