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May 28th, 2016, 01:42 AM
Hoot hoot! Wow, did it start pouring here! I gave up on the idea of getting groceries tonight! That can wait until tomorrow.

The Cavs won the Eastern Conference so tomorrow it is another Golden State/Thunder game. Eeeek!

I appliqued half of a difficult block with a lot of convoluted curves and will do more tomorrow. Yikes. I had to stop and adjust that fabric every other stitch. I got confused on whether it was going to zig or zag...

My buddy helped me dig and move some plants to my plant hospital bed this evening. They will enjoy this rain...what's your news? @,@

May 28th, 2016, 02:04 AM
Last art class today! Whoo Hoo!
I helped Eric move the old truck so we could hook up the stock trailer to move the kids to their new apartment tomorrow.
Then I started some work in the gardens. The mint beds are pruned back for a fresh summer crop. The last of the veggie beds are weeded. Now to find a few starts of zucchini and possibly a pumpkin to fill that out. I started pulling the grass from under the apple, peach, and pear trees. Ugh. Eric mowed while I weeded. He tore the deflector off the mower on something, so it was shooting stuff everywhere.
Dinner is done, and there is a 5 gallon bucket of chicken thighs marinating for the smoker! Yum!
It will be another busy one tomorrow, so I'm hitting the nest early.
Happy hooting in your corner of the woods!
Hugs, Cathy

May 28th, 2016, 02:16 AM
Hoot hoot Kim It sounds like your quilt is coming along,I'm glad i'm not the only one that can be challenged with direction.I can get confused so easy it's scary.I am wondering what is a plant hospital bed? I do not have a green thumb I swear I'm the only one in my family that could kill any plant.Cathy you make me tired just reading about all that you accomplish in a day.It sounds like there is a cook out in the works for your weekend I hope you have a chance to enjoy.I hope everyone has time to enjoy the long weekend,we're having a cookout,but not a big one just the family as far as I know.

Judy, USMC
May 28th, 2016, 03:53 AM
Looks like everyone is more productive than I am. Spent most of the day sitting on my backside going through the emails I got since I went to Virginia on May 1st. Whew - never knew I had signed up for so many store notifications and shop newsletters.

Getting ready for a soggy week ahead. Tropical depression off the coast of NC that will mimic a Nor'easter for us. Hopefully the rain will arrive AFTER the Memorial Ceremonies and cookouts are completed. Bad weather starting tomorrow ...

Hope it stays sunny for y'all!

Andrea F
May 28th, 2016, 05:14 AM
Good morning!

Kim, I saw the pictures of your tree blocks in yesterday's post. They are adorable! Your quilt is going to be stunning.

The only veggies we put in our (very small) garden are a couple of cherry tomatoe plants and some herbs and Thomas is the gardener in our house. I don't have a green thumb at all and I'm able to kill anything growing and green.

I haven't been productive at all yesterday. I was supposed to work at home but couldn't get myself to get started. My sister came and we chatted and then I had a nap in the early afternoon in front of the TV. Like a four hours nap. When I woke up at six, Thomas was already home and had picked up our younger son at the train station. Of yourse, then I had to catch up with him. I hadn't seen him in three weeks.

Thomas is taking me to the fabric market today! YAY! The sun is out and I hope the nice weather holds. I only NEED something in cream colors for a bag I'm going to make for a facebook bagmaking friend who comes for a visit in the summer. And maybe some Jersey fabric. I sewed a simple shirt for me a few weeks ago and it looks nice. If I find a pretty fabric, I might make another one. I try to remember to take pictures of the market. Then I can show you tomorrow. :)

Have a beautiful day with your families and friends!

May 28th, 2016, 12:13 PM
.I am wondering what is a plant hospital bed?

Oh, it's just any area where I put ailing plants for some TLC...sometimes in a bed, sometimes in pots on the patio. There's usually a plant who didn't like the last winter, or maybe their neighbor is growing rampantly and smothering them, or they aren't getting the right amount of sun and they are dwindling so I beef them up for a few months and replant them in fall somewhere better for them.