View Full Version : Night Owl in need of prayers

December 2nd, 2016, 02:25 AM
Hi I got burned 2 weeks ago and tomorrow I have to have surgery and have skin grafts done,they will be using my own skin to graft the burns.I would appreciate any and all prayers and well wishes.I am scared of what this will feel like afterwards.

Simply Quilting
December 2nd, 2016, 02:50 AM
Praying for you.

December 2nd, 2016, 03:00 AM
Oh my sorry to hear this .. prayers for a speedy painless recovery.

December 2nd, 2016, 03:10 AM
Praying for you and for the surgeons Joan. May you have comfort afterwards.

December 2nd, 2016, 03:28 AM
Best wishes for your surgery. Prayers for healing too.

Judy, USMC
December 2nd, 2016, 03:54 AM
So sorry to hear you need grafts. Of course you have my prayers for an easy surgery and a quick recovery!

Cathy F
December 2nd, 2016, 06:12 AM
Sending prayers and healing for you.

December 2nd, 2016, 07:14 AM
Sending prayers and hugs Joan.

December 2nd, 2016, 07:43 AM
Prayers for you.

December 2nd, 2016, 07:49 AM
I'm sending prayers for you, Joan. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.

December 2nd, 2016, 08:42 AM
My prayers re going with you during your surgery and will continue while you heal good as new.

December 2nd, 2016, 08:48 AM
Of course you have my prayers as well. I hope it all goes well for you.

December 2nd, 2016, 09:06 AM
Oh, Joan... hugs and prayers from not so far away :)

December 2nd, 2016, 10:42 AM
Thank you all for the prayers

December 2nd, 2016, 10:43 AM
Sending prayers for you and the surgeons.

Sandy Navas
December 2nd, 2016, 10:47 AM
Most definitely, Joan. Here's to total, pain-free, successful healing.

December 2nd, 2016, 11:01 AM
Joan, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this bump in life's road.

December 2nd, 2016, 11:07 AM
Praying for you = you've got the whole gang here for you!

December 2nd, 2016, 11:41 AM
Praying for you!

December 2nd, 2016, 11:44 AM
Many good thoughts to you!

I've had to have skin grafts too and I know it's not fun and it can be scary - mine turned out just fine and I'm sure yours will too <3

December 2nd, 2016, 11:54 AM
Keeping up the prayers!

December 2nd, 2016, 11:56 AM
Praying your surgery will be successful with the minimum of pain. God bless!

December 2nd, 2016, 02:24 PM
Good Luck with your surgery. Prayers offered Kathy

December 2nd, 2016, 04:43 PM
Sending prayers. So sorry you are going through this.

December 2nd, 2016, 08:49 PM
Joan, I just saw this post. I hoping your surgery was successful and praying for a quick recovery. Hugs to you.

December 2nd, 2016, 09:13 PM
Keeping you in prayer for a quick recovery!

December 2nd, 2016, 09:48 PM
Sending you many prayers!

December 2nd, 2016, 10:40 PM
So sorry. Praying that all goes well.

Patty J
December 2nd, 2016, 11:07 PM
Prayers for successful healing, Will pray also for good pain control for you too. So sorry to hear about your need for surgery.

Navy Wife
December 2nd, 2016, 11:20 PM
Sending hugs and prayers for a quick recovery.

December 3rd, 2016, 12:43 AM
Praying for quick and full recovery.

December 3rd, 2016, 01:45 AM
I'm just now seeing this. I hope the surgery went well and will say prayers for quick healing.

December 3rd, 2016, 02:21 AM
Keep the faith we are all pulling for you!

December 3rd, 2016, 10:35 PM
Sending prayers. Best of luck.