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June 2nd, 2016, 07:26 AM

Hello Folksies!

It's going to be a lovely day in the neighborhood. I can just feel it. I have work in a bit but that doesn't rain on my parade . . . since I am almost completed with the kitchen-y things I will start painting the living room next. DD and SIL left some paint behind and I think it will do nicely. It is sort of a taupe-y color. Hey, I am all about saving some $$$. Of course that leads me to wanting new LR furniture. That ain't gonna be happening any time soon however I can dream. My pitiful old sofa is swaybacked. Thinking about some slipcovers or some form of updating the rest of the room. After all paint only does so much.

So, yesterday evening I was sitting on the front porch with DIL while little Eli was sleeping. We were talking about the holidays this year and how in the world we will survive it without DD Sarah. Then we started discussing memorable Christmas holidays. I shared that when I was in the 4th grade I found out that there was no real Santa Claus. We were standing outside the classroom waiting for Miss Harless our teacher to open the door to let the kids in while everyone was excited about the upcoming break. Wellsir, I started telling the kids what I wanted Santa to bring me. Pop. Durn old Michelle Brown burst my bubble. After plenty of name calling was exchanged including the familiar "liar liar pants on fire" and the retort of "think hard, retard", I decided to pound her in the ground. If you have ever seen the movie Christmas Story where little Ralphie beats that bully Scott Farkas (and who hasn't seen that flick?) well - you get the idea. I was on her like white on rice. Now I am not a violent person. Not really. Not me. But honestly. No Santa? I was far too old to be living in a fantasy world. After Miss Harless pulled me off her and I got a paddle in the principals office my parents were called at work. The ultimate no-no. My parents were diligent workers, never to be disturbed while at work. Both showed up at the school. I really didn't want to go home. After another shellacking for beating that horrible girl who lied, my Mom divulged the truth to me. After that un-bonding moment, I walked across the road to my grandparents house. Still sniffling, I sat in between my grandpop and grandma and told them my horrible plight. I didn't care about the spanking. I was devastated about no Santa Claus. My dearest grandpop told me the story of St Nicklaus and how the whole legend thing got started. It soothed me to realize that there really was such a wonderful person and that people were centuries later trying to emulate him. My bubble was restored and I grew up a little more that day. I still believe in Santa Claus.

Okay, so it's only June and I just told you a Christmas memory. What is the matter with me???? If by any chance there is a Michelle Brown on this forum and you happen to be reading this, I just discovered I have never forgiven you. Here's a raspberry.

Smile everyone! The weekend is winking at you!!!


June 2nd, 2016, 07:38 AM
We love Christmas stories even if they aren't in December and yours is one I will remember.
Isn't it funny that when we start updating one thing in the house, another idea pops up for another room to be done. I started working on my bedroom yesterday - a little at a time but am determined to make some changes in there and then there will be the 2 other bedrooms to update as the summer goes along. By the way I do love the way you did your kitchen cabinets. Hmmm, maybe I need to ask DH to cut out the middle of my cabinets so I can put some fabric in there. I'm sure he would love an extra honey-do job to add to the list.
Looks like a beautiful day here and I'll be down the hall working in the bedroom but will make sure to pop outside to enjoy the sun from time to time too.

June 2nd, 2016, 07:38 AM
Oh Blondie you sure do put a smile on my face. I love your 'stories'.

A very uneventful day here. Work ,work work. I did get a hair cut last night. Shortest I have ever had it in many years. It should just be wash and go this morning.

Off to work, have a great day everyone.

June 2nd, 2016, 08:10 AM
Well we are already on Thusday ans also in June, this is going very fast here are 20 days to summer vacation and everything will be different. although it is such a beautiful era with long days and sunshine, hopefully not forget to come. Blondie memories whether pleasant or not come when they want and is very nice to remember another point of view, as you say is a non-violent but when child is things hurt otherwise, people in my country have not Santa, but we Three Kings, and I remember not tell me anyone who were the parents, but I was a very quiet girl and listened to everything so one day I started to look through the cabinets until you locate a gift and although it I told anyone or my sister who 2 years younger, I continue celebrating the holidays with great enthusiams, Well have to keep doing things at home so I wish you all a happy day command smiles and greetings

carrie liz
June 2nd, 2016, 08:42 AM
We are moving. Health issues have pushed us to move closer to our son. So since we need to downsize, I have been working in the sewing room first. I had no idea there was so much stuff in the closet. It has taken several days to go through years of patterns. Talk about memories! I was close to tears as I pulled out patterns used for my DGDs. It was such fun designing and making their dresses. Now they are grown, but the memories are sweet. The LQS helped me sell my sewing table and has a charity that can use the patterns and any fabric that needs a new home. On the plus side, we will be close to family. My DIL said she would drive me to a guild meeting so I can meet other quilters. Downsizing doesn't mean I stop sewing. I just do it on a smaller scale.

Have a great day.

June 2nd, 2016, 09:18 AM
Morning Everyone,

Carrie, I feel for you, Hon. It will be okay, just a little different. I hope your move is a smooth one.

Not totally sure what my day will bring. We were in Cuba late last evening and I'm pretty tired this morning. Jeff had a hard time getting ready for work. We will go back this weekend, weather permitting, and work on the shrubs. I think the Girls will take extra long naps today. They're good travelers, but it all takes a toll on them when their routine is disturbed. We are all creatures of habit.

I had my CASA interview yesterday. Everything went very well and I really like the coordinators, but I've decided to decline the position. They asked me for a lengthy commitment and that's something I just can't do. Also, Jeff finally voiced his real concerns and I see his point of view now. This saddens me but I know it's for the best. After years of working in corrections, which garners negative feels toward you from some inmates even after they are released, it would probably not be a good idea for me to go to their homes after their children have been removed for neglect or abuse, even if my purpose is to help them. This saddens me, but it's reality. I can still make some quilts for the kids.

