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March 12th, 2017, 03:08 PM
I could have missed it, but I didn't see a new thread for today, so I'll start. It's almost noon here. We were surprised at 6:00 a.m. with a power outage. Of course, with the new daylight savings time, it was darker this morning. When DH called in the outage to the power co., instead of getting the usual local operator, he got some answering service in VA! What's up with that?! He finally called the non-emergency no. at the police stn. to report it. I was scheduled to play the organ for church this a.m. I went ahead & took my bath (couldn't set my hair) & ate a cold breakfast, hoping it would come on in time to get to church. No such luck. I could have disengaged the garage door opener & opened the door manually, but DH didn't want to be left alone with the power out. These kinds of circumstances really stress him out. So I had to call to let them know I couldn't make it to church today. The power came back on 2 hr. & 35 min. after it went off. By then the house was feeling pretty chilly. It was 32 deg. this a.m. with frost. That heat sure felt good when it came back on. So I chilled out in the recliner & worked on my Bible Study Fellowship lesson for Wed.

The sun has come out. The rabbit has been sunning himself in front of the shed. It's funny to watch them. If they get too warm, they stretch way out very long with their white belly exposed. Sometimes they chase each other & jump around. It's amazing how high they can jump! Must be mating season. Otherwise, they just graze on the grass. Occasionally I have to go out with the broom & chase them out of the flower beds.

I hope to get some sewing done today. I still have a headache & lingering fatigue from the car accident, but I should be able to sew anyway. Maybe it will take my mind off my aches. My car went to the auto body shop via a towing co. on Thurs. Now I just have to wait for it to get fixed. I have no clue how long that will take.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Judy, USMC
March 12th, 2017, 03:50 PM
The day after the "Spring Forward" time change is always a difficult adjustment for me. How I do miss that hour of sleep!

The groundhog that predicted 6 more weeks of winter was right. We had big fat snowflakes floating in the air an hour ago. Of course the vast majority melted as soon as they hit the ground. In Chicago we get lake effect snow - but here in coastal Carolina we got ocean effect accumulation. It lasted almost 1/2 hour.

Lots of celebrating about college basketball today - Duke won the NCAA tournament! Hope everyone is adjusting well to the later sunset ....

March 12th, 2017, 03:51 PM
Hi Everybody...Jeff let me sleep in this morning and later he brought me a cup of tea in bed and he brought Dottie because she was missing me and didn't like a closed door between us.

So far it's been a very slow day. Today is my DGDs 26th birthday party in California. It will be held in an Italian restaurant in Studio City. Sorry I have to miss it.

I plan to make a simple chicken casserole and fresh green beans for dinner. Maybe a few hot rolls. Am I lazy or what?

Joyce, power outages can become stressful so I'm glad you stayed home with your DH.

Wishing everyone a great afternoon.

March 12th, 2017, 04:16 PM
Hello everyone!

My dh is making new outdoor steps for the living room sliding door. I'm doing my best to stay awake and be productive somehow. I am so sleepy! I've lost track of the cups of coffee I've had today. This afternoon we are going to his cousin's to pick up photos. I'm making photo boards for her husband's memorial on Saturday. He was such a loving man. We are going to feel his absence at every family event.

March 12th, 2017, 04:17 PM
I'm sitting at the restaurant wondering why I have so much time to read. I guess that crowd at the grocery store bought supplies for the storm that didn't happen. Now they have to stay home and eat it.
Can't wait for day to end so I can sew tomorrow. Sorry for those of you that did get the storm. This month is flying by.

Sharyn J
March 12th, 2017, 04:53 PM
Hello everyone! It's mid afternoon now and I'm still loafing! The time change takes me a few days to adjust but it's worse for my dog. I swear that he has his own internal clock that speaks "I'm hungry," so the actual time won't matter.

We are expecting 3-4" of snow during the night. We haven't had any snow since Dec. 17th, which set a record. So now that some of the spring flowers are starting, they'll probably get a set-back. Made some turkey meatballs earlier and will probably make some soup in my InstantPot.

I received my Bear Paws quilt back from the LA and still debating on what color binding...........actually thinking of the two color binding. I finished the perriwinkle top but need to shop for backing. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the sewing mess staring at me and I doubt it will be cleaned today. So, I think I will continue to lounge today and not do much of anything!

Hope you all have a nice Sunday.

March 12th, 2017, 04:59 PM
I am just popping in and out. Not much happening today, getting ready for work tomorrow. I made some chicken soup and now to figure out what I will make for supper.

Catch you all in the morning.

Star lover
March 12th, 2017, 05:40 PM
Power back on for 90% of those who lost it. It's been windy and cold. Thankfully there's sun! Repair men are working 16 hour shifts! My son had a generator that was powering his frig, freezer and furnace. He ran cords to his neighbors to save the food in their frigs. He got power on 8 pm. He looked at it is an adventure. Got out all the camping gear. His kids loved it! A good way to teach the kids that when get get handed lemons, make lemonade! Suppose to get a few inches of snow tomorrow and Tuesday. All,power is to be on my late tomorrow, early Tuesday. Many left their homes in search of heat. Motels that had heat were booked solid. Thank you to all who prayed.