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July 18th, 2016, 03:06 PM
Today started out like any regular day. Headed into the garage to get a car seat so I could pick up two of my granddaughters so that their mom could go to a meeting. That's when it happened - I tripped on a crack in the driveway and went flying but the flight ended in a very bad landing. Somehow landed on my face (broke my glasses, bruised my cheekbone an put my front tooth through my upper lip), hit my already bad knee, ripped up my hand, hit my hip and injured my shoulder. Wow am I sore! Trying to seek medical help is ridiculous here! Our emergency room is awful and urgent care is worse. My vet hobby fixed up my lip and I can't see an ortho doc about until next Tuesday! I'm telling you, dogs get better service!!! Guess it could've been worse and I'm grateful I didn't break anything. I've been good at spectacular falls but this was a doozie! But - I'm having a relaxing day high on ibuprofen! The other up side is that I might lose a few pounds as I can only consume liquids through a straw on the right side of my mouth!! Watch for a skinnier profile picture

Caroline T.
July 18th, 2016, 03:31 PM
Ouchy! What we go thru for our grandchildren.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

July 18th, 2016, 03:45 PM
That made my fall injuries start hurting all over again!!! You probably should go sit and wait at the ER or urgent care to verify nothing is broken. I fell several years ago and walked around with a broken arm for a day and a half! I hope you recovery quickly, and don't forget, ice is your friend!

July 18th, 2016, 03:52 PM
What a terrible story! I am so sorry to hear it. I hope you get pampered for the next few weeks!

July 18th, 2016, 04:03 PM
Brenda, how awful! Cold packs for pain and swelling for now, but I agree with Bubba, you should make an appointment and be checked out at the doctor. You can always cancel if you start recovering quickly. Story like Bubba's - I walked on a broken foot until it was too late to correct without surgery. Ten years later it still hurts at time and I can't wear high heels without considerable pain. Learn from my stubbornness!

July 18th, 2016, 04:29 PM
OUCH!! Take care.... and please go to ER if you need to, it all sounds pretty serious.

Simply Quilting
July 18th, 2016, 05:24 PM
Ouchie!!! I can understand about not wanting to go to the ER. I am thankful that you have your Vet sweetie who can fix you up - hope he is willing to pamper you for a while. Get well soon.

July 18th, 2016, 05:42 PM
Ouch! When I fell I insisted on getting in. Sure enough I broke my wrist. How can they let people walk about with a broken bone!

I hope you can relax and feel better!

July 18th, 2016, 06:27 PM
Ouch! I hurt just reading that post! Hope you are soon on the mend and feeling much better.

July 18th, 2016, 06:54 PM
Oh my - that sounds like too many hurts to have at one time. I hope you do get checked out and that you heal quickly.

July 18th, 2016, 07:19 PM
Oh my goodness you poor thing! Sounds like you are hurting all over. Hope someone is there to pamper you until you are feeling better. Amazing how much damage an itty bitty crack can do!

July 18th, 2016, 08:11 PM
Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry for your fall! When you do something, you do it up right, don't you? Be sure to take good care of yourself and do go to the ER or urgent care if you need to - it's awful waiting but not so bad as having a serious injury left untreated. Yes, be sure to use ice. Hope you're feeling better soon!

July 18th, 2016, 08:50 PM
Oh, that hurt just reading it! I hope your ibuprfen works tomottow, cause you might feel it more in the morning! Rest, and rest, and let somebody wait on you for a few days.

July 18th, 2016, 08:56 PM
Ouch. That is one of my biggest fears. I am pretty sure though, that I would be going to the ER...that is a lot of damage to not have it looked at. Sip your soup, use your ice packs, keep up with the ibuprofen, and let DH pamper you all you can stand.

July 18th, 2016, 09:11 PM
So sorry for your fall. You touched down on all those breakable parts,hope they're all ok ,no chips,cracks, or breaks. Like everyone has said, ice,rest,Ibuprofen Definitely, your favorite dinner on the horizon after sipping soup while lip heals. Kathy

July 18th, 2016, 09:25 PM
OH MY! That is bad! Happy you did not break anything. I know you will be very sore and painful. It is really sad in a community when you are hesitant about seeking medical help at your local hospital. I'm that way too here in my city. I had an awful experience at this hospital about two years ago regarding my mom. Just awful, I had to practically live in the room with her to make sure she was taken care of properly. Another hospital opened up a walk- in about 1 hour from us. We used it recently for my DD. Wonderful people, great place. So happy CENTRA is opening a place here soon as well. God Bless You and I will pray for your medical needs in your community.

July 19th, 2016, 12:30 AM
I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Andrea F
July 19th, 2016, 04:27 AM
That sounds awful and as if you should definitely try to see a doctor! I hope you feel better quickly!

July 19th, 2016, 07:15 AM
I felt the pain from here. Poor you. I hope you heal quickly and there isn't anything more serious.

July 19th, 2016, 07:15 AM
Ouch! Look after yourself. I have had a few falls - not nice! My latest fall was totally out there! I've posted it under All I want for Christmas is............

July 19th, 2016, 08:08 AM
This seems to be the season for falls....I hope you mend quickly but these things can really take time.

July 19th, 2016, 09:52 AM
Ouch! Look after yourself. I have had a few falls - not nice! My latest fall was totally out there! I've posted it under All I want for Christmas is............

Oh Jan, that sounds awful! My front teeth are "sore" but seem ok. I hope you've made it through all the necessary procedures! We gals must be more careful!!!

July 19th, 2016, 10:13 AM
Brenda, I hope you feel better very soon. That was quite a fall.

July 19th, 2016, 10:34 AM
OMIGOSH! That sounds horrible!! I hope you are on the mend soon and that nothing is seriously damaged. I too have a bad knee after having fallen on it extremely hard several times. And anytime I fall now that seems to be the knee I land on. I hope you can get some medical attention soon just to be safe! (((HUGS)))

July 19th, 2016, 12:40 PM
Oh, Brenda, I'm so sorry! Hope you're feeling better today, and glad your hubby is there to take care of you.

July 19th, 2016, 01:59 PM
Oh my goodness... I had a similar fall this past spring... Landed on my face... Had a huge lump on my forehead....a cars can showe no bleeding... But I looked awful for weeks... Black eyes, and other bruises...

I hoe you will be feeling better very soon.... It takes time...