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Judy, USMC
November 23rd, 2016, 03:25 AM
Good News: (probably everyone knows) Charyti had her baby boy.

Bad News: (posted very late in Sunday's Night Owl thread) by Joan / stationarymom

I know this is last nights post but ,I haven't been on lately because I had a seizure Friday when I was pouring boiling water for tea and poured it all over me and had to go to the hosp. I went to the burn center today and they did my dressings and reevaluated my burns and they said some are 2nd degree and some are third degree. Now we have to wait and see what begins to heal and what doesn't.

We know Charyti & son are doing well ... Joan my thoughts are with you! Please keep us posted on your healing progress.

November 23rd, 2016, 05:36 AM
Oh my! I sure hope Joan is not in a lot of pain. That sounds terrible.

I went to the store for last minute groceries for Thanksgiving this morning. It was much busier than most Tuesdays but it was still easy to get my items. I ran into an old friend from work and his wife at the store and so my quick trip turned into a lengthy catch-up conversation. We live in the same neighborhood, but rarely see each other, so we had a lot to catch up on. It was nice to see them again.

Then I sewed with my sister and a friend. I did a few little things - made the last block for a Hunter's Star, sandwiched, birthed and quilted (SITD) a table runner, sewed eyes on a turkey table runner. Not much at all and I had so much more planned. I don't know where the time went. But at least I'm getting some PHD's knocked out.

Tomorrow I'll be cooking and then on the road to my daughter and son-in-law's. That's a 5 hour trip. I'll come home sometime Friday.

Maybe I'll get to work on a PHD this weekend. I've got so many quilts to bind.

November 23rd, 2016, 08:23 AM
Joan, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. (Don'the read all the posts). Thoughts and prayers for healing for you and minimal pain.
Carol, sounds like you have been busy. Good luck with your drive today and be careful. The rain just started here.

I need to drive downtown for a meeting today, then off to the dollar store for some containers. I am going to arrest organizing my stask and scraps. I have one more project to finish before Christmas, and then 6 charity tops to quilt. I think some will be pantographs so I can finish quicker.

So on this day before our US Thanksgiving, stay safe everyone and give thanks for all that we have.

November 23rd, 2016, 08:36 AM
I'm late for the Night Owls postings and early for the Morning postings. I'm not usually up this early but I have a 20# turkey to roast for the KOC. Turkey needs to be delivered to the church hall by 1pm at the latest, so had to get it in the oven early.
So very sorry to hear about Joan being burnt by the boiling water. Docs have all sorts of creams & ointments these days that minimize the pain and promote healing. Hoping she's doing better. Have a great day or night, whichever it is for you.It's getting light here, going to go get another cuppa. Kathy

November 23rd, 2016, 09:19 AM
I will pray that she heals quickly.

November 23rd, 2016, 09:52 AM
I also missed Joan's post about her accident, sending her prayers for a speedy recovery and soothing meds for her burns.

November 23rd, 2016, 12:05 PM
Joan, I hope your burns will heal quickly and without any more problems. Prayers to you.