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July 16th, 2016, 12:43 PM
I didn't see where anyone started a thread this a.m., so I'll start. I have bread baking in the oven, so the house smells yummy! I bake 2 loaves of spelt bread about every 3 wks. for DH, who avoids whole wheat. A load of laundry already is in the dryer. Baking bread will be considered taking it easy today, after all the house cleaning I've done over the past 2 wks. I plan to get in some sewing this afternoon -- finally!

I had a good time with my DGD who came to visit yest. for the first time (as an adult). She was here when she was 2-3 y.o., but doesn't remember it. I showed her through the house, all my sewing / quilting stuff, etc. She looked through my finished baby quilts to see if there was one she liked. She found one. Her baby is due Oct. 10. I do plan to make her another one, probably from the "Little Ark" fabric line. She liked those fabrics. DGGS will be 3 y.o. in Sept. He had fun playing with the retractable metal carpenter's ruler. It kept him occupied for quite a while "measuring" things. My GD is short on baby items this time around. She loaned a lot of her baby stuff to her SIL who adopted a baby several mos. ago. Also, she moved to a smaller place & had to put a lot of her stuff in storage. So I'll be making some flannel blankets & burp cloths for her. She found 3 NB baby outfits on the clearance rack at Kohl's. I'll keep my eyes open for some good sales.

I'm thankful for a cooler a.m. for the baking. It's supposed to be in the mid-90's later on. We had a thunderstorm & brief heavy downpour yest. afternoon. First rain we'd had in a while.

I hope everyone has a good week end.

grandma nurse
July 16th, 2016, 01:00 PM
I usually just read the 'good morning' comments. Today seems like a good day to join in. We had a bit of all kinds of weather yesterday. Wind, hail, downpour of rain and a tornado. No damage and we ended up with 2 inches of rain in about 20 minutes. We do have our alfalfa down and it was just ready to bale. I guess we will do that job later after it dries again...I have been doing some garment sewing last week. I got some 55-57 Chevy fabric from Nancy Notions and made my husband a shirt to wear to car shows. I'm not sure what he thinks of the shirt. It is a bit bright.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

July 16th, 2016, 01:04 PM
Hi Everyone....I've been sewing this morning. I'm currently infatuated with zipper bags. Will take some pictures after my camera recharges.

It's scorching hot here. Jeff is out mowing in the shade and the Girls are napping on the cool tile in our entry. I'm doing odds and ends and trying to figure out what our dinner will be this evening.

JCY, I can imagine how good your house smell with bread baking. I plan to make some blueberry muffins tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone.

July 16th, 2016, 01:19 PM
Slept in a bit. Now off to go help the neighbor put up her fence. Not our favorite thing to do, but good neighbors help make good fences. Or something like that! :D
Hopefully we can get that done quickly, and I can get back to my quilting.
I am on quite a mission to get that pile quilted and out of my sewing space. (The house purge continues!) I've kind of run out of room in there and I have a bunch of projects that will need the cutting table space.
Well, it's not gonna get done if I don't go get started!
Make it a great one! Cath

July 16th, 2016, 01:33 PM
Hi Everyone....I've been sewing this morning. I'm currently infatuated with zipper bags. Will take some pictures after my camera recharges.

It's scorching hot here. Jeff is out mowing in the shade and the Girls are napping on the cool tile in our entry. I'm doing odds and ends and trying to figure out what our dinner will be this evening.

JCY, I can imagine how good your house smell with bread baking. I plan to make some blueberry muffins tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone.

Barb, I was in Hamilton for the grand re-opening last month and know what you mean about scorching hot. It was 100 degrees while we were there and the humidity was something else! I still had a great time though and got to meet Jenny, who is absolutely as nice as she is on the videos. What a treat!

July 16th, 2016, 01:55 PM
Hot here too - it is July and I'm sure August will be the same. I spend enough time out in it at my Dad's so I enjoy spending time indoors at home while I am sewing. I am on top #6 for the PICU group. They are really turning out cute. #6 is nursery rhyme panels that you were supposed to make a book with. I think it looks cuter in a quilt. I am finding everything in my stash, win-win!
Well, off to make the last 2 borders and then I am on to #7.
Have a great day!

July 16th, 2016, 02:13 PM
Well, I guess I missed the morning crowd here. It's now noon here. Started off with 3 mile walk with the group, followed by breakfast. Next was shower with a quick trip to the ball field. Watched the last inning of a co-worker's daughters game, then on to WW meeting. Down 0.8 for this week. Not great, but still a loss, so I'm happy. Car wash and now I'm finally home. Have a load of laundry to start, and then onto to DS's quilt. My goal is to finish the top this month. I think someone said it should hit 100 today, so for me that means good day to stay in and sew!

JCY, I bet your house smells wonderful. I love the smell of baking, whether it is bread, cookies, etc.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Cathy F
July 16th, 2016, 03:04 PM
Hi all,
Getting here late today. Made a quick run to BJ's before it got too hot. Been staying inside mostly where it's cooler. Did some sewing today. Barb, I have most of the footballs for the orange peel fused to the background material, and have about a dozen stitched into squares. Making progress!

I have a class Tuesday that I'm looking forward to. A 3D lace pumpkin that says Give Thanks. It will make a nice centerpiece for the fall. So I have to gather up my supplies and get them set to go.

