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June 11th, 2016, 10:58 PM

I hope this makes you SMILE.

I love this VIDEO, From Missing Socks.....thread,
because,it reminded me of one of our favorite memories of, our dachshund Scooter, when he was a young pup, he would start playing and then he would proceed to grab at Michael's sock, by the toe, until he would grab on, tight enough , pulling it, bit by bit, until he would finally.... take it and run off, with it. Running around the living room and into the kitchen around the island and back into the living room, stopping only to look at him, like SEE, DUDE, I've GOT YOUR SOCK....lol.....and running off, with it, again. He would continue going.........leaving Michael standing there, in one sock, Michael shaking his head, asking Why my Sock? (everrytime)
Thrilled with his take, Scooter would run back and forth trying to engage a game of chance the doggie, who stole your sock..
We would laugh so hard, this would turn into a family time event, both our kids playing get the sock, trying to wear down, this spunky pup. Who always won the game, by theway.
It was only exercise, anyway.
BUT PLEASE , Don't tell him that......OK.!!!

OUR puppy ♡ who stole our heart's.

.........131801 .........131802[
131811 ........131812 ......♡

June 11th, 2016, 11:26 PM
LOL! The mother of the guy I dated through college had a cute little tiny poodle, who did not like my BF's father. The mom would hold the dog in her lap and say quietly to him, "I think you need to go over there and take Gene's sock." And he would do exactly as you described above.

June 12th, 2016, 05:12 PM
My moms little dog was a smart one too.
Mom would say, Pebels is AC coming for Coffee ? That little dog would jump up, go get on the arm of the chair, so she could see, AC's house across the street. She would wag her tail and give a few short backs....as if she was calling him.....but someties she would to that, without a word being said..... and he would be walking over.She was very smart Malteeze, Shizsue mix.

Gotta live our Furr-Friends.