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Divine Daisy
January 5th, 2012, 07:04 PM
Argggggggggg i typed this whole message and it dissappeared lol. Starts again..............

I have been wondering if there would be any interest in a British/European block swap. Often I have wished I could take part in the swaps but it seems such a huge thing to be posting overseas etc.

Recently I took Seamus (my soppy Maine Coon) to get his PAT cat certificate. Well this week i took him to visit a care home for the elderly suffering from various forms of dymentia. While keeping one eye on Seamus who was busy being adored I was watching these lovely old people enjoying a sing song and some were dancing. As i watched i kept seeing a quilt in my head.

So this is what i propose. I would like to make a silhouette quilt. I have found many silhouette images of dancers on the net and I can see a lovely quilt with these black silhouettes appliqued onto 8 inch square blocks. Once done it would be lovely if the quilt was given to a local care home to raffle or auction.

So what do people think? I am prepared to run the swap unless there is someone experianced would like to. Obviously people outside Europe would be welcome to join if they would like, I wouldnt want to exclude you lol.

I would like to see plain cream or off white blocks with a black silhouette. These could be sashed together however you want, add colour or keep it monocrome. The applique would be very easy for beginners so even if you are new to it I think it would be achieveable.

I am calling this quilt Shall We Dance.

Anyway I have put it out there, let me know your thoughts

Sandy Navas
January 5th, 2012, 07:12 PM
I'm game for just a couple blocks - I would send to someone who would put it all together and do the donations.

Divine Daisy
January 5th, 2012, 08:10 PM
I'm game for just a couple blocks - I would send to someone who would put it all together and do the donations.

Yay Sandy ty!

January 5th, 2012, 08:27 PM
Sounds like a great idea. Let us know what sites you found the silhouettes on. I would love to make you a block or two.

Divine Daisy
January 5th, 2012, 08:33 PM
oooooo i dont think i put this well. I am proposing the usual block swap where everyone makes their own quilt with the blocks they recieve.

i was just saying the colours should be black on cream or off white and that perhaps people could if they wished then donate their quilts to care homes for raffle

Is that ok? Did i explain it right?

K. McEuen
January 5th, 2012, 09:21 PM
You were clear to me on the swap idea, but I've got so many other swaps and blocks of the month going right now that I really don't think I have the time. I would be willing to donate a couple blocks if someone wanted to do a donation quilt.

I have a friend in Texas that would take his little dog to the nursing home when he would visit his dad. His dad passed away and everyone there asked if he'd keep coming to visit because all the residents loved his dog. Everyone knew Zeke by name. No one knew Kevin, he was just Zeke's dad.

January 6th, 2012, 12:48 AM
Daisy, love the idea but can't tackle it right now. I too would be willing to donate a block or two if you tell me what you need. Why don't we do this FOR YOU! We donate a block or two following your directions and then you have a little piece of all of us. Then you have to share the pictures of course. Would that be something that you would enjoy?

January 6th, 2012, 02:45 AM
I'm with Megan (BellasQuilts), can't do a complete swap, but would love to make two blocks to your specs and send them to you. :)

Sandy Navas
January 6th, 2012, 11:41 AM
Megan is full of wonderful ideas. So, here's what I suggest . . . . drum roll . . . . TA DA!!

Everyone who is interested in doing this do one or two blocks as she described - off-white background, 8 inches square, with a black silhouette on it . . . send to me and I will send them to England for Mrs. Daisy to finish for Mr. Daisy as he goes through his chemo.

What do YOU think, Daisy??????????

Looking for input - if I get five people saying they will participate I'll set up a SWAP in groups . . .

K. McEuen
January 6th, 2012, 12:26 PM
That works for me, Sandy. I'm in for 2 blocks.

(wonder if Mr. Daisy would like a silhouette of a pole dancer?)

January 6th, 2012, 12:50 PM
Would love to participate - especially for Mr. and Mrs. Daisy!

Divine Daisy
January 6th, 2012, 03:13 PM
awwwwwwww ....you lot are so amazing!. Mr Daisy went all gooey and touched when i read these posts to him. I feel such a fraud though, i try to start a block swap and end up with a quilt for us!!

Thank you all for such friendship. I have to admit that in Daisy World Sandy is known as 'Sandy who fancies you' everytime i read out her posts smirks.

Sandy Navas
January 6th, 2012, 04:00 PM
I do have a massive crush on your man!!!!!

January 6th, 2012, 08:24 PM
I'm in!! My DH cracked up at the Pole Dancer silhouette, he wanted to know how Mr. Daisy was going to explain that one to the Chemo nurses. LOL

K. McEuen
January 6th, 2012, 08:49 PM
Haha! I just found one too! Wasn't really expecting it since the ones I saw last night were mostly ballet.

Sandy Navas
January 6th, 2012, 10:21 PM
Okay, I'm heading over to start a silhouette group for Mr & Mrs Daisy!!!!!!

I am terribly excited about this.

And, while we are at it - anyone want to start a special group for our little girls? Emily & Heaven???? How about Gayle?? (has anyone heard from her recently?

Today it is for Mr & Mrs. Daisy . . .

January 6th, 2012, 10:30 PM
Sandy, great idea! Let's do it! I'm in like Flynn.

January 6th, 2012, 10:54 PM
Me too! Me too! I wanna play with you guys.... dancing now, little girls soon

Sandy Navas
January 6th, 2012, 11:03 PM
Me too! Me too! I wanna play with you guys.... dancing now, little girls soon

I'm so happy you've joined us!!

January 7th, 2012, 10:44 AM
Cool! Sandy I had the same thought about Emily too....that would be great!

January 8th, 2012, 02:05 AM
You guys made me cry!!! I love you all so much! Emily will love a quilt from you. I want to help too! You are all just the best friends! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Excuse me, I have to sign up! Love and God Bless you all, Hugs and more hugs! I want to help with Mr. D's and Heaven's and Emily's. Love, Jan L.