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August 7th, 2016, 11:00 AM
Perfect beach day but we know enough not to attempt it along The Shore, we'll sit along the bay later today.
Today is Guild's first meeting since June, I'll not stay for the meeting but will drop off some quilting books for our library and yards and yards of fabric for our Pillowcase Project. I spent our $200 budget on the fabrics with great buys at 1,000 Bolts and Connecting Threads.

Not sure if the Pillowcase Project will continue after this year. My co-chair will be moving to another county, I'm not able to run the full load of the project and we have been getting very little support from the Guild's Board. Think the Guild will be losing our meeting, workshop. library and stash room spaces in the park buildings. The town recently took over control of the historic park and the rent we've been paying for over 20 years (proceeds of a queen size quilt we made and raffled each year) may not be enough to cover our use. I've been told that the Board would like us to think about removing all of our pillowcase fabrics and supplies out of the stash room but neither my co chair nor I have room for it. I think we may end up donating everything to the national project, Smiles for Ryan (formerly ConKerr Cancer). It's a shame we may end our program after distributing so many thousands of pillowcases to kids in hospital here in Jersey as well as NYCity and Children's Hospital in PA.

Anyway, enough of that and let's all get out there and enjoy a nice Sunday.

August 7th, 2016, 11:03 AM
May I think you and I were writing at the same time. That is too bad about your guild. I hope they are able to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone. What about using a church?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

August 7th, 2016, 05:06 PM
Not many folks chatting today. I've been to church, just now checking the Forum. I hope to set aside the printer research for the afternoon & do a bit of sewing. I've been missing it!

Dental appt. in the a.m. for removal of a crown under which the dentist found decay. Not looking forward to that. Of course, no ins. coverage for crowns! So it will be all out of pocket.

After 2 lovely, partly cloudy cooler days, the 90's are back.