Last few days have been hot and humid. I don't care for hot but hot and humid is definetly not my cup of tea. Think we'll throw a burger on the grill tonight to go along with the fresh corn from the farm stand, and a nice salad. If it's cooler tomorrow morning I'm planning on making some orange cranberry scones for breakfast, yum!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, staying cool, and getting a bit of sewing in!

July 16th, 2016, 03:27 PM
Late stopping by to Chat today as I got busy deciding which quilt books to keep and which to pass on to my sister or my guild. Had to flip through each book to make sure it was a Keep or Give. I found that I only made one quilt from each book. With so much available online it sort of makes quilt books obsolete. Also got detracted by stuff like going through my backing box . Guess we all love to play with our stash whenever we can.

Also hot and humid here so we'll probably do stuff indoors until the evening. Having dinner along The Shore may be a good choice as I really don't fell like cooking anything today.

July 16th, 2016, 05:27 PM
Today I went to the LQS and meet a few other ladies from our modern guild. We worked on Fidget Quilts to donate to a local care center. Had a good time sewing and visiting.

I "need" to wash clothes and dishes but I "want" to work on my quilt project.........we will see what happens. :D

July 16th, 2016, 09:19 PM
FINALLY, Throwing together some new pillows for the sofa and loveseat. They go so quickly. Don't know why it's taken me so long. I really haven't been out today. It's so bloomin' hot. Pizza and salad for dinner. I was going to make some soup in the crockpot but my motivation in that department is low today. Once more side to sand on the hutch. I'll be glad when that hateful job is done.

Ginny B
July 16th, 2016, 10:34 PM
Another day spent in Brooklyn going through things. I actually headed in last night so that we could get an early start this morning. Chances usually are that I hit a bunch of traffic and get there a lot later than I'd like to. Sis couldn't join us this weekend though. Today we boxed up 9! boxes of 78 rpm records. These were, of course, my parents' and I'm not really sure what my sis has in mind but she doesn't want to get rid of them until she goes through them. That will be her project for sure. And they are heavy for sure. That's why they are in 9 boxes. We used smaller boxes so that they wouldn't get too heavy to move.

The boys took a trip to a recycling center to get rid of old dvd players, a phone system, a receiver and a few other electronic things. While they were gone, I went through a small pile of things we had put aside to figure out what were were going to do with them. Everything wound up either in the trash bag or the recycling bag. After lunch, we went through the whole house and wrote down what we were doing with every piece of furniture left.

It was a busy day and after that, the lllooonnngggg trip home. To start the trek home, while waiting at a red light, someone ran into me. I drive a good size, red SUV. He didn't see me? Luckily, no damage; just white paint from his car on my red bumper. Then onto the highway to crawl most of the trip. There were so many fender benders you'd think it was downpouring rain.... it wasn't. Just normal showers. Which we needed to cool things off. Finally got home after 2 hours on the road. (should take half that time).

So, we will probably go to the beach tomorrow for a bit since dh does love doing that and,other than Sundays, I haven't spent much time with him on weekends. He takes care of things here at the house like yardwork, grocery shopping, etc. while I'm working in Brooklyn house so I like to just sit and relax with him on Sundays. I did bring good size bookcase home with me so hopefully after the beach, I will get that settled in up in my sewing room and do a bit of rearranging. Last week I brought home my grandmother's White sewing machine. My son took it out of the cabinet -- it weighs a ton. Next trip in, I'll maybe take the cabinet.

So that's what I've been up to this weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday.

Sleep tight all. I know I will. :icon_sleep:

July 16th, 2016, 11:15 PM
Have to fix my 'mistake'. I said I was finishing up #6, where actually I finished up #5 (the nursery panels)-moved on to #6 (butterflies and fairies) and finished that too. Just pulled fabric for #7 - little bears in pink and while I was looking for coordinating fabric, I found a bear panel that would be perfect too.

July 17th, 2016, 12:51 AM
Ginny ~ I don't think we have any 78 records left, but we sure have a bunch of 33's! Both DH & I had many record albums when we blended our families & combined our households 41 yrs. ago. Many of the albums are gospel music. We have a turn table as part of our sound system. Many favorite songs we dubbed off on to cassettes--which now are considered old technology--so we could listen to them in the car (older vehicles -- we don't have CD players). And I hear CDs are becoming obsolete with some other new technology on the horizon! I have a small desk top CD/cassette player/radio in my sewing room that I listen to all the time when I'm sewing.

July 17th, 2016, 04:02 AM
Hi all! I had a great day today, several of my girlfriends and I went Row by Row shopping! We started early and went to
Camano Island, awesome store, overwhelming. Floor to ceiling stacked bolts of fabric! Got the row, all three, license plate, 2 panels and some of the row by row fabric.
Stanwood, fun store with nice row
Arlington, two different stores, got a couple yards of batik plus row and plate. The other store had an embroidered row, really cool. Also got some Row by Row pins
Snohomish, really colorful row, hot air balloons
Woodinville, got the plate and row and then had a nice lunch at one of the wineries.
Redmond, row with laser cutouts
Bellevue Pacific Fabric already had Northgate and Bremerton rows. We were getting the four from Pacific Fabric
Seattle, Undercover Quilts beautiful row of Seattle laser cut outs
Seattle, Pacific Fabric the fourth one!

We got 10 rows! Long day but really fun!