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March 31st, 2017, 07:14 AM
Good morning everyone. Well knock on wood, we haven't gotten the snow yet that they were predicting. Hubby is going to take his sister to an appointment this afternoon so he is taking the van. He will drive me to work, pick me up, and then take me get my hair cut. What a man.

Yesterday I ran some errands. I also visited a fellow Lionette who is now in a senior's home, the same one my MIL was at. And they were best friends. Some time ago I had made her a certificate for Lifetime membership and I finally got it delivered. She was very appreciative and I felt good delivering it to her. We had a lovely visit.

I got all the quilting done on the memory quilt. Now to just add the binding. Not sure when that is going to happen, as we are going away tomorrow for Maizyn's 7th birthday, which is today. Today I am working but no quilting going on there.

Have a great day everyone and a wonderful weekend. See you on other side of the weekend.

Ginny B
March 31st, 2017, 08:21 AM
Good morning. Happy Friday everyone. Woke up in the middle of the night to some heavy rain pounding on the window. It has stopped now. It is supposed to be a rainy, chilly day here.

It sure has been a busy week both at work and at home. A few meetings attended, a farewell get-together last night for someone that has been with the agency for 26 years and payroll to get submitted at the beginning of the week. At home, some spring-cleaning has begun both inside and out and some clean-up from a leaking washing machine. It's not that old but past warranty. Repairman came Wednesday and the culprit was a leaking valve inside the control panel on top. Of course, I'm not sure the flooring in the kitchen will recover and it may need to be replaced down the road a bit. sigh

Tomorrow dh and I are headed to Norfolk, Connecticut to see a country rock band that he really likes.Poco. I enjoy them too. We will head up there tomorrow morning and check in to a nearby hotel, explore the area for a bit (maybe a lqs in the area?) and then have dinner before the show. I have a few more bunnies and some Easter tablerunners to finish for a couple orders I have so we will head home fairly early on Sunday so I will have some time to work on them.

Happy 7th birthday to Maizyn. I can't believe our first gs Max is turning 7 himself in a few weeks. I hope everyone has a good Friday.

March 31st, 2017, 08:41 AM
Morning Everyone...It rained all night and is still drizzling. I need to go out for a bit this morning and then I can settle in for the day except for taking lunch to our neighbor. Yesterday he asked if I had more of the soup I took them a few days ago and luckily I have just enough for his lunch today. He is living and sleeping in the recliner, which has a remote control so he can easily manage it.

I got my hair cut pretty short yesterday. I can tell Jeff doesn't like it, but it will grow back fast. Tomorrow we have to work in Cuba for most of the day. One of our tenants will watch the Girls for us.

Ginny, I hate it that your washer messed up your floor. Good luck with your Spring cleaning. I need to get started on mine.

It sounds like Klasien and Jean are having a great visit. You need to check out their posts and see Klasien's 365 quilt they finished on Jean's machine....gorgeous, and it looks wonderful in blue.

Wishing everyone a good Friday. Hugs....

Cathy F
March 31st, 2017, 08:57 AM
Morning all,
Looks like a few of us are experiencing gloomy weather. I guess the rain is good for the garden but I'm hoping to see more sunshine.
Did some food shopping yesterday as the cupboards were quite bare. Planning on a trip to BJ's today to finish up with the items we use from there. Not much else on my schedule today besides a few household chores. Seems we never run out of those.
Hope everyone has a good weekend, and gets to do a bit of sewing!

March 31st, 2017, 09:24 AM
Morning all,

Monique, happy birthday to Maizyn! Time goes so fast-don't blink.
Ginny, sorry to hear about your floors. Glad the washer was an easy fix.
Bubby, what kind of soup did you make for the neighbor? We love soup and I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.
Cathy, we had terrible wind and rain, along with some hail. It seems to be over now and the sun has burst through.

Today is the day I get my new machines. I'm so excited, but it's a long drive so I need to get going. Have a great day, everyone.

Navy Wife
March 31st, 2017, 10:17 AM
We had thunderstorms last night at bedtime, and again this morning early. The cat hates storms. I guess from her days as a stray on the street. She even gets under the table if a shower comes through! DH's cold seems to be a little better. I've avoided him as much as possible, and haven't caught it yet. I have a free day today, so plan to sew as long as I can. I have to get up and move around every half hour or my hip starts hurting. I may have to go ahead with the surgery after all.

March 31st, 2017, 10:20 AM
Morning all!
Rainy here right now, expecting a bit of snow later...
I will be running errands later - including sending my submission for the Martelli contest. I had a marathon sewing session yesterday and finished up at 1 a.m. I'm rather pleased with how it came out; definitely learned a few things, and gained more confidence in FMQ. I pulled everything from my stash, so that is good. We'll see how it all pans out in a couple of weeks ;) Oh, did I mention that the grand prize is one of their workstations??? That would sure be sweet!
Bible study and birthday party tonight, so that will be fun!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Just Keep Sewing :)

March 31st, 2017, 11:35 AM
Yippee! Its Friday and I only need to work for a few hours today. I brought my sewing machine back out from being packed up for a few weeks and have lots planned for this weekend. First is some bean bags to be used for some games at Relay for Life next weekend. I did a few this morning and I just need to say I hate sewing microfiber (the fake suede looking stuff). I have a few cross stitch projects that need finish-finished (stitching done, now they need turned into something). I have 140+ tumbler blocks cut out to be pieced together - if I can get it done and finished in time I might donate it to the silent auction at Relay for Life, if not it will probably go to Quilts of Valor (I'm not in love with the fabrics). I also need to work on my Pat Sloan Solstice quilt blocks.

Along with all these sewing projects I need to get some garden planters filled with color so my patio isn't a wasteland and go to Bark for Life on Saturday. Phew, I'm going to be busier this weekend than I was all week.

March 31st, 2017, 12:43 PM
Friday Good Morning ~ Gloomy here, too. Light rain, with more expected today, tonight, & into tomorrow. A chance of it switching over to snow by morning.

Yest. , after surfing the web, I called an electrician to come & check out our fluorescent ceiling light in the bathroom. It turned out to be 2 - 24 y.o. young guys. They were very nice. They were here in <1 hr. from when I called the company. The problem was a bad ballast which they replaced. It's a relief to have that fixed. We were able to get a 10% senior discount. DH just isn't up to fix-it jobs anymore. He's always been such a handy person. It's hard for him to accept that he can't do these things any more.

After the electricians left, I ran out to W-M for 2 Rx's. Had to fork out a chunk of change; we have to meet a $400. deductible this year! It's outrageous what these drug companies charge for old meds that have been in use for years. Pure greed!

Today I'm going out to lunch with my Lady Bugs group. Most of the women are widows or divorced. There usually are ~20 of us. We meet once a mo. either to eat out or to have a potluck at someone's house. Today we're going to a well-known BBQ restaurant. I didn't see much on their menu I'm interested in, so I might just have their soup & salad. I'm not keen on BBQ.

I hope everyone has a good week end.