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May 13th, 2016, 03:01 AM
Hoot hoot! Rainy and cool here this week...I did get out and prune some dead branches off my tree peony tonight.

Today I finally received my order for cross stitch linen placed on April 19th from Needleworker's Delight. Was not delighted with them, although the linen is pretty. They had not responded to my emails or phone calls. I didn't know if it was lost in the mail, never shipped, or what. They had a couple of bad reviews on Yelp. I won't use them again!

Since I finally had the linen, I sorted through my embroidery floss for the colors needed. The fabric was a lot darker green than I expected but I think it will still look nice. This pattern is by the same lady who designed the Easter Egg Hunt sampler in my album, Thea Dueck. It is another narrow design. This one is called Strawberry Fields Farm, and it looks like this: The Victoria Sampler - Strawberry Fields (http://www.victoriasampler.com/Catalogue/VS_Samplers/p80Sampler.aspx)

How are yoooooo?

May 13th, 2016, 05:06 AM
Kim that is a beautiful sampler! I used to love to do counted cross stitch. Now my eyes won't let me.

I finished sewing the top of my plus size quilt today. It measures 60x85 inches, so I think I am going to put 5 inch borders on the sides and maybe a 1 inch border on the top and bottom. I want to have it quilted in spirals or concentric circles.

After that, I want to make that wall hanging I mentioned earlier this week. Someone asked how big it was, and I believe it is 27 inches square. It will be nice in our family room.

Happy Friday everyone!

May 13th, 2016, 05:19 AM
Happy Friday All: lots going on here, but it isn't sewing. Got a closing date for our house and puts us in full speed ahead mode. Looking forward to new home and all that it will bring. Can't wait to set up my new sewing room. Don't look forward to the drive (moving from CT to TN) but it will be worth it all.

Have a fantastic day all, will be another beautiful day here - then cool air and rain will be moving in again.

May 13th, 2016, 06:09 AM
Kim that is a beautiful sampler! I used to love to do counted cross stitch. Now my eyes won't let me.

I know three cross stitchers who can't see to do it anymore and they aren't much older than I am...it makes me feel anxious to get these things sewn before I can't! D: I already can't see to do 32 count fabric but am still managing 28 count. I want to finish this sampler and one other of that designer's called Trick or Treat. Then I can switch to bigger evenweaves.

The Victoria Sampler - Christmas Gazebo (http://www.victoriasampler.com/Catalogue/VS_Samplers/p0143_TrickOrTreat.aspx)