View Full Version : After a long stay away, I am back ! ( hopefully )

February 9th, 2017, 12:57 AM
Dear MSQC Friends,

After a long absence from life I am back !!

In June, I became seriously ill......I have been in the hospital more than I have been home since late June. It's been a long road to recovery. Months of hospitalization and rehab, but I think I am finally on the mend. I don't know what I will be able to do as far as quilting or sewing, but I suppose within a few weeks I might be able to try my hand at something !

I have really missed the forum, and those of you whom I have made friends with. Hopefully now that all the constant therapy and trips back and forth to the Drs and the hospital I can stay at home and at LEAST DREAM about making a quilt. I have some UFO's sitting neatly folded in my sewing room.......

I would like to start getting out, although the Drs. say that I can't drive just yet ( and I really don't want to ) possibly to get to a fabric store and feel a little "normal" once again. Right now I am getting used to just having a normal day of doing what I want, and not having my days scheduled with constant appointments here or there.

I am thinking about maybe making something simple to start out with......you know, finding a simple small project, picking out new fabric and getting started on the project. If any of you have any suggestions for a beginner level project that won't overwhelm.....please advise.

Again, I have missed all of you so much......

Sugar /Jacqueline

PS......I put this in Quilts By Me......just a couple of minutes ago......Sorry....I thought I better put this comment in the right spot.

February 9th, 2017, 01:08 AM
Glad to see you back! Sounds like you have been through quite a bit. Hope you continue to recover and can get back to quilting.

How about a double slice? That is one of Jenny's earlier patterns and doesn't have a bunch of seams to match and it looks great in all kinds of fabrics. It calls for a layer cake, but you could also cut your own 10 inch squares if you don't have a layer cake on hand. It is great done scrappy!


February 9th, 2017, 01:19 AM
So good to see you back! I can't imagine being sick for so long. I'm happy your on the mend! I haven't been sewing, but came across this cute idea for a quick gift with little bags of goodies.


February 9th, 2017, 01:33 AM
Welcome back, Sugar. What about the sausage pillowcases? They are quick, not all that much sewing, and not too challenging. Just follow the details when it tells how to sandwich and layer your fabrics and you'll do great.

February 9th, 2017, 01:43 AM
So sorry to hear you've been so ill. June was a l-o-n-g time ago! It sounds like you've had some challenging days. I hope things will just get better from here on out. A simple 4-Patch quilt is easy or even a 9-Patch. So is that Double-slice Layer Cake one or a Rail Fence. I hope you soon will feel up to doing a little sewing. God bless!

Simply Quilting
February 9th, 2017, 02:06 AM
I am glad to see you back. Hope that you are on the mend for good.

Carlie Wolf
February 9th, 2017, 02:26 AM
I wondered where you were. Missed you and so glad you're on the mend :icon_hug:

Judy, USMC
February 9th, 2017, 03:54 AM
Missed you! Glad to hear you are well on the way to recovery. I know whatever you decide to do it will be wonderful (as always.) Take care - and welcome back.

February 9th, 2017, 08:44 AM
Hi, Sugar, and it's so nice to have you back with us again....you were missed. Just ease back into sewing according to how well you feel....(((HUGS)))

February 9th, 2017, 08:55 AM
Welcome back Sugar. Glad to hear you are on the mend, and are in good spirits. There have been some good suggestions by others on simple projects, so I'll no overwhelm with more. By the way, I have always liked your screen name.

February 9th, 2017, 09:12 AM
So nice to see you again, Jacqueline :-)
I hope that you continue to feel better! I don't know what your limitations are at the moment, but maybe some simple hand sewing?? Maybe some hand embroidery ( I've been wanting to do some redwork, myself!)...
Hugs :-)

February 9th, 2017, 09:23 AM
Glad to hear you are feeling better! Enjoying getting back into sewing, hopefully it will be therapeutic too.

February 9th, 2017, 10:04 AM
Hey Sugar! So good to hear from you!! Praying for a full and complete recovery for you!!

February 9th, 2017, 10:12 AM
Hey there WELCOME BACK!! I hope your health continues to improve. I can't suggest something simple because what I think is simple is complicated. No doubt you will get inspiration here to 'get back in the saddle'.

February 9th, 2017, 10:40 AM
Welcome back, and I hope your health continues to improve!

Swedish leo
February 9th, 2017, 11:00 AM
Welcome back!

I am glad that you are feeling better!

February 9th, 2017, 01:06 PM
Hi Sugar. Welcome back. One day at a time....start out by petting all the pretty fabric...and go from there, slowly.

February 9th, 2017, 01:45 PM
Glad to see you are back! You've been missed!