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July 20th, 2016, 12:59 PM
One and a half more work days then I am on vacation for 2 glorious weeks...and I have almost zero work to do!! So frustrating! I have a lot of testing to be done but I am waiting on others to fix things before I can proceed so I can't do any of it. Which means I have to scramble when I get back. Ahh well..once I am out the door, work will be a distant memory until I get back! But for the next day and a half I am BORED!

Going to take an extended lunch today and head to Chapters to buy a book and pick up some lunch. Then try and occupy myself for the rest of the day. Tonight is sorting clothes to pack, boiling eggs for sandwiches, picking up ice packs for the cooler and groceries for the trip.

Well off to browse the book store. What's everyone else up to?? Tell me stories! I need some entertainment this afternoon. Hmmmm..how about this...as a child between the ages of say 5 and 12, how did you spend your summer days? Mine were spent swimming in a river from sunup to sundown.

July 20th, 2016, 01:08 PM
Are you going somewhere fun or is it a staycation? I see the value in both! And I hope you are reading something purely entertaining for your vacation. For me, summers as a child meant staying at home and playing with my sister and friends. My dad was a carpenter, so in a four season climate it was important that he work all summer because layoffs came in the winter. We played with dolls, had a swing set in our backyard and rode our bikes. I was a big reader, so every other week we went downtown to the library for another book haul. One summer when I was 13 was when I learned to sew. My mom paid for me to take a basic sewing class at the Singer store in our town. It would have never worked out for her to teach me. I am forever grateful that the world of sewing was opened up to me. By that time I had a strong interest in sewing, but both my grandmothers were dead, so I wan't able to learn from them. There was also a week of Girl Scout camp, which I loved, and vacation Bible school, ditto. There were usually some sleepovers at my cousin's dairy farm, which fascinated me, and my cousin raised and trained English Springer Spaniels for hunting. Loved being able to help with the puppies and young dogs almost ready to go to a hunter. A simple life I guess, but still a good way for a kid to spend a summer.

July 20th, 2016, 02:16 PM
Have a great time on your vacation...my days are changing again as DD went back to work today. It has been nice not having to watch the kids every day. One more month until school starts, so that will be good too. I just don't have it in me anymore to watch them 60 hrs a week.

July 20th, 2016, 02:21 PM
Enjoy your vacation. I know you've been waiting for this for a while. During those years, we usually spent the summers at home. We had so many kids in our small neighborhood, that the mothers got together before school was out and came up with the "rules" for the summer. For the most part they were the same every year. One mom typed them up and they were posted on everyone's refrigerator. There were specific hours when you needed to be at your own home/yard. Not allowed to have lunch at someone else's house unless the mom called your mom, etc. etc. I think there were about 20 rules in all. It would be interesting to find one of those now and bring back the memories. Other than that it was swimming when the community pool was open and softball. Mom was always a softball coach for one of us (5 kids). At 10, my baby sister was born and grandpa was sick, so did spend a lot of time taking care of baby sister, while mom took care of grandpa. I thought I was hot stuff! That was also about the time that I taught myself to crochet out of boredom. A bit later we started camping and going on vacations to a local campground.

July 20th, 2016, 02:28 PM
Wendy, Hope the time goes fast and you're off on vacation.

Interesting question. I'm the oldest of 7 so my summers between those ages were helping my mother with cooking, shopping, household stuff and taking care of my younger siblings. Our playground was our street where we played hopscotch, jumped rope, sat on our stoops talking or playing cards - that is if the kid who had the deck of cards wanted to play. Sometimes we ventured out to the nearby playground that had a sprinkler pool, put our lunch and towels into the baby's carriage and took off with my friends who were also watching their brothers and sisters. When we felt adventurous we walked up to Prospect Park, while it's not as big as Central Park it's a close 2nd. Big time was taking the bus to the big public pool.

Sunday's the family sometimes went to the beach, Coney Island or Reiis Park. If not we kids and friends went to the movies. When we left the cool movie house around 5pm the heat and hot sun made us dizzy so we quickly walked to the shady side of 5th Ave. for the walk home.

