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June 13th, 2016, 12:40 AM
This is the last week of school for our kids. There are things to wrap up, including more purging of closets and toy boxes before I have help all of the time!
Most of the rest of the house has seen a significant improvement. I think I am pretty much done with the big furniture moving, unless I can get Hubby to help me bring in the end tables from the shop and see if we can find a better living room set up. Seeing as he's still getting used to the ide that stuff is leaving, that might take a while longer.
Tomorrow is another sewing meeting at the library. I need to decide if I am going to pack up my machine, or just bring the laptop and work on the lesson plans for next year's after school sewing class. I don't really want to schlep all of my stuff, but I don't really want to work on the lesson plans either. Ugh.
We didn't do a whole lot of anything today. Standard chores, Sis came out for a visit, and I made a batch of cookies.

I'll be hitting the hay earlier tonight than I have been. This will be a busy week, and I think the extra Zzz's will be handy.

I hope you all had a good day. What is up in your neck of the woods?

June 13th, 2016, 01:23 AM
Not much up here today either.We went shopping and picked up a gift for my Dad and my DH went out and bought a new tv.then we went to dinner and got some groceries.Cathy I hope your dinner with all the guests went well the other day.Good luck with your purging,I take it your DH is not someone to get rid of things.My DH hangs on to everything broken,working ..I rented a dumpster one year and when he was at work I had the kids running things out to it to get rid of them fast,it's about time to do it again.

June 13th, 2016, 02:51 AM
Not a lot going on here. We went to church and not too long after that I went to bed and slept until 8 tonight. I'm trying to sew a teeny squirrel on my counted cross stitch. I accidentally cut a thread so I had to do a big repair job to weave another thread in. These holes are so small that my tapestry needle is a bit too big. I am using the lighted magnifier but it is still tough to see.

My mom was, I think, a shopaholic but she died before she could completely fill the house up. Mostly she bought antiques so it wasn't all bad. I am pretty sure it sold for more than she paid for it. It was something that kind of made me afraid to buy things on impulse. I guess that's a good thing.

Judy, USMC
June 13th, 2016, 06:48 AM
Went to bed earlier than usual thinking that would get me more prepared for my trip. Slept from 11pm to 3:30 am and up wide awake now. Wanted to sleep straight through until 8am. Like most of my plans recently it didn't work.

Took a few seasonal items over to the storage bay today. I know that makes me sound like a pack rat - but - without an attic or basement for storage I really don't have enough room for the bulky items. Guess I would have plenty of room if I cleared out my sewing gear - but that will never happen. So my hat is off to y'all who are more organized than I am.

But then if I got rid of all of Steve's stuff I would have more room ... hmmmm ... something to think about ....

June 13th, 2016, 06:58 AM
Well I am in a bit of a dither...went over to check on my friend's new used car. He had left it in his church's parking lot because it was leaking coolant. It was leaking something, anyway. Later he thought maybe the leak was just water from the a/c running. So I thought I'd look at the tank under the hood. We had just added coolant the day before. Then I could feel better if it wasn't coolant that it was leaking after all. Well, I get there, and see that the trim is missing from both sides, with just two lines of glue left, and one front hubcap is broken. I don't know what has happened. It may be vandalism or maybe he just got a notion to put new trim on...but that seems unlikely to me. There is a van in the parking lot that seems to have damage, too. I don't know what has happened. But the coolant is indeed very low. I'm sure he'll write me back when he wakes up around 7. Weird and stressful.

Judy, USMC
June 13th, 2016, 07:28 AM
Sorry to hear about the car problems, Kim. If it appears that it is coolant it may be as simple as a cracked holding tank. That's what happened to my mom's car. So I'd start there.

As far as the missing trim ... I hope it's not vandalism ... that would be terrible ...

June 13th, 2016, 09:36 AM
Well, I must be losing my mind, because when I look at maroon 2000 Chevy Luminas, they do indeed have two stripes along the sides. I don't know if it looked different in the middle of the night but I freaked out for nothing. I have no memory of the car looking like this. Oh well, insanity runs in the family. On both sides!