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May 19th, 2016, 03:04 AM
I know this seems to be a never ending project, and I am feeling that way too. I just read an article about how seemingly unrelated chaos and upheavals seem to arise when a major decluttering event is underway. Many times it causes the project to be completely abandoned. I have been there, and done that. It's trying to happen this time too. Between Mom's bugs, the lady who is supposed to be managing the art program at the school going off the rails, the annual school fund raiser, my friend and School Volunteer side-kick moving to CA, and the general home and farm stuff, it is close. I'm not going to give in this time, even IF I have to take all summer.
I am almost done with the set of cases outside the main bathroom. I have the hardware to brace all of the bookshelves (Thanks IKEA!) but I forgot that the shelf will settle into the carpet with all of the weight. Oops! The brace is still holding, but I may need to reposition the sliding screw to release some of the pressure so it doesn't pull out of either the shelving or the wall!
The tall, skinny unit that was really designed for CDs is doing a great job of holding the audiobooks. Once I get the other two units installed in our bedroom, there will be enough room to put the board games on the hallway shelf too! Yea! More cluttering items will find a home!
Hold on to your hats! I actually sewed today! Yes, you heard that right. I put some fold-over elastic on the raw edge of a pair of pants I turned into capris for Emily. Not a Quilt-in-a-Day or anything, but my machine knows I still remember she's there!

In other news, Mom's bugs seem to be about cleared up. They will be completely evicted next Tuesday. They are having the old stuff torn out, and laminate installed. They were going to do the stairs, but at $200/stair for laminate, they opted for carpet instead.
The spring Hands On Art project is going fairly well at the elementary school. I ended up with 6 classes this go around with the Aboriginal Dot Art. Tomorrow marks the halfway point for my sessions. We need a polite way to evict the parent who is the non-functioning coordinator for this project. Her organizational skills are seriously lacking. If we weren't in danger of loosing the program for the school, several of us would just let her fail. The kids need the art experience, so we have been picking up the slack. Ugh.

That is plenty of rambling and enough of a break. Back to prepping a few things for After School sewing class, then I need to find my own nest.
What is going on in your neck of the woods?
Hugs, Cathy

May 19th, 2016, 03:27 AM
Same pain, different day. Managed to wash my hair all by myself today!! MM was pretty amazed about that! I cooked about 20% of dinner even.....chicken marsala! By cook, it means I directed him to pound the chicken, then I dredged and fried it and cut up the mushrooms and added the rest. He did the side dish and some French bread and we called it good! If you want a simple dinner to make, buy a bottle of Hollands Marsala at the grocery store and follow that recipe....it's really good! I think we got four, maybe five meals out of one bottle. We each had our serving tonight, he had seconds plus he packed up two lunches for work later this week!

Tonight, he is having the delicious crockpot lasagna I made last night..............

May 19th, 2016, 03:33 AM
Wow it sounds like you have your hands full.I don't know how you do it all .I understand what you're saying about decluttering getting derailed though my room needs to be done. When my brother died I dropped everything so I could make sure everyone else was ok
and I've made the room neat but haven't really torn it apart to really get rid of things we don't need.It's quiet here compared to what is happening in your world.I need to go out tomorrow and buy a new washer,the housing for the tub broke and they say it would be a $800 repair so new machine it is.Have a good night.

May 19th, 2016, 03:59 AM
Pat, sorry you are still in pain after your tumble. Dinner sounds great!

Joan, a new washer? I'd guess so if the replacement part was going to run $800!

Our "stuff" has just been accumulating. Some of it isn't even ours! We moved in here nearly 13 years ago. 12 years ago, Grandpa decided to buy a 32' 5th wheel, build a shop here, sell his home of 40 years and travel. He got to all but the last item before he died of lymphoma. Do you want to guess where a large portion of the unsold items from the estate sale ended up? In the shop and my house.
But wait! We still have boxes we moved in here and never have moved since. They are over in the corner, vaguely disguised as an end table. We have two gorgeous solid maple end tables out in the shop! Gah! Apparently, whatever is in those boxes isn't very important. I'm guessing outdated video games, more music, possibly on cassette, and who knows. Maybe, if my memory serves, a pair of speakers about the size of three shoe boxes stacked up. Yup. Really useful.
The house is usually tidy enough, but these last two weeks it looks like some ADD burglar went through the place!
I just want everything to finally have a home! Then I can spend less time dealing with the mess and more time doing what I want.

May 19th, 2016, 06:30 AM
Cathy, It's awful when our belongings take over the house. I usually end up with a small pile to things that are going out of the house and a big pile of Maybe we can use it later that goes right back wherever it was before. Keep at it girl and you'll get the house the way you want it.

Felt like a cold coming day yesterday and didn't feel like eating. Had mostly tea and toast with some frozen waffles for dinner. 5am and feeling better and hungry too so I hope whatever it was has passed. Pat glad to hear you're moving better. Sun is beginning to come up so I either can go back to bed or get the coffee going, think making coffee won out as we're expecting the town's plumber inspector anytime from 8am - noon. He'll check out the new water heater we installed last month. 130668