View Full Version : can I share your lemon and vodka?

March 29th, 2017, 01:15 AM
Mimi, I have had a day today too. As I was getting into the shower before I went for my 6 week doc appointment the phone rang. So I was late to the docs. My scar is fine but doc says not to tell anyone he did it because it is so big. It goes from my breast bone to almost under my arm! I told him I would tell everyone I was in a swordfight. That made him laugh:lol:
Then he looked at the owey on the top of my head and told me it was a skin cancer. So that is coming off the 11th in outpatient surgery (of course, that's what they said about my gallbladder too!)
Then I tried a new recipe for meatloaf that my husband found. He thought it was like the one his mother made. The recipe said to cook it for 1 1/2 hours but mine took an extra hour to cook all the way through. Haven't tasted it yet since it was 10:00 pm before it was done.
Since the oven was on and the right temp I baked cream cheese cookies from a new recipe. The uncooked dough is really good but baked they are dry and kind of tasteless.
So now I am watching TV and thinking that if I drank, vodka and lemon might be pretty good. Oh, well! Think I will stick to water since alcohol makes me extremely sick. Makes it easy not to become a drunk like some of my siblings.

March 29th, 2017, 01:27 AM
I've made these for Christmas cookies and they were pretty good! http://allrecipes.com/recipe/11116/cream-cheese-sugar-cookies/

March 29th, 2017, 01:59 AM
thanks Bubba. When I get a new mixer I will try them. Burnt up the other one on these cookies!

Eian Mcneely
March 29th, 2017, 02:19 AM
Hi Laura

I would love to get the meatloaf recipe.....

Good luck with the treatment

March 29th, 2017, 03:21 AM
Well it is good your day is over and you can relax a little in front of the TV. I love the bit about the sword fight!

March 29th, 2017, 07:05 AM
I too have many 'battle' wounds. Get some rest.

Star lover
March 29th, 2017, 07:22 AM
Guess we all have those kinda days. For some vodka .... for others sewing. And then there are those who do both .... not a pretty picture. Hope today goes better - it just has to!

March 29th, 2017, 10:40 AM
Well think of it this way, if you didn't get the scar fixed you wouldn't have fund the other

March 29th, 2017, 11:26 AM
LauraP, I hope you're in bed getting some much needed rest this morning. Hope your day goes better today.