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June 3rd, 2016, 07:31 AM
Good morning dear friends. It is a beautiful start to the day here this morning. Sun is shining and the birds are singing. While Les was BBQ'ing last night, he say the male cardinal and I ended up seeing him too. So nice to be able to say we saw him.

Not much sewing going on around here, work work work. I am pretty booked up for work until the end of July. BUT there will be some quilting in there for sure. I am working at two little post offices where I can quilt all day. 12 more sleeps until I meet up with Nancy and then off to the quilt show in Toronto. I am so looking forward to that.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend friends.

Pssst..... Iris Girl has a birthday on Sunday if I forget!!

June 3rd, 2016, 07:45 AM
Good Morning.
Love to listen to the happy lil cherpers in the mornings.....they start the day off so happy.

Still looking for a pattern, for the panel project, but I've got a few good idea's. Maybe, they will fall into place.

Hope you all have a super Friday and a Wonderful weekend.
Be Blessed.

June 3rd, 2016, 07:56 AM
Happy Friday....this week has been a blur.
My boss has been out of the office since last Friday and in Washington DC for a computer systems conference. I have had to take all initiatives to make sure I keep on task with "curve balls" completing daily tasks at work. My car is the shop for the third time in 2.5 weeks....$ 1,000.00 later. I hope it gets completely fixed today and it be a long while before I invest too much more funds to keep the car running.
I hope to get more sewing and piecing done this weekend. It seems the busy schedule takes a toll on sewing time.

Ginny B
June 3rd, 2016, 08:36 AM
Good morning and Happy Friday everyone. Been a busy week for sure and the weekend will be busy too but with no sewing involved. My sis and I will be working at the Brooklyn house tomorrow and into Sunday.

It's been an exciting week too with my son and dil getting another good report from the ob. The unltrasound shows a good strong heartbeat and a growing baby. Now that they are about to enter their 2nd trimester, they will be making the official announcement to the rest of the family and friends. And my #2 son put an offer on a condo and inspections will be happening today. Fingers crossed that all goes well with that.

Cloudy morning here today. It has been a beautifully sunny week so I guess we can deal with some cloudiness.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

June 3rd, 2016, 08:40 AM
Happy Friday!
Had a wonderful time yesterday with my quilty friends and was amazed at how we think alike...we all picked up the same pattern at different locations and at different times since our last get together. It is a really cute little gadget bag that can be used for multiple purposes. So, next time we get together, we are all going to make one.

Love to hear the birds in the morning. We see cardinals quite often. It is the hummingbirds that are proving to be elusive this year. We have had the feeder out for about 3 weeks and I have only seen one hummer!

Shurmur - good luck with your car. Although $1000 is a lot to pay, it is much less than buying a new one.

Monique - slow down a little, take some time on the weekend to unwind and sew a little.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and take time to smell the roses!


June 3rd, 2016, 08:47 AM
peggip....you're correct, sweetie. $ 1,000.00 is less than a newer model car and a monthly car payment! I do look at the fact I have owned the car since 2009 and very little has been required of major repairs. It's just coming at a financial crunch time.....I just hope that this round of repairs will get us by until we can afford to spend too much more!

June 3rd, 2016, 08:48 AM
Happy Friday! Love to hear the birds singing in the morning. Of course it helps when all 3 cats want out to increase their excitement of a new morning to warn all the other animals that the 'hunters' are out there too.
Started on the bedroom yesterday. I went through all my books in there and put about 3/4 of them in a pile for a future yard sale. Today is the clothes and redo an old small cardboard contraption nightstand that I covered years ago with fabric. New fabric on that is in order. No quilting yet this week so hope to get downstairs tonight.
Hope everyone has a great Friday.

June 3rd, 2016, 08:57 AM
Morning Monique and Everyone,

Another Friday and another tutorial has rolled around. It amazes me how fast this year is flying by. It's raining again this morning and we are supposed to get storms starting at noon. I'm cooking chicken breasts for the Girls...not that they are spoiled or anything.

