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March 6th, 2017, 08:33 AM
Good morning friends. First and foremost Les and I would like to thank you all for your messages of condolences. And I have felt each hug that you have sent. We lay Helen Atkinson to rest tomorrow. I was very fortunate to have had such a wonderful mother-in-law in my life. She was also a wonderful grandmother to my boys. Les got to be closer to his mom these last few years. She went quickly and didn't suffer, for which we are thankful for.
my husband surprised me yesterday when he went to pack up her belongings at the home. He brought home the quilt and said it was a beautiful quilt. I was so touched by his gesture as I worried what would happen to it. Seriously, I figured his sister would just take it. Philip came home yesterday for the funeral and will leave shortly thereafter. He must return to work on Wednesday. Greg is unable to make it home as he is leaving for 2 weeks on the ship today. May God give us strength to get through tomorrow.

I have been trying to keep busy these last few days. I have a total of 4 quilt tops and 4 Maple Leaf blocks made for Victoria's Quilts.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Star lover
March 6th, 2017, 09:01 AM
Thankful you got your quilt back. Small things mean so much when we're going through tough times. I'll continue to pray for you and your family. Also I'm thankful your husband got so close to his mother, it'll help him through the times to come. How special you were so close to her too. It doesn't often work out that way. Her not suffering - what a blessing! Hugs across the miles. Know that you're loved all over the world and that so many are holding you and your family up in prayer.

March 6th, 2017, 09:11 AM
I will be praying for all of you today Monique. I'm glad you got her quilt back....it was a real blessing to her in her final days. (((HUGS)))

Jeff won't be going to work today. I think he really overdid working 20 hours Thursday. When you get older it catches up with you. I used to be able to push through anything and everything and keep going, but now I have to slow down and listen to my body.

I'm sewing again....a little right now but I should kick into overdrive some day soon. I ordered a pattern online that I really want to make, so I'm waiting on it to get here.

Be sure to read Kensington's thread about her wonderful gift....it will bless you to no end.

Wishing everyone a great Monday......

Granny Judy
March 6th, 2017, 10:30 AM
Sending prayers your way Monique as you got thru the next few days.

Kensington, truly blessed us all with sharing her wonderful story and gift. It brought back memories of recv'g my Grams quilt. Just gives you the warm and fuzzy all over feeling.

Mondays are a quiet time for me, as I have the house to myself and can get into the sewing room. Kids are off to work and no interruptions are planned. Even the phone seems to know not to bother me. After I clean up the kitchen, I am free to play all I want..

Wishing everyone some Play time today. AND Hugs!!

March 6th, 2017, 11:23 AM
Good Monday Morning.

Monique I'll be praying for you and Les this week. These are hard days, and you have lots of quilty friends quietly supporting you. ***HUGS***

Woke to snow this morning. I don't believe this will hang around for long. But, REALLY? Spring is just around the corner! I'm SO ready.

I finished my Sensory Quilt. Ready to mail it off. That thing was HARD to handle and will most likely be the only one I make. It's 9 pounds!!! I did wind up making little bean bags for each of the squares and it made the mess of those little pellets much easier to manage. I used a long piece of doweling to scoot each bag down the rows. (If you've made one you know what I'm talking about) When I finished it and took it in to show Ray he was amazed at how good it felt laying on him. Hoping the little recipient will enjoy it....

I have 2 UFOs I really want to finish up, and the makings for a Courthouse Steps quilt coming! I've got so many stacking up, and my quilting mentor is just not up to doing any LAQ'ing so I think I'm going to start sending these out for quilting. Taking the plunge!

Off for more coffee and then get some stuff done around here. Have a great day! Hugs and Prayers to all in need!!

March 6th, 2017, 11:24 AM
Finished the first project on the new machine! So thrilled and wait to start another project...still organizing though! I absolutely love the decorative stitch the Jazz did around the inner piece! The kit was one I purchased recently from a speaker we had at guild last week!