Wishing you all a good day with hugs.

June 2nd, 2016, 11:28 AM
OH, Blondie, We all know that in your heart you still believe in Santa.

Barb, We knew you would ace the CASA interview but your reason to decline the position makes very good sense. Hang in there and the right spot for you will come along.

It's so cold this morning, on my 2nd cup of coffee, put on a sweatshirt and I'm still not warm. Maybe a pair of gloves will help.

DS#1 just called and will stop by after work and join us for dinner. Glad we food shopped yesterday and I'll have enough ingredients for a big chicken stir fry dinner tonight. I'll be doing a lot of veggie chopping this afternoon and also cook up a big pot of brown rice to go with them.

June 2nd, 2016, 11:32 AM
Love to read Blondie's posts & stories. I've been remembering a lot of events as I've sorted these pics. I don't remember how old I was when I learned about Santa Claus, but it certainly wasn't as traumatic as Blondie's situation. Got a chuckle from reading that. My sewing is on hold until this DVD project is done.

Granny Judy
June 2nd, 2016, 11:39 AM
I'm finally thru the cataract surgeries.. and can really see again. I mean things are much brighter and clearer and I'm all enthused over color... my goodness it's everywhere!!
Then I catch the flu that Son in law brought home.. He works in other's homes installing cable & phones. So if there is any "bugs" out there, he finds them and shares with his "family". We now have a trio of coughers around the house. each in a different place of recovery. And each with their own sound. He is base; She is a tenor..and momma just joins right in there. (remind anyone of a song?)

I am just plugging away on the Hand quilting of my Ghastlies Quilt.. about 1/3 done on a very large quilt. (88x125) Will be carrying my box of Kleenex with me all day. Hugs to all.

June 2nd, 2016, 11:40 AM
Morning all hope to be a little more on top of sewing today . Ad helped tues a friend move and clean , sore yesterday getting to old for this, cute out stuff for different blocks for splendid sampler...so many blocks to due to be current also hope to get stuff put together for the Panguitch quilt walk next week . Taking 3 classes so need to get everything arranged. Then need to figure out a wedding quilt to do for nephew and a baby quilt for my niece who has struggled to have this baby ..so excited. my sister and I are tackling the back yard that has never had anyone do anything in it. Can I say that backyard is huge,. I hate it. So we are treating it like a patchwork quilt a bit at a time

June 2nd, 2016, 12:06 PM
Good Morning! My sis is so mean. She was the bearer of bad news and just couldn't resist - "Becky, Santa Claus isn't real." I can't remember what my reaction was but I'm sure I was devastated.

June 2nd, 2016, 12:16 PM
late start to my day today! Morning all! Blondie, can't wait to see your finished renos! I do miss all the excitement of that for sure.

Barb, glad you felt comfortable enough to make that decision. I assume CASA has something to do with corrections? I have always wanted to volunteer at the woman's prison here. I would love to teach...anything...computers, quilting (although I'm pretty rusty these days but even basic sewing), crochet, stained glass (although that may be dangerous for inmates to have access to glass?)...etc. Maybe one day.

Tonight I have to take my son to the movies...I detest going to the movies but he loves it so I guess I have to bite the bullet. I have a huge screen and projector at home along with fairly decent surround sound so it irks me to pay so much to go to a theater. Ahhh well.

Then tomorrow Liam goes to his dads and I'm going to clean I suppose...wooo exciting on a Friday night eh?? I have to start getting out more that's for sure.

Wising everyone an amazing day!! xoxox

Cool Breeze Quilter
June 2nd, 2016, 01:22 PM
I'm sure you will come up with a pretty and creative way to update your sofa. Many years ago when I had my 1st apartment and was low on funds I painted the kitchen light blue with a trim that was a bit darker. One thing leads to another so I made curtains to cover the cabinets which were glass. The apartment was one of 5 or 6 that had been an old Victorian home (at the time 200 years old). My little apartment had one of those huge deep kitchen sinks from way back when. The bath tub was one of those old foot bath tubs and so pretty. As I walked by one of the kitchen cabinets the glass (sliders) in front of the cabinet came loose and would have hit me had I been a step further ahead. That's where the kitchen curtain idea came from. One thing leads to another and after the kitchen was painted and curtains were done I decided to put a pretty and very girly shower curtain, then of course made curtains to match.

What a funny Santa story (though not at the time.) When I was 5 my neighbor (who was 6) loudly and out of nowhere blurted out that there was no Santa Claus. I was crushed. I said yes there is. While she sat there saying no there isn't and laughing. A few years later she came to me so worried that I would do the same thing that she did to me to her little brother. No I wouldn't.

I'm off from work today so later hopefully I'll get to layout the quilt blocks for a child's quilt I'm working on.

Have a great day.

June 2nd, 2016, 01:25 PM
I'm with you Blondie.... Santa still exists in my mind... he is the reason i love the giving part of life so much:))

June 2nd, 2016, 02:05 PM
Good morning or afternoon depending on your time zone! I've been sewing some batik strips together making a small friendship braid quilt with the binding tool. I'm determined to use up these donated strips of fabric...this is the third small quilt I've made with them.

I took a break and went to DH's farm shop to get a soda from the refrigerator. It wasn't very cold so I opened the freezer section and it wasn't freezing. The old side-by-side had died! I've cleaned out the freezer section; moved the vet medicines to the little dorm frig we have out there; and now we'll be on the hunt for a good used refrigerator for the shop.

June 2nd, 2016, 05:02 PM

It took me a while but I finally got it......so never give up on things you cannot comprehend, it will all eventually come to you...