It looks like today may be a housework day with a trip to town later.

Wishing everyone a great Friday.

Jean Sewing Machine
June 3rd, 2016, 09:32 AM
Good morning! I guess Barb's rain will be here before long, not something I want to deal with today, but such is life.

My sewing for the past 3 weeks has been concentrated on costume sewing. Our 18 girls/women tried on their things last night and for the most part things went well. We have a few alterations to do and for our men, we have some trouser hems to take up and suspenders buttons to sew in. I'm so anxious to get back to sewing on my own projects, but only one more week till the show starts, then my work will be finished.

I have always admired the a Blooming 9 Patch quilt pattern, and the LQS where I first saw it several years ago is having a class teaching it. I signed up for the class, bought the pattern book, and am looking forward to choosing my fabrics. The pattern is not that hard, it is just squares and 9 patch blocks, but color selection is what makes each quilt special, and makes it "bloom" from light to dark. It will be a lot of fun to build!

Hope you all have a great day!

June 3rd, 2016, 10:04 AM
Morning all...gorgeous morning here today but gonna be hot later on. Nothing much happening here....I way overspent on my budget this month so it's gonna be a pretty tight one. Working full time and getting paid once a month on a single income sure is difficult sometimes. uhg.

Going out with a couple of friends tonight for a cold beer, a walk and some ice cream so looking forward to that. Then tomorrow just laundry and the regular stuff...nothing exciting for sure. With everything being so quiet I am still hoping to get into my sewing room. Maybe this weekend will be the one!

Hugs and warm thoughts to those who need them!! xox

June 3rd, 2016, 10:18 AM
Had a weird dream last night, something about someone who had a pain in their arm and I couldn't find a quilt pattern to make something to fix it. Wonder if there is a quilt pattern for an arm sling? Seem to remember something about a German pancake. Maybe I had a pain in my arm and was also hungry. Told you it was weird. Had a difficult time getting back to sleep so this morning I'm dragging. At least no pain in either of my arms but no pancake to eat either. Is there such a thing as a German pancake? We once had some huge Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam that were served in platters.

Anyway, leaving the dream world for the real world it's quite humid this morning and the sun just disappeared so rain must be coming. Really need a haircut but forgot to make an appointment. Will call the shop to see if my stylist can squeeze me in this afternoon at least for a wash and blow dry. Meeting friends for dinner tonight and would like to keep my limp hair from hanging in my face.

Cathy F
June 3rd, 2016, 10:28 AM
Morning all,
The sun has decided not to show it's face this morning, not sure what the weather holds in store for us today. Have been up in the sewing room this morning and got the first border on my table runner hopefully will get the next one on before the day is over.

Not to much on my schedule today looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Claire Hallman
June 3rd, 2016, 12:47 PM
I am looking forward to making some inroads into arranging my sewing room this weekend. I got some shelving for the closet, hopefully it will be put up today or tomorrow.
There is so much to do when you move, house stuff, yard stuff then normal wash and cleaning interferes with what I want to do.

I went to guild meeting last night and luckily the state QOV lady had lots of fabric for sale to benefit QOV and of course I bought a bit. I needed a little more aqua patterns to use in a quilt top that is changing from a double to two twins and there was a very cute Halloween panel and some beautiful pumpkin yardage. A junior layer cake in yummy colors caught my eye, too.
There is never enough fabric.:lol:

June 3rd, 2016, 04:18 PM
Still working through this diverticulitis problem. I'm nervous about going on the 8-day tour with my sister. I hope it works out okay. The antibiotics have been making me soooo tired. However, today hasn't been so bad in that department. I'm throwing some food into my suitcase in case the tour isn't offering anything that I can eat. Just to be on the safe side. I'm not supposed to eat any roughage such as whole grains. So weird to be given carte blanche to eat white bread after eating nothing but whole wheat and whole grain for so long. I told Joe the only thing that could've made it worse is if I came down with it while on the trip. Yikes!