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December 21st, 2016, 04:05 AM
Ok. I've lost it.
Actually, I've lost a couple things.
Pattern things. Patterns that are quick to make. I had to make enlargements on a copier for both of them at different times. One is a pair of wrap mittens and the other is my fleece hats. They were both cut out and they should be in my pattern box.
Some good news is that I have found a few things in my sewing room. Like the box of threads I inherited this last spring. The leftover jeans from the chair re-covering project in the teachers lounge were also rediscovered. The calf portion covered the seats and the bums were left. There is enough material left to make 10 pair of fleece slipper soles. I use the pockets to make covers for my animal clippers. I feel kind of bad for tossing the zippers, but that is more work to salvage them than they are worth.
My swing room should look tidier when I'm done, but I still haven't found those two patterns. Anybody seen them in your neck of the woods?

Judy, USMC
December 21st, 2016, 04:23 AM
Those patterns are probably mixed in with mine. I think of myself as being a pretty good organizer ... but I'm beginning to believe it's only on paper. I have inventory sheets on everything. I absolutely know what I have in precuts and patterns. Only problem is I have no idea WHERE it's at. I'll take things from NC to Chicago and leave it there. Or sometimes I'll have it shipped to Chicago and leave it there. And then there's the tote I transport with kits made up and the patterns are in there too. But that only gets opened when I got to where I'm going.

Just read the news about the M* founders changing their status in the company. Looks like the family owned and run business is getting large enough to head more toward a corporate organization since a Board was mentioned. Can't wait to hear more about the future. I know Jenny is also limiting the number of appearances outside of Hamilton and the 2 cruises next year also.

Getting warmer here - mid to upper 40's and up to the 60's by Christmas. Think You'll have a White Christmas?

December 21st, 2016, 05:17 AM
Judy, at least you have an excuse for not knowing where your stuff is! Mine is here in the house somewhere. I have checked in the most logical places. The book with the original reduced patterns. My pattern box. My cutting table. No go.
I at least have the slipper soles cut out. Now I have a bag of jeans 'bones' that I feel bad about tossing, but I can't think of anything they would be good for. I used to make the entire slipper out of fleece, but when the temps really drop and everything gets static laden, I zap myself all of the time. With the cotton jeans it's not so bad. The denim also seems to wear longer and isn't as slippery on the tile.
We are not expecting a white Christmas this year. The snow came last week for us. The winds have come in from the south, driving the cold air back into Canada. It will make travel easier at least.
I should go poke the wood stove back to life and finish putting stuff back in my sewing room!

December 21st, 2016, 06:57 AM
I'm afraid I'd be no help to you in finding things as I frequently misplace my own glasses. My brain checks out all the time. Things I just had five minutes ago are suddenly vanished.

I don't know if you've ever used https://www.freecycle.org/browse/US but you can find people in your location who are happy to take things you would toss and keep them out of the landfill. I've gotten rid of a couple of boxes of sewing stuff that way.

December 21st, 2016, 01:34 PM
Kim, I'm not sure anyone would want this bag of stuff. Instead of spending hours ripping the seams on these up cycled jeans, I cut them along those heavy seams. Kind of like de-boning a chicken. I am left with a 5/8" strip of triple fold and stitched denim anywhere from 4 to 10" long. A waistband with the front pockets and zipper attached and a few oddly shaped scraps that I can't even get a decent square (or other shape) cut from for a coaster.
These jeans have had a good run. They covered bodies for a few years, now parts of them are covering the chairs in the staff lounge at school. Other parts of them will protect my clippers and finally the last parts will help keep tootsies warm.

I shall continue my hunt for the missing patterns this morning over a cup of coffee. If I can't find them, then I will have to go back to the library and make more copies. (My little printer can't handle that large of paper.) Grrr. I KNOW they are here.
:icon_doh: Somewhere....