View Full Version : ... And speaking of new babies...

May 17th, 2016, 04:21 PM
One of DD's students is about to become a big brother:

"The baby is gonna be born this week!"

"I know! Do you know the baby's name yet?"

"No, I just know the baby is gonna be a girl."

"That's right, she is."

"The reason that I know that is that when the doctor took a picture of the baby, it had the girl hair."

May 18th, 2016, 02:35 AM
This is so cute!

May 18th, 2016, 10:25 AM
LOL! So cute!

May 18th, 2016, 05:09 PM
Sally, thank you for taking the time to post these. They always make me smile, even when I'm having a bad day.

Andrea F
May 19th, 2016, 01:05 AM
So cute :)