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September 20th, 2016, 01:24 AM
Hoot hoot! I haven't been an owl for several nights but I may make it past midnight tonight. I seem to be having some kind of carpal tunnel/pinched nerve thing going on in my right arm. It has the "needles and pins" feeling all day but especially bad in bed. I'm trying not to sleep on that side but it still has been so painful that it woke me up and I couldn't sew in the morning. So anyway, I have a doctor's appointment for Friday.

I did finally get one pair of DH's new pants hemmed but accidentally cut a slit in another pair with the seam ripper and cussed a blue streak over that! It can be fixed but I'm going to have to do more work than I wanted to on it. :P

How's your night going?

Simply Quilting
September 20th, 2016, 02:37 AM
Ugh no fun to be on pins and needles. I hope they can figure out what is going on and that it is an easy fix for you.

Today we were able to get the last of what we had planned on working up of the apples. We just peeled, sliced and quartered them to put into jars with hot water then into the water bath to get them to seal. We did save a few apples to eat on this week.

I have been frustrated with our internet and landline. The phone has too much static to talk on and the internet keeps dropping. It all started on Sept 10, the phone guy was able to come out on Thursday and everything worked perfectly while he was here but shortly after he left, it started in again.

Tomorrow I have to get really serious and try to finish packing things for the retreat as Wed is busy all day, the rest of the week is the birthday bash. And the retreat starts on Sunday. At least when the retreat starts, it is time to start relaxing. The birthday bash will also be relaxing and lot of fun :)

Have a hoot of a night everyone :)

Judy, USMC
September 20th, 2016, 02:43 AM
On a road trip. After the 1 day delay due to plumbing problem we finally got on the road ... in the pouring rain. First 200 miles was a bit challenging at times.

We usually leave with a full tank but this time it was a bit over 3/4. So with 1/4 tank remaining I started looking for a gas station. 1st on sold out and same story at the second. I was listening to the radio and discovered there was a broken pipeline that affected gasoline delivery to stations in the area I was driving through. So I made a judgment call ... even though we're only supposed to run 87 I found a place that had some 93 and got a few gallons to make sure we could make it to a station with 87. About 100 miles away I found one ... the only one out of 4 stations at the exit. Filled up with lower octane stuff. They predicted they would run out soon. They were selling 1,000 gallons an hour. Steve was in the passenger seat sleeping until we got to the last station!

Next we saw a furniture truck - with the semi smoking like the items inside were on fire - rolling in the opposite direction!

Got to the hotel. Went to eat. Somehow wound up on the Interstate again and had to go 2 miles to the next exit to turn around to come back and try to find the correct road.

I expect there will be more road adventures to come ... but this was a good start ... it can only get better.

Simply Quilting
September 20th, 2016, 02:51 AM
Judy, continued prayers for a safe journey.

September 20th, 2016, 04:17 AM
I had an exhausting day today. DH and I flew our gyrocopter a little over an hour to Carthage, Mo for lunch and to take pictures of our Powered Parachute so we can sell it. It is at the flight park where the teacher is. Maybe he will sell it for us but we are going to put the pictures on the web anyway. By the time we got home I was hot, sweaty, and tired. Just vegetated for the evening.

Hopefully tomorrow I can take the ceiling fan that we bought Saturday and his mother doesn't like back the hour and a half to Lowe's and get a different one. I HATE getting anything for her because it's never what she wants. She is almost legally blind and to stubborn to go out in public so we play guessing games on what is going to make her happy. Obviously we aren't very good at guessing.

I need to finish up one quilt so I can take it with me to Hamilton and get the queen size one ready to go to the LA. I will be glad to see them done. Then I have one quilt to make for Christmas and my girlfriend wants me to teach her how to quilt. I have three easy table topper patterns for her to pick from. I refuse to start with a quilt cuz you can't finish them fast enough. I don't have that much time to donate to her.
Well, it's late so I better get to bed. Have a good night everyone.