View Full Version : A penny story & the luck with that penny

May 5th, 2016, 08:57 AM
You know when you find a penny. It suppose to bring you luck. Well I found my lucky penny. To the story. My nephew was out junking here in Muscatine, Ia, last week. Everyone, knows what junking is. When people throws junk out. He borrowed my post hole diggers, and returned them back to me. He went to his truck, and pulled out this box. I opened up the box. In the box was a 1935 featherweight singer sewing machine. I gave my nephew Chad $25.00. I told him I'll play with it to see if it works. I had trouble. I took it down to neals sewing & vacuum service. It cost me $75.00 for some minor repairs. Lubrication, & adjustments, etc. Total cost for me $100.00. I've always want this(that) machine, but couldn't afford it. Take care everyone. Don-isewman 130038

130040 Some of the sewing parts/tools

May 5th, 2016, 09:02 AM
Looks like a beautiful little machine!

May 5th, 2016, 09:05 AM
It's a beauty and hope you have lots of happy sewing with your Lucky Penny Featherweight.

May 5th, 2016, 09:26 AM
That was a stroke of wonderfully good luck! Congratulations!! I have three Featherweights and l-o-v-e them.

Grandma G
May 5th, 2016, 09:30 AM
That is a beautiful machine. I know that made your day!!

May 5th, 2016, 09:31 AM
Lucky you! I'd love to have a Featherweight, but I'm hoping to run across a bargain.

Sandy Navas
May 5th, 2016, 09:31 AM
Any way we could borrow Chad?

You will always enjoy sewing on your Penny! Congratulations on having such a kind nephew.

May 5th, 2016, 07:59 PM
Wow! That is fantastic! Years before I knew about these machines, my friend had a garage sale (I did not attend) and she had one listed for $10 and nobody bought it. She could not remember if she donated it to the Goodwill or took it to the dump!

Mine belonged to a grandma of one of my very good friends, which makes it special.

May 5th, 2016, 08:10 PM
I have a Featherweight - it was my very first sewing machine. My dad worked for Singer and he bought it for me when I started sewing. I love that machine and it still sews like a top. Every once in a while he'll ask me if I still have it...of course I do!!

Congrats on your lucky find, Don!!

May 5th, 2016, 08:25 PM
What a pleasant surprise. Enjoy your new toy.

May 6th, 2016, 01:56 AM
You have yourself a beautiful machine there Don.Make sure to enjoy her and show us your first project made with her.

May 6th, 2016, 08:14 AM
Lucky you! Now you need to make one of your gorgeous quilts on her!

May 6th, 2016, 11:27 AM
What a beauty! I do 90% of my piecing on mine.

May 6th, 2016, 03:45 PM
She's beautiful! Lucky you.....