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January 12th, 2017, 03:02 AM
Hoot! We seem to be safer here in the middle of the country, with snow and rain going on around us. Looks like Missouri and Kansas could be in for an ice storm. Urrrgh, they are the worst. I was without power or water for a few days in an Ides of March ice storm in Ames once. I lived out of the city limits and the well pump was electric, so, no water. And hauling it for days was not fun.

I had to put down the embroidery when I realized not all my Rhodes hearts are placed in a straight row. It is so difficult, I'm not sure how to tackle this. I guess I'll sleep on it.

How are things with you? Give us a hoot!

Simply Quilting
January 12th, 2017, 03:47 AM
We have started to do a little prep just in case the storm does actually come. I am trying to make sure all laundry is done up and there are plenty of diapers. The food was already on hand.

Today I took the sewing machine in for its final free cleaning. I wish she would have told me it would have only been a couple of hours til it was done (usually it is a day or two) and I would have stayed in the city instead of leaving and having to go back another day. Two of the children and I drove to Hamilton. It was really cool that shortly after we arrived, the new MSQC van arrived in town and we visited with Jenny for a few minutes. The van looks awesome. We ate lunch at Mama Hawk's. Her pizzas are wonderful. Then did a little shopping. And picked up shakes at J's on our way out of town. It was a beautiful day to be in Hamilton as we just had on long sleeves (even those became warm). However, the weather has now taken a major turn - it is cold and windy.

One of the coolest things - Rob was in town and spent 40 minutes talking to my 12 year old boy about quilting, knitting, etc. My son was so excited to visit with him again. Rob is a great guy and wonderful with kids.

Have a safe night everyone :) Hoot! Hoot!

January 12th, 2017, 04:03 AM
Guess I'm a partial night owl. But I think it's time for some sleep. I'm glad we're not having ice storms here. In fact, the last few days we have had the A/C on.

Kim, how is the applique project coming along?

Good night fellow owls. :D

January 12th, 2017, 05:05 AM
I sure hope this storm isn't bad for y'all. Glad you and the kids got to be out in the sunshine for a little bit before the storm hits in the coming days Charyti. Rob is a nice guy, but he is a little different when he's "on air." I like talking to him, he's very artistic, which I'm in awe of, and so talented too.

I did nothing quilting related. I downloaded all my photos from my phone and dropbox and am categorizing them. Then I will back them up onto an external drive. I'm not finished yet. I use January to sort through all my computer files and also my paper files. I've got a lot to go through. This may take until March.

Stay warm fellow owlies!

January 12th, 2017, 12:33 PM
Kim, how is the applique project coming along?

It was going along fine. I have all the trees done and was starting on cutting out the animal blocks. I got some more Mistyfuse with my Etsy Christmas gift card. However I joined the group for finishing projects and a cross stitch was number six on my list and that was the number drawn this month, so I am taking a little break. It was getting tedious, anyway. I really should get a light box but won't pay the money. lol

January 12th, 2017, 02:01 PM
Kim, you can make one.
Some 1x4 lumber cut into lengths, a piece of plexiglass (preferably frosted, but parchment paper will work to diffuse the light), a few nails or screws, and some silicone sealer. The hardware place will usually cut the materials for you. The silicone will mount the plexiglass to the frame.
Then find an old night light or a cord light for the Christmas villages (change it to a LED bulb to reduce heat), or even a strand of LED Christmas lights. Stuff the light source under the box and off you go.
IF you have snazzy tools and/or a handyman, you can drill a hole through the wood to insert/secure the light.
OR wait for the 60% off coupon from J's!

January 12th, 2017, 03:09 PM
If you have the clear acrylic extension table you can put a light underneath it when you need a light table surface.

January 12th, 2017, 04:02 PM
Thanks for the suggestions....I just ordered one off of Amazon that was just under $20. I don't have the brains or tools to make one but this was reviewed as quite bright, which is what I need to see through dark fabric. Yaaaaaaay :D