July 20th, 2016, 02:37 PM
When I was 5 - 8 years old I spent my summer holidays with my godmother who lived in the countryside in Lincolnshire. It was like stepping back in time - the groceries were delivered by van, the milk came via a metal milk churn left by the side if the road and the ice cream was bought from a man on a bicycle with a refrigerator box on the front. Days were spent playing in the field at the back of the house or helping with the washing which was all done by hand - heating up the huge copper for hot water then in went the clothes to be scuffed on a washboard with a scrubbing brush - no mood cons there. It was idyllic and I still remember watching the combine harvesters cutting the corn which meant it was soon time to go back home to school. Happy days!!! Thank you for starting this thread which prompted me to remember such a wonderful time with my lovely family, sadly now gone xx

July 20th, 2016, 03:21 PM
Summer memories are abundant in my mind. When I was quite young there was lots of tree climbing, rollerskating, hopscotch, running races, swinging for hours, playing school with my big sister, riding bikes, waiting for the ice cream truck to roll down the street. Picking strawberries and getting sick from eating way too many. hahaha Going down to the neighbors' part of the creek where they had a tire swing hanging over the water for us to jump into the water. As I became a teen there were many visits to the Nickel Mines pool to swim and work on a tan. At that time we lived in Pennsylvania very near Lancaster so I have vivid memories of shopping at antique malls, flea markets with Mom. Eating Shoofly pie, barbecue and enjoying the Amish and all of their quilts, canned goods, and the merchandise they carried in Good's Market. I had a very wholesome youth. It's sad to me that so many children never experience the type of childhood I had.

Granny Judy
July 20th, 2016, 03:36 PM
I was raised out in the country.. farmer's daughter. Lots of work and outdoor fun. Sneaking off to go swimming in the pond.. garden work plus the strawberry fields and watermelon stand we had. I was the oldest and watched over my 2 younger brothers. I taught them how to swim, hunt, build bows and arrows.. sling shots and hide in the woods to avoid chores... They got really good at that last part.

The fun part was the week I got to spend with My Gram each summer.. she taught me how to crochet, how to make concrete yard ornaments (her little business) and all about roses. Her garden was full of flowers. AND watch her make quilts (we were never allowed to touch her fabric..dirty little hands, you know)

July 20th, 2016, 04:12 PM
Midge, Liam and I are leaving on Friday to drive first to stay with my cousin for two days in Montreal. Going to visit the Biodome and then go swimming. Leaving the next day (Sunday) and driving to New Brunswick to visit my dad, two sisters and aunt. Three days later we leave to drive to Halifax where we will spend 4 or 5 days with my other sister before heading off for kayaking around Charlottetown, PEI where my brother and his in-laws live. Will be 17 days total but still a lot of driving!

Aside from swimming in the river when I was a kid, we were also required to weed the family garden plot which was massive. Easily five times the size of most urban back yards...or maybe I just remember it being that big cause I was pretty little! LOL! I hated weeding! We also had to pick wild strawberries and blueberries...which was also tough because we weren't allowed to leave until we filled a 2 litre ice cream container full and it was frequently two in the bucket, 5 in the mouth! And the blackflies were horrid at that time of year. Other than that, making homemade maple syrup was also fun, lots of playing in the snow and tobogganing parties, but my most favourite time was time spent in the river. Massive rocks that were in the river were named when my father was a child swimming there and are still there to this day although they do tend to move when the ice runs every year...there's big elephant, baby elephant and coffin. Maybe I will try and find them again this year! Also spent a lot of time around farm animals, pigs, horses, chickens, cattle of course, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens.

Thanks all for keeping me so happily entertained this afternoon! Such amazing memories!

July 20th, 2016, 04:52 PM
I did most of what has already been mentioned, but my special time was 2 weeks to stay at my Granny's alone. We would sit on her big front porch in the swing and talk or I would read for hours. I especially loved the rainy days on the porch swing with a good book. Who would have thought that that old sleepy town would now be the Disneyland of quilting now that Mo* has opened! Yes, I knew Hamilton way back in the day when the Penny's was really the Penny's.

July 20th, 2016, 07:07 PM
Have a wonderful trip and should you stop at any quilt stores, grab the free Row by Row pattern. (hint hint wink wink) Just saying.

July 20th, 2016, 07:16 PM
Have a wonderful trip!!

July 21st, 2016, 12:47 PM
4 and a half hours until I'm on vacation and I have NOTHING to do at work!! uhg! talk about making the day draaaaaag on!!

Then tonight it will be insane! At least we're not leaving until closer to noon so I can sleep in and take my time packing the car.