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December 26th, 2011, 09:52 AM
Good morning everyone. For those who don't know about Boxing Day, see the description in the Daily Deals section.

Had a wonderful Christmas with the kids. Maizyn decided to help pass out the gifts. Boxed ones were ok but those with tissue paper inside, she thought she should take those out. Too funny.

Well today is another big day for the Atkinsons. We will have a Boxing Day Fondue at my SIL. This has been tradition for many years.

No swine flu for this chick tomorrow as I will probably put the baby in with me tonight.

Well I hope Santa was good to you. I received, among other things, a calendar with pictures of the girls. Very special.

The little one just got up, so have a wonderful day everyone.

December 26th, 2011, 10:01 AM
have a great boxing day...we here had a nice christmas... my DD loved all her gifts.. even the PJs...i have the day off today. need to wash clothes and towels...and maybe do some light grocery shopping. going to stay out of the other stores today. the return lines....

special wish to every one here...Jan how ya doing?

December 26th, 2011, 11:24 AM
Happy Boxing Day to All!! I am not going to do any shopping. What I want to do is relax and maybe sew. I have been so busy with cooking, cleaning and decorating--I really think I need some me time. My daughter is a junior in High School. She is on the basketball team. She is soo into it. The coach is a bit much for me though------practice, sign them up for tournaments, secret santas, christmas breakfast, community service----and not to mention changing the practice times at the last minute all the time. I tell you---I am into supporting my family in their endevours---but this is getting to be too much. My daughter just came down stairs and said the coach just texted everyone because he wants a practice this morning!!! Are you kidding me???!!!! I truely don't think the man realizes that it is the Holiday season and maybe---just maybe that these kids and their families just might want to have some plain ole family time together. Sorry---had to vent. Just alittle steamy at this moment.

Sandy Navas
December 26th, 2011, 11:29 AM
Monique - I'm sitting here laughing about Maizyn pulling out the tissue paper. Our GKs had fun passing out gifts (especially the ones they made for others) but had to tell what was in the package before the recipient could get into it. The 3YO and 4YO were a definite "HOOT".

Gina, don't work too hard on your day off. Bundle up and stay warm if you do have to get out.

We had such a fantastic day and enjoyed being with the kids. Even FINALLY got to meet the oldest GD's boyfriend for the first time. There were a few tears of frustration from someone who easily becomes overwhelmed and giggles from others. The girls were absolutely thrilled with their portfolios and I couldn't be more pleased for 'knocking it out of the park'. And, as they were preparing to head home I did remember three presents that hadn't been shared: A year-long family pass to the Kansas City Zoo - including special conveyance for our disabled daughter; and a year-long family pass to Science City in Kansas City. The last was a new subscription to Highlights and High 5 for a couple of the younger girls.

I'm like everyone here - still saying prayers for those in need, anxious to hear how Emily and Heaven are doing. Very special prayers for them. Gayle, if you check in know that your friends here are uplifting prayers. Mr & Mrs. Daisy - same here. For others that I've not mentioned by name, you are on my list, too. Prayers for those who have lost family members and dear friends recently.

I'll be back . . . (that's my Arnold impersonation).

December 26th, 2011, 12:51 PM
Nena, hang in there! I've been there - my daughter was on the basketball team and after some particularly rowdy parent fights at the games, I proposed that parents be banned from the games - you can guess the furor that caused! We still laugh at that, except for the parents that were causing problems - still don't talk to me!

December 26th, 2011, 01:01 PM
Boxing Day..??
What's That Meaning?.... I'll have to go check it out.

Good Morning Everyone!
It feels like a Sunday!...Ha-ha...
I was wishing everyone a few hours ago Happy Sundays...Ohhh Myyy! Howwww :0
Boyyy!....Know I know how Bears feel! after hybernation....LOL..LOL

~Monique~ How Sweet..... Maizyn and the tissue Issue....Ha-haa
I bet That was a ~KODAK Moment~

~Gina~ That sounds like a Plan!....
Isn't a relief to know when our kidz like their Gifts!...Glad to hear that.

~Nena~...Go ahead and Vent all You want...We hear Ya!
Been there; done That....
Take a Breath
" Let it Go"
Just don't let it Go On and On and On...till it becomes a floor Mat.