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January 23rd, 2017, 06:26 AM
Saturday we had some sun in the morning so instead of in the barn chores, I worked outside for a while.
The old fashioned roses at the corners of the house have been pruned as well as the other 'fancy' ones that are too stubborn to die under my sewing room window. (They really need more sun.) The hydrangeas have also received their hair cuts and some of the dead leaves have been cleared to the compost pile. I know it is a bit early for some of this, but the weather was cooperating. AND I just did a head count and I should have 12 - 14 milkers this spring. My money is on an even dozen.
I still have the raspberries, blueberries, and fruit trees to prune, but that will be another weekend!

Once the rain showed up, I headed into the barn and managed to trim hooves, weigh, and deworm about half of the girls before my hands gave up. I got the other half done today. My hands still weren't happy. I washed collars and updated neck tag numbers for the first fresheners. (It's easier for Eric to tell me something's up with number 11, than for him to remember a name.) Next week I'll start the pre-kidding vaccinations.

Sunday was crack the whip in the house day. The floors have been vacuumed. Some dust was caught, but not nearly enough. The bathrooms were scrubbed and laundry was done. I just have to pop the whites in the dryer and I'll be caught up until tomorrow! I soaked part of the house plants, and will go for the rest on Monday. I seem to forget the poor babies on the top shelves in the kitchen.
I might have caught up with 75% of the paperwork for the different things at school. It's the illustrations for the directions for the after school sewing class I really need to finish. I'm going to need those by Thursday!
I did get some stitching in this morning. I completed two spokes on my latest beaded snowflake. Not all that exciting, but it was something.
I think while the plants soak in the sink tomorrow, I will try to sandwich a couple of these tops. It makes it easier when no one is home, as I can take up the entire living room floor without "help".

I hope you all had productive weekends too! Off to tuck in for a bit!

January 23rd, 2017, 08:20 AM
Wow! That's a lot more productive than me, but I also got outside and did a bit of pruning this weekend when the temperature was up near fifty degrees. Inside I've just got succulents so no sink soakings, just spritzing from a spray bottle.

I'm still waiting for my new glasses so I'm doing little up close work. I just watched "The Jungle Book" on Netflix. I mainly wanted to see it for Bill Murray's voice as Balloo, but the voice of King Louie was driving me nuts...I knew I'd heard it before! Who was it?!?Well it is Christopher Walken! He's wonderful...anybody else remember "The Continental" on SNL? He was great in "Pennies From Heaven" too.

Morning's coming so I must be putting my head under my wing...keep hooting @,@

January 23rd, 2017, 08:39 AM
And some think I'm busy. You have had the most productive weekend.

January 23rd, 2017, 01:16 PM
It kind of goes in spurts. This weekend I was actually home, and could get to some of these things. I am amazed at how quickly "stuff" piles up.
Therefore, I just go with it when the time and the mood all meet together. If I can keep the clutter to a minimum, we seem to do better around here, but the family has flat-surfaceitis. That curious syndrome where any flat, bare surface must be covered with whatever is in your hand when you walk in the door. Pretty frustrating as it seems to be infectious.