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August 19th, 2016, 01:25 PM
Now ,....I'm sure, I am .....NOT ....totally Kooky......

Have been having trouble with internet........well the guy came out this morning.......for the third time....at least. Hopefully fixed it, finding a problem at the
HIGHWAY POLE...... we're like some 600 ft. Off the road. So we have two poles.... leading back here to us, they have looked in and outside for the problem. Constantly putting the blame on my router or .....any and everything elts, they could......grrrr.

I just hope this is the FIX. I'm tired of getting dropped, stalling, lagging, and all that crap. I couldn't even watch my
Jenny Tutorials ( my sanity ) ....... in peace.


I am posting, with high hopes this goes through without a hickup......Partly why I just haven't been able to do much on here....... I'd write it out, and then it would ????? Not sure......where or what..... but ALL of it would be gone......soooooo, Who wants to keep doing that........Not me.

On the bright side..... I had the whole day with baby Reese yesterday. ...he is growing so fast. He is wearing a 3 to 6 mo. He's a big baby...... bearly fitting in my lap. He could lay up on my knees and look at me while I play with him.....now his legs are up to my chest.......almost in my face...lol..... HUSTON.....we have a ptoblem ......baby....outgrowing Bee fast.


Of corse my small....5.2 ...body...isn't like a a normal sized adult body......I use to shop in the kids close.....thank goodness for the Jubiors section. .....I could not find cloths in the Pettis. .....well the 00 were rare finds, but they are plentiful in Juniors.

I hope you all are doing grate.....looking forward to looking around to see what all you've been doing....

Be Blessed.....my forum friends.

August 19th, 2016, 02:27 PM
I was wondering where you were. Reese is sure a cutie!


Caroline T.
August 19th, 2016, 03:13 PM
ARGH! Internet problems, very frustrating, especially when you get the run around.

But hey, when you have that cutie pie sitting on your lap, who needs internet. He's adorable, and I'm sure so much more fun to watch than even Jenny.

August 19th, 2016, 03:23 PM
Oh how annoying computer problems can be! When I had a problem with a magazine not loading on my kindle, Amazon said it was my internet/cable company, cable said it was the publisher and round and round it went. I didn't care WHOSE fault it was, I just know that all I could see was the cover of the magazine and could someone just download another copy. But that solution was much too simple for any of them because they are such big companies so they have to transfer your call to a dozen different departments and you explain your problem about ten different times and it seems like no one in the universe has ever had your particular problem before!!! Aaagh, it was enough to want to make me to yank my hair out.

Anyways Bee hope u r up and running online again. Your grandson is absolutely precious!

August 19th, 2016, 04:30 PM
sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that really does sound like a router problem. I had a router that was about 6 years old and started having problems when I moved. Replaced it and things are much smoother now and that's with my kid playing online games also! Hope it's not that in your case but sure sounds like it!

August 19th, 2016, 05:52 PM
Here's my sweet boy....

August 19th, 2016, 06:10 PM
Oh my- he is so cute!!!! I know you enjoy him!!

August 19th, 2016, 09:11 PM

We built here iin 2001 and we're like 600 ft. off the highway. The repair guy found a problem at the pole out by the highway. Hopefully, he fixed it. I guess we will see.

I've also been dealing with the loss of my little Doxin Scooter......it's been soooo hard. He was like ...my baby, for almost 17 years......
This place isn't the same without him.
I have a gaping hole in my heart....that is imposable to believe.

I've tried staying focused on K&Z's wedding in Oct. Still have quite a bit to do. So I'll be busy....pulling this together. We are So blessed, with having Zack and Reese added to our family. .....Enjoying every minute we get with them. They are making good parants, and they have sure enough went out of their way, to be here for me.....trying to keep me company. I'm grateful, for their kindness.......it means alot, to know they care.
It has also given us a chance to work on planning the wedding. I hope we can find all these things....I'll have to make alot of it, flower arrangements. ...and all. We have ro sretch them dallers, as far as possible. ......I pretty much make my penny's, SQUEAL. ...before
turning'em loose. ...lol.

We have hit the list hard, but ....I say it's like buildin the house.....with ALL the details. ....trying not to miss anything.

I'll be around, just keeping this going, pushing it, close to the deadline.

Hopefully my interweb .....works on so I can find up all our pretties. ......Wish me luck.

Take care.....see ya again soon.

August 20th, 2016, 11:11 AM
jjKaser......me too....lol.
My son says to look in my email. .....you may see if you can go this route too.
So glad you got to see Reese geegee.
I have the cutest video , K sent me , I'll try to pull it up on a new post, so I don't loose this one....look for it , I'll try AGAIN.

Let me give you a TIP ... he noticed...... while checking the modem....(they install)......We have a package plan with our phone company.......so our Internet and land line are together. While trouble shooting, after checking, all wires, and previous replaced , connection boxes, ( they do go out too).
Mr.Fix it, called the number to let it ring in, and looking at the lights on the modem, he saw that the light for the Internet signal would go out, throwing off the Internet connection.......That's when he went to the pole at the road. We have a pole at the house and three poles between, to carry the lines.
You would think, that pole at the road, would have been updated, over the years, but it was obviously overlooked.

I hope this may help others who are having issues with there services.
The interweb taking over the world, still has to be updated along the way, provrders, seem to overlook, some of the old connection, that might not be able to support all the new higher speeds and all......you know, I may get computer knowledgeable after all....lol.

I've always had to say,
Daaahh,.... you'll have to ask one of the kids,
I'm computer eliterate.....I don't like , not knowing, how to do anything......I must figure out how to be more comfortable with this, kind of electronics..... gosh I miss the simple things....like the stereo, Push button, mash play....you know ????

I've missed all you......I do still read , and look, as I have time to.
Have a grate weekend.......Be Blessed.

Navy Wife
August 20th, 2016, 05:49 PM
Great to see you back, Bee. That is one big precious grandchild! One of mine looked very much like him. He'll be 35 next week, 6 Ft. tall!
Don't worry about being computer illiterate. I still can't put pictures in my messages. DIL has promised to teach me, but she stays busy all the time.