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July 27th, 2016, 04:23 AM
Things have been pretty busy in our neck of the woods lately. Added to that, I've been feeling icky with something in the respiratory infection category. I just haven't been flying with the night owls recently.
It is certainly summer here on the farm. I picked another round of raspberries. I'm halfway through the last picking of blueberries, and tonight we pulled all of the peaches. In the last few years we have had maybe 6 peaches make it to maturity. This spring Eric really pruned the tree. It seemed to thrive on that! I have two tomato boxes full of peaches this year. I guess tomorrow is peach processing day.
What's new with you?
Hugs, Cathy

Sandy Navas
July 27th, 2016, 09:10 AM
Peach preserves? WOW.

You may be dragging, but you got a whole lot more energy than me.

July 27th, 2016, 02:18 PM
Peach preserves? WOW.

You may be dragging, but you got a whole lot more energy than me.

I'm thinking she's probably younger.....

July 28th, 2016, 04:26 AM
I am halfway to ninety.
My great aunt Bertha was still managing a quarter acre veggie garden, berries, and a small orchard at 80, so I've got no room to complain!
I really must put down the e-book though. I'm not getting quite as much done as I would like with it tempting me.

And speaking of temptation, I nearly fell for yesterday's DD and an extra $40 worth of stuff! Yikes! Thankfully I came to my senses and double checked the "fun" budget. Apparently, those trips to the hospital ate up more cash in meals and incidental expenses than I thought. Testing out the new thread will just have to wait. It's not like I don't have plenty to work with as it is.

I'm going to be too lazy to start a new thread tonight. What's new with in your neck of the woods this evening?

July 28th, 2016, 08:23 AM
Oh, I feel for your "lack of energy". Hope you feel better - maybe you can get someone to help you at least peel the peaches? I also feel your budgetary prowess. I also had several things in my basket on several different days - moving 2 months ago has really eaten into my fun budget for now. Is looking like more fun building for the future and upcoming Christmas holidays

July 28th, 2016, 02:28 PM
It is the summer heat. I know it drags me down, especially if your fighting something off. Yes your peaches may be a lot of work but think of them when you pop open a jar of whatever your making in the winter. Worth it. My sons MIL, Esther, is so sick of canning beans by the end of the summer she can't smell them or eat them. Then there is the tomatoes. If they are a bumper crop, she is up to her ears in stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, tomato juice. There is nothing like fresh from the garden vegies, maybe home canned. Enjoy your bounty. Feel Better.

July 28th, 2016, 02:45 PM
I don't think I really qualify as a night owl since I'm usually in bed by 10 or 11 p.m. However, I can't seem to stay asleep these days. I'm usually awake several times during the night. I figure that's close enough to chime in here once in a while even though I don't visit the Forum until I'm at the breakfast table.

The night before last, in the middle of the night, the power went out for a while and came back on. Last night we heard a loud pop and the power went bye bye. The transformer box is at one corner of our yard. This morning there were huge trucks out there working to get the power going again. They set up this huge green portable transformer on the street beside the curb. It is incredibly noisy!!! At least we have power. I assume we'll lose it again when they come back to do something more permanent. I was worried about all the food in our freezers but everything seems to be fine. I'm glad it happened at night when it was cool out instead of during these high 90's days we're having.

Those peaches look divine. We actually have some delicious ones in our store down the street. Rare for us. I gave up on buying peaches here years ago. They were always hard as rocks and if I tried to ripen them on the counter they'd end up mealy and lacking in taste. Yuck! As you can imagine I bought a bunch (.99/lb). I cut them up and they are now taking their place in my deep freezer.

July 28th, 2016, 02:46 PM
Wow Cathy, I admire your gardening! I'm not even bothering to go out for ten minutes and deadhead the daylilies anymore! Not that there are many flowers left...

I'm hardly an owl anymore but I'll circle around the clock and get back to being one soon. I'm just alternating between stitching the Halloween sampler and the St. Nicholas cross stitch...I had sorted out all my thread into numerical order in three floss organizing boxes. Yesterday I managed to kick an open box accidentally and it went flying...so I got to do a little more organizing! But most of the spools stayed in their compartments. Whew! :)