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November 16th, 2016, 03:38 PM
Well I went to see this oral surgeon this morning hoping to get an answer why still pain. It took him exactly 5 minutes to tell me everything looks good and to brush the gums to keep down infection. He did say it takes time, okay, how much time? Goodbye and don't come back!! I was not treated very nicely from the front desk or the dentist and don't know why, like they just brushed me off very quickly. I had many questions to ask and was rushed out the door. The only time I will go back to this office is if this pain does not go away, otherwise, they will never see me again and I would never refer them to anyone. It's just their attitude problem which is so uncalled for. I am rinsing with warm salt water plus eating probiotics with the amoxicillin because I do need to take up all the meds. I hope time will take care of this.

Patty J
November 16th, 2016, 04:25 PM
Nothing worse than going to a dentist and being treated rudely. Hopefully you can find another dentist to help with the pain and answer questions. Sometimes oral surgeons are too full of themselves to be bothered by their patients.

November 16th, 2016, 04:55 PM
I've been through this! Also a huge phobia with dentists. I'm a huge supporter of LISTERINE! And my dentist nephew will back this up. Do the brushing like your dentist says but rinse TWICE a day. I HATED it at first. I could hardly keep it in my mouth for 10 seconds, never the full 30. Now I take it in and wander around doing other things while I swish....brush my hair, get dressed or my night time routine. I really believe this has saved me from a lot of problems. Try it.

November 16th, 2016, 04:59 PM
I'm going to suggest you seek a second opinion. My son had to have some of his jaw bone drilled (cleaned) out and replaced with some cement type stuff to get rid of the infection caused by an abscessed tooth. They had to do x- rays to find out there was infection. They cleaned it out once and they drilled and filled when we went back for his follow up due to the infection coming back.

November 16th, 2016, 05:00 PM
I'd just like to know whatever happened to common courtesy and respect for the elderly. I am 77 years old and I am appalled at the way I'm treated at a professional business. I will be searching for another dentist.

November 16th, 2016, 05:05 PM
Thank you for your advice. I do use Listerine all the time and brush teeth twice a day. But after the extraction I didn't know to brush over the gum since it still had stitches. But the dentist told me today to brush the gum to help clear up the infection. I've done that now and I tell you it hurts like heck and bleeds. Gum is still so sore and sensitive. It will get better.

November 16th, 2016, 05:20 PM
I agree with Toni.........I would get a 2nd opinion. If there is an infection you don't want it to get out of control and make things worse. It makes me wonder if the oral surgeon saw the infection and doesn't want to deal with it.

I have a friend who had a similar experience with the dentist denying there was an infection after dental work. She found another dentist that took care of it for her.

Hope you feel better soon.

cashs mom
November 16th, 2016, 07:22 PM
I third (or fourth) the suggestion of another dentist. Maybe go back to your regular dentist and talk to him about it. As a peridontal patient who has had several root canals, I've had more than my share of experience with dentists. How long has it been since the extraction?

November 16th, 2016, 08:36 PM
I would follow the instructions they gave you and give it until early next week. I called my dentist and asked if you have infection and then two teeth pulled how long would it take to get better and for the pain to go away? The office manager called me back and said it could take up to two weeks for the your mouth to get completely better and depending on your tolerance for pain you could have pain for 3-7 days. (she asked why I was asking and then laughed)
Not everyone has compassion or patience and I've found the older I get the more often I get treated like a stupid little old lady by professionals who are supposed to be helping you. I now write positive and negative reviews on Yelp and look at others reviews. A doctor at the primary care place I use "mysteriously" disappeared after 10 of us wrote reviews on Yelp as to how poorly she treated us.

November 16th, 2016, 08:55 PM
I third (or fourth) the suggestion of another dentist. Maybe go back to your regular dentist and talk to him about it. As a peridontal patient who has had several root canals, I've had more than my share of experience with dentists. How long has it been since the extraction?
It's been 6 days now. Unfortunately I don't have a DDS and was referred to this DMD. So I'm now shopping for a dentist. I just got educated on the difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon. I think I have a gum issue. Have a good night.

November 17th, 2016, 01:43 AM
A gum issue may require the expertise of a periodontist. Some years ago I was having a sore gum problem. My family dentist referred me to the periodontist. He sent me to the dental school in Denver for a biopsy to diagnose the cause of my inflamed gum area. I needed dental cleaning at the periodontist's every 3 mos. for 2-3 yrs. I also was taught to use a peri-aid. It's a device that you poke a tooth pick into, tighten down the screw mechanism, gently tap the end of the tooth pick so it's not too sharp, then go around & in between all your teeth (front & back sides) at the gum line to remove any food particles that brushing doesn't get. It's amazing how much food still sticks to your teeth after brushing. My gums finally healed & I was able to return to every 6 mo. cleanings with my family dentist. I still use the peri-aid every night before I got to bed.

BTW, the bedside manner of that oral surgeon & his staff stinks! IMO, there is a big problem if a professional is not willing to take the time to answer a patient's questions & concerns.

Brushing over the sutures -- IMO that would be a big no-no. Do the warm salt-water rinse routine. My dentist gave me a syringe to use to gently flush the extraction area.

Definitely get a 2nd opinion. Some of these dentists are just like doctors; they have a god-complex. They think they are always right. I'm a retired nurse. Believe me, I know doctors can make mistakes as well as anyone else. And there always are a few who have a lousy bedside manner. They may be good at what they do, but don't always communicate well or make a patient feel